What is the Most Important Issue of Our Time?

The lack of ethics.

This is when people say ‘I was doing my job’, ‘I had no choice’ or perhaps they were blackmailed, threatened or coerced or subtly threatened to not say anything. Perhaps this is the way we do things around here, this is the culture or you had to sign a non disclosure contract to silence you. All these factors cover up the truth of matters as there are groups who ruthlessly are going for objectives that can harm others or illegally profit.

We have to create cultures of ethical conduct where those parameters are constructed. It is not a matter of pathological cooperation, or engaging in crimes against humanity as justified given certain narratives. each person is responsible. Soldiers are responsible when they shoot to kill, summary executions, it is not enough to say it is war. Or throw off cliché’s like bleeding hearts or left wing or nanny state etc. This is how we deflect responsibility and demonise those who raise ethical parameters as it is easy to slide from standards that are put in place to protect people form the darker side of negativity, ruthlessness, aggression, hatred, jealousy and murder.

Every human life matters, truth matters, ethics and values at the end of the day are the very foundation to good governance, health and safety and trust in leadership that must be principled not to be seen to be but actually ethical. When you get to my age you start to wake up and you no longer suffer fools as you’ve seen it all.

This video is important to watch.