What You Fear is What You Attract

This is universal law.  To know thyself is to know what you fear to know what you love as navigators in respect of choosing your direction.

If you lie to yourself you can’t realise “to thine own self be true”. Not possible. You will stay in the maze of smokey, distorted mirrors.

Do you fear losing money?

Do you fear losing status?

Do you fear having no power?

Do you fear dissent or exposure?

Do you fear your crimes will be seen?

Do you fear the end times?

Do you fear the ending of life on earth/


What you fear you attract.  We all get to choose the reality we step into.

So does life happen to you or through you?

Is the world knocking on your door or “your” world creating the knocking at the door?

Do you open the door, keep it closed or lock it (tower)?

How do you see the visitor?

Do you welcome: a friend, enemy or stranger?

Are they friend or foe?

The visitor is of your own making. You decide if fear or love dictates what you see? 

When fear dictates you cannot see reality. You enter into the shadow of your own fears.  It is not unlike Luke Skywalker ushered into the forest by Yoda to face what he fears.  He fights what he fears (darth vader) to discover in the illusion that he is fighting himself (truth).

The times we are in are all about facing fear.   Fear is false evidence appearing real. Only love is real in reality. Love stays, cares, reveals and heals. Fear resists, shuts down, avoids, fights, criticises, leaves, takes, disconnects and so on.  We are mostly operating out of fear.

What we fear is ourselves, we fear our greatness as we do not believe we have power (powerlessness) and then fear the world.  We fear truth as it dissolves the illusion of false truths that have constructed identity and a reality that is never true. This is what is called the illusion.

Self mastery is the real purpose of life on earth. It is to awaken to what is true. Yet only the individual can take themselves there, no guru, inspirational speaker or leader or degree in whatever. The truth leads people to do the door but only they can open it when ready.  

The technocracy without love is the dark side of humanity seeking to dominate the full spectrum which is not possible as life is both dark and light (balance). It will, in truth, create more light as it is out of balance, people are part of nature and will question what is happening. They are not programmed for love, the spiritual essence is life permeating human form. We call this warm feeling love but in reality it is life affirming. Exposure of truth of what is so is inevitable as enlightenment expands through suffering to rebalance the yin/yang which is human nature not a persons identity per se. The more you oppress the more you enlighten as the world cannot exist in only one form. That is why tyrants always fall. It is a universal law. You cannot fight nature, you will always lose.  Byron Katie says you cannot fight reality, these are one and the same. The real losing is to give up the ego and surrender to life.  that is the awakening many speak of nowadays. We learn this not from books but the awareness just permeates life, it is a intuitive knowing. The source is far more than any of us individually, yet we are all connected, this is the real connectivity we seek to mimic with IT.  

You are not reading my words, you are reading your words through me as you understand and filter what you read and call it interpretation. I could play with this and say you are reading your words believing it is me (higher perspective).  I could say consciously or unconsciously you called forth the words on this page for your own purpose as it is meant to be.  You are me.  I am you. I am a mirror for your self reflection, my writing to you is a mirror for my own self reflection. We are in this together.

Yet you can never know me or understand my words as I intend them as intellectually you filter. You can only know yourself through your own experience. Life brings you what you need to know on a (funnily enough) “need to know basis”. We don’t evolve past where we are until we open the mind to possibility.  So you can look from many angles of the diamond. It has many faces, yet it is the one diamond. Life is perspective or perception. 

The Star Wars film operates on many levels.  For example a Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defence but never for attack. All Marshall Arts master never use their art to harm another, they always use it for defence. The military speaks defence yet now the posture is pre-emptive or first strike now.  I notice Japan is returning to its imperial roots discarding its Peace Constitution, as no-one has learned from WWII.

The destruction of humanity is the destruction of one’s own self (in denial). Denial is not a river in Egypt. The dark forces control people who believe they have power and it comes from outside of themselves (they perceive). The real power is self knowledge in balance. For those who saw my video “illuminating the Perpetrators” I explain the pyramid and define strength. There are those who believe in force using fear to get what they want. They will oppress, murder, change DNA, manipulate, blackmail to do what works as they were trained.  Mind control seeks to rewire our neurology through programming (repetition, rewards) so we become addicted to technology and then spend on cue so those who make the money can maintain a lifestyle they are unwilling to give up as it forms their sense of identity and power. This is the “status trap” which is not unlike the :welfare trap”. They are dependent on technology and compliant humans to maintain their sense of power. In reality they fear powerlessness not people yet because they are not self aware they then project onto people thinking “enemy” or “dissenter” or “useless eater” (unworthy) when powerlessness is of their own creation. That is, they are disconnected from their real power, which is within them awaiting their purpose to flower.  In reality inequality is never true. This is what many do not realise as they do not question themselves instead they demand loyalty, repeated narratives, compliance so they do not have to look into themselves. It is themselves they fear.

That is why I see all as innocent in their violence, Selfishness and cruelty. That is how I can forgive them for “they know not what they do”.  You can’t blame a child crawling for not walking. Or punching another unaware of the damage they do. They are not ready yet, they have not developed to a point of feeling the other as themselves. Experience is the only teacher. There is no fault in that, you don’t know what you don’t know. I say that with respect as we grow in accordance with our nature or when we are ready. We all cycle the wheel so no-one is better than anyone else, each just at a different point on the round wheel (roundtable) having a different experience to learn what it is they must master. They are me.

I’ll leave you to contemplate this scene from Star Wars.  There is great wisdom and truth in these films. For those watching this, it is for you that this message is sent.  What you support you expand, always you vote with what you choose to think, say and do. You can’t say I had no choice.  Life responds and creates as a result of your allegiance to others or the integral self. You may ask yourself:

Does it really benefit humanity or destroy humanity in the end?  

That is how you know the difference between what is dark and what is light.  Yoda says, “Try not, do”.  Is about choice. As you master your destiny.

In the end we come back to the light as we are from the same source.