Who is Microsoft’s Bill Gates?

Bill Gates has impacted our world via his expertise in computers.  He spent his life on the computer, no weekends, no partner for a long time.  He would be called a computer ‘geek’.  His focus was code not life in all its colours.  The trade off is expertise in software as distinct from developing through the cut and thrust of life with all its wide ranging challenges.

He was a college drop out according to the compare.  It is incredible that this focus impacted the life of millions.  It has impacted my life as I realise my computer algorithms are active all the time.  I can go into Event Viewer to investigate what is going on in the background.  The electricity supply is privatised and controlled by a US company (United Energy) and I note that Microsoft indicates updates (without internet) regularly meaning it is monitoring my computer.  I have concerns about privacy. I do not know what is upgraded (downloaded) and the implications.

There is a global push for the internet to be the global market where we shop, meet people, connect with friends, find information and undertake online transactions.  Together with Google it is likened to a one world network.

He focused on the greatest injustice he states indicating ‘health’. He focuses on infectious diseases in respect of poverty.

He wanted to engage in educational K-12.Online platforms are spreading around the world. There are many questions about technology and child development.

With powerful influence comes powerful responsibility. Every life attracts karma and it is important to be deeply reflective and critical think to ensure one does no harm. For universal response codes – cause and effect as cyclical.