Why a Media Blackout Pre-Election Whilst Social Media is a free for all?

This edict for terrestrial media seems to bias social media.  The issue with big Tech is there influence on elections, algorithms influencing people by up to 80% of undecided.  I have concerns about the ethics behind this.

I have realised that elections are no longer free and fair.

Election blackout periods

You cannot broadcast election ads on TV or radio during election s.

The blackout period

You cannot broadcast any election ads from the end of the Wednesday before polling day until the close of the poll on polling day. This rule applies to general elections and by-elections for the state, territory and federal Parliaments. It does not apply to local government elections.

The blackout period only applies to broadcasters. Online services and print media can still publish election ads during the blackout period.

Current blackout periods

We will only list information here on blackout periods for these elections:

  • federal, including by-elections
  • state
  • territory.

Federal election

From 12 am Thursday 19 May 2022, all radio and TV licensees are prohibited by the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 from showing any election advertisements ahead of the Federal election, to be held on Saturday 21 May 2022. The blackout lasts until the polls close at 6 pm that Saturday.

The election advertising blackout applies to all licensed services, including:

  • commercial television broadcasting licensees
  • commercial radio broadcasting licensees
  • community broadcasting licensees
  • subscription television broadcasting licensees
  • providers of broadcasting services under class licences.

The election advertising blackout only applies to broadcasters. It does not include online services and print media.

See your state or territory electoral commission for information on:

  • state by-elections
  • local government elections.