Why Do Government’s Torture and Oppress?

This song speaks to the heart of all prisoner’s of conscience. Amnesty International Board is no longer persons of conscience but a range of interests unrelated to human rights.

We need human rights organisations free from global interests seeking to get real time information of those reporting violations. Those whistle blowers need to know they are safe reporting abuses.

The song below speaks of Biko who is symbolic of apartheid in South Africa and the brutality of oppression that uses the tool of violence to create such fear in order to ensure compliance. People are kept in squalor and uneducated.

I send love to all those who have been discriminated against, treated as second class citizens, lost in jail systems without any hope of release, innocent yet jailed.

We witness prison systems increasingly privatised by big money interests, the inmates become slave labour (work for free). How many are innocent in jail? What is the real crime? Prejudice and inequality?

Biko is a symbol of all torture and oppression across the world. It must be unbearable. I shudder at the thought of their endless suffering. Yet hope is in the shadows as they become the hero who took the pain of those clearly inflicting pain (denied). They are mirrors of each other.

The world is awakening….

In the future this will change.