Why Every Human is Precious – You R Me

When I watched this video on a baby’s development I just think of what we do to each other. How women are stressed, how our food quality is poor nutritionally, how we drink to cope with life or take drugs to ease pain.  For pregnant women this sets the child up for problems even before they leave the womb.

I think of the military and how they bomb civilian areas and call it defence or freedom when it is just cultures of abuse that believe in power and self interest. When you look into the actual brilliance of the human condition, how sensitive it is, how we come from this cellular level and this soul enters a world that is full of fear, that is ignorant of what true human need is, or regards the human as a input into production not an incredible being with talent, sensitivity, intelligence and uniqueness.  If we step into white supremiscist doctrines we see the pure insanity of discrimination.  I did have a cry when I realised the developmental pressure on the poorest people who did not access nutrients due to poverty and then their learning difficulties were seen as ethnic or gender based.  All untruth.

We all come from natures blueprint, we grow from single cells that are the “same” with DNA material, then nature takes its course which is unfathomable in its intelligence. Diversity in nature is the thrill of life, it is the colours in the painting, it is the artists pallet.  The drive for sameness, conformity, inflexibility and predictability takes out the vitality of difference and labels it “wrong”, “less”, “against” or “the enemy” from mind sets that don’t question or have the depth to value life itself.  As most are not carrying life in their bodies.  I see the difference between males and females and why females are so protective over the young. That is not to say males don’t love children they do.  However, carrying a child as part of your body brings to life the reality of “you are me”.

I see a primitiveness in control, sameness and rigid thinking that is not open to life, change, diversity or love.  I see this driving the New World Order that wants to control the world so this group feel order or maintains power in the belief of a superior genetic bloodline.  This is untrue. We come from the same source.  They too have children, their children are not better than the world’s children, they are the miracle of life also emerging from the same genetic blueprint, the same source. Their love of their children is the same as everyone’s love of their children as parents, this is sameness as a species yet to value the other person equally is to understand we are One. Predictability and the same mould is not the same as the blueprint design but in recognition every personal world is very different, spontaneous and unique which is how this intelligence expands insight through different experiences. It is not possible to be a hive mind or herd as the totality of the human condition, yes we can be programmed but ultimately love moves each life to desire life as the gift.  Can you receive the real gift?

A wise counsellor said to me today, people won’t receive the message until they are ready, that is open to learning. Perhaps the world has to struggle through these changes as birth pains to awaken the reality that we are indeed equal in infinite possibility and the struggle builds our resiliency.

It takes love, nurturing, encouragement and respect to open human potential to move way beyond what we imagine.  I just marvel at how incredible we all are. As a clown I looked into every face as a miracle. I felt love carry me as my entire feeling was love for everyone.  It changed what I saw in my world. No-one was unacceptable, less or a useless eater as some believe. I saw life in its diversity teaching me from all perspectives. I felt the equality as my image was a clown that is the lowest from a status perspective, yet from this vantage point i can see the real humanity before me as thoughts are not present only presence.  Perhaps that is why I love people, no matter their status.  I just feel this love that has no condition. Imagine if everyone lived to their full potential.  Our world would be incredible. An algorithm or AI can never feel this wonder.

I want to add that the video speaks about the immune system. It recommends natural birthing. Yet because of money we try and quicken this entry into our world by caesarean section to make it convenient for hospitals and this is the chord we cut between our humanity’s development and commercial interests. It is happening at the point of birth. So a caesarean weakens the immune system. The dis-ease across our planet is to do with our disconnection from humanity and putting money first. That is the core problem in my view. To turn humanity into a us against them, technocracy against human rights points to the dysfunction. Human rights is the right to be human it is really about speaking up against abuses that some want to call normal. As you can see in a child’s development toxins impact of human development. Negativity impacts human development. Poor quality foods (addictive) impacts on human development, alcohol and drugs (alcohol an essential service during covid) impacts human development. We have not begun to reach maturity yet.  In my previous blog the Greenland Shark becomes sexually active after 150 years (wow). How long will it take humanity to reach a maturity where we see that “you are me”. That is when love is no longer kept outside the prison of our mind and instead welcomed in as a friend, for when it enters there is no them or us. There is only us, the one human family celebrating life. That is when we come home to who we are. This is evol-u-ti-on or reversed no-it-u-love. It is not division it is expansion.