Why would FlexHive by Hudson Write to Me About a Job I never Applied For?

Update on your application for Executive Assistant

This email came to me on gmail which is part of Silicon Valley. It came without my request and no activity from me. Was it AI?

We are in a Brave New World where our data is kept without permission.

I have not worked for Hudson for over a decade. I went to their website just now to ask about this data breach but they have no email contact. I am not going to be part of apps downloads as they access all our data. I do not want to work in this type of business model that will lead to an agile system where there are fewer jobs, fewer workplaces as all will be online. We are seen as commodities not humans as part of a society, other profit from the hard work of so many. I worked in 400 companies myself when I was younger not realising the world I thought was ‘normal’. Today I can see it is all data driven for the few who profit from the labour of so many. It is indeed a form of slavery as the wages plunge. Many on lower incomes work to live not live to work.

I am glad I had many experiences as I got to journey through this world. It will not produce real happiness for people.

I do not want their money or their job. I choose freedom, equality and the abundance of happiness. That is the real wealth of every nation.


no-reply <no-reply@jobs.flexhive.com> May 13, 2023, 8:03 AM (12 days ago)
to me
Dear Susan,   Thank you for your application for the position of Executive Assistant .   Unfortunately, this position is now closed. We will ensure that your details are placed on our confidential database so that other Hudson consultants can contact you should there be suitable job matches.   In the meantime, please feel free to continue applying for exclusive roles with Hudson – visit our and blog to get the latest market insights.    We wish you well in your search for a suitable position.    Yours sincerely,