WiFi EMFs can Suppress Immune Systems

In the public interest. The recording may have expired. However, the information is really pointers. The website is Electric Sense. Food for thought.

Cell Phone Radiation and EMFs – Be prepared to be surprised

“80 percent of your Immune System is in the Gut.  In this challenging time of coronavirus, it is very important to make sure you have a diverse and healthy gut immune system and microbiome.”
This is how Board Certified Nutrition Specialist and Microbiome Digestive Health Expert Christine Rosche explains it.
In light of the current situation, today Thursday 26th March at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 4 PM GMT), I’m doing a re-broadcast* of my recent interview with Christine Rosche.
To connect with this FREE interview go to this page at the designated time: https://www.electricsenseinterviews101.com/free-emf-interview-2020-05-03/ (there’s also a FREE 24-hour replay).
Listen to my interview with Christine Rosche and discover:
  • 5 supplements that Christine recommends for EMF protection and immune support – and if you live near a cell tower the one supplement that may be critical
  • the natural spice that you should eat 3 times a week that also protects against toxin damage
  • 2 types of mushrooms that can protect you from DNA damage and slow brain diseases
  • what the microbiome is and how it is present in every organ and regulates our immune system, the endocrine system, digestion, and many other bodily functions
  • how by taking samples of tissues Christine is able to detect chronic disease like MS, lupus, autoimmune years before the disease takes hold
  • how Alzheimer’s, dementia and all brain disorders are disruptions in the microbiome
  • how EMFs combined with toxic pesticides are disruptive for the microbiome and the link with Type 2 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and cancer
  • the important link between your gut, your immune system and EMFs—EMFs can act as a powerful immunosuppressant
  • how the latest testing tools that Christine uses analyses your DNA, parasites, bacteria, viruses, digestion, gut permeability to enable disease to be nipped in the bud before it manifests
  • how gut testing reveals that people who carry their cell phone on their body all day typically have microbiome imbalances (which can be a precursor to disease) which can be easily remedied
  • how EMFs exposures from cell phones, WiFi have a double whammy effect on our microbiome causing the bad bacteria to overgrow and slowing down the growth of the good bacteria
  • how your microbiome is unique like your fingerprint which is why unique tailor-made solutions are called for
  • how studies show that specifically EMF exposures commonly found in homes and offices can cause many strains of bacteria to proliferate including E. coli, listeria bacteria and monocytogenes 
  • how we need to eat organic 100% and the 2 foods that are particularly high on glutathione (a potent antioxidant) – just one serving per week can go a long week in helping to protect your microbiome and your health
  • how cleansing twice a year is recommended (Christine will supply the best cleanses to be done if you contact her by email)
To connect with this FREE interview go to this page at the designated time: https://www.electricsenseinterviews101.com/free-emf-interview-2020-05-03/ (if the page doesn’t open just copy/paste this link in your browser).
 [*This is a re-broadcast of the interview that was originally broadcast on 5 March.] 
You can also listen to the broadcast by telephone so you don’t have to spend too much time in front of your computer – details are on the interview page.
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