Will Robert F. Kennedy Accept the Feather of Truth?

Will You Accept the Feather of Truth?

Inspiration is coming to you,
for the Children require defense not a fence,
For until we place the children before ourselves,
We won’t be able to see further than self interest.

Fear is the tyranny not any person, thing or future event,
For many are running on empty,
Yet how can you run if you cannot sit still,
As answers lie not in words but truthful action,
Truth resides not in quotes but inner feeling liberating,
As the leaders of the future will not be cardboard cut outs,
They will Know Thyself and be true.

For how can you bare false witness to any ONE,
ONE cannot inspire great love without excalibur,l
And this sword will not be removed by fake news,
It will not be removed by compromised truth,
It cannot be pulled from between a rock and a hard place,
Until truth is realised as meaningful and heart felt,
It too will fade as lies are moths escaping dark places.

For when you can stand in front of your detractors
and speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth,
without flinching,
Then you will become worthy of the sword of truth,
For we live in glasshouses and multi-verses,
All is seen when you see to look into the world book.

I have written of Camelot,
I have sat at many round tables,
Searching all faces for the truth that sets them free,
For the era of being seen to be is fading fast,
The era of exploitation of the masses is disappearing at last,
The era of coercive control is turning on the master as servant,
For King Arthur wore no crown as he was not a ruler,
The Knights did not ride white horses or wear white hats,
They gathered in high counsels in wordless agreement,
For truth needs no words when reality is,
Truth cannot be carried it can only be realised,
For this sword held high by women blind to corruption,
As justice cannot be perverted in backroom deals,
For in this time all is being revealed,
All hands above boards,
Nothing is under seal,
For the great seal is not the eagle nor the bear nor the dragon,
It is holy grail that has no tangible symbol or fan club,
For was this a mythical legend or a reality asserting itself?

What does this mean the holy grail?
What does it mean to be blind?
It is only the blind who feels the contour of our times,
It is only the blind who can shape change geometry,
It is only the blind who touch the texture and knows the thread,
Running fingers slowly over the material universe 
to be as the mighty tree,
For we can only know something by being it
Do you see?
As feeling defines what is true or what is not,
Fact is agreement not truth in fact,
For you do not need eyes to see,
You do not need a voice to speak,
You do not need ears to hear,
You do not need status to remember 
to be or not to be,
You only need to be true to yourself,
Deaf to compromise,
And speak no evil,
To break the chains of your own slavery,
For it is to set yourself free from control paradigms 
that know not love.

The Way of love is the greatest defense of children,
And a Lion heart is the one who finds the courage to care,
The Tinman is not a robot but in search of natural DNA,
The Scarecrow is the one most fearful 
believing the super computer is a real brain,
Computing The Way rather than Knowing it.

The Wizard of Oz is a spiral staircase,
No longer a yellow brick road,
It may appear an impossible staircase,
Illogical defying physics,
As the leap of faith becomes a new path opening,
As when you cross the Great Seal,
The old knight smiles as all is crumbling,
As illusions wash away,
For those who lust after gold,
Lose the moment of choice,
Blinded by greed,
As one must choose The Way freely,
For this is the Fools Gold that has no value,
As this road is destined to be greater than self interest,
As one sacrifices for the greater good to rejoin the human race,
Releasing compromise without fanfare.

For it is to realise there is no fear as you step out in real faith,
There are no tears when you relinquish the past,
As you find peace arising within,
For love is the answer you were always seeking in statutes,
And I see conflict etched into your tired face,
For in this race there are no winners as utopia cannot be won,
It can only be realised,
As the Fool’s Gold knows utopia is not a coin toss but destined to feel every ONE,
And this beautiful feeling is the peace that passeth all understanding,
It is wordless my friend when known,
It is the real cup you are seeking that has no diamond cut,
As the weight of the world is on your shoulders,
As you lean to read the book of changes,
As the weight of expectations are the arrows shot from every angle urging you to play the game, albeit a swan song.

I gently hold your hand closing my eyes,
I feel to understand your pain,
To believe you can paint beyond false frames to see a new picture,
As history can become ones prison yet there need not be a loss of freedom,
As you must set aside time to cry releasing what pains you,
For in the epicentre of this storm all can seem lost,
Until you are found again,
For the ghosts of the past are reminding you of this complex,
They whisper across time offering you gently the feather of truth,
Will you allow it to land in your soft hand?
Will you allow it to float away as lost hope?
As truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth
Is the Order out of Chaos,
For Chaos is simply our own disorder,
As order is not lining up the ducks,
It is to Know thyself and be True,
For this is the feather coming to you,
Beyond space and time.

Will you embrace the truth that sets you free?


Is it the cup, a crop circle or the vessel?

Are you a vassal or a vessel?

The vessel is nothing.

Can you master nothing?