Witchcraft is Emerging to Replace Religion

In the public interest.

The public must understand that when people go into ritual ceremonies they evoke spirits. They become agents of that spirit or group. For those who have unresolved childhood issues the dark within is amplified as they can attract spirits. Spiritual possession has a history. They call on spirits of a dark persuasion. It is not the person it is the spirit using the person that we must become aware of. the cults evoke spirits and some are at the highest levels. They are bringing through entities that are dark or light. Light is information, wisdom and peace. The darkside is troubled, angry and seeks power. Not unlike people.

Of course their are mediums and others who may call forth spiritual beings, this can be done with intentions of the highest good. We all have the capacity to call to us those unseen as focus is the call. We must be wise not to enter into situations we know nothing about and play with Magick as we become targeted by forces we do not have the maturity or wisdom to understand.

The power rests within all people but the real power is to’know thyself and be true’. It is the power to love, the power to forgive, the power to understand, the power to choose. Do we choose love or fear.

The girl in this video was featured on America’s Got Talent has chosen to allow a spiritual entity to choose for her. She has given up her sovereignty as a human person. It is evident those on the panel were immediately frightened. They made a cross symbol as they sensed the entity as the girl was flicking her head. The question is who arranged for this girl to come on this program. Was it to promote witchcraft. The entity brought forth was Bob who was blamed for killing 12 people. He was a suicide victim. Perhaps what this highlights is unresolved conflict on the other side. The girl was in a trance.

Love is the highest power. The girl held a dole she was like the tormented child. I wonder if she was a ritual abuse victim?

I just notice someone look at this blog. https://pftw.worldpeacefull.com/what-you-fear-is-what-you-attract/

Fear is false evidence appearing real. We fear what we don’t understand. To love the child is to lose fear of powerful forces. We attract what we fear or we can focus on what we love and attract that. All choose.