Women’s Day Love Letter to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

I felt inspired to send love to Bill Gates.  See letter below Gates information. Love is the unifier in this world. No-one is excluded.  We must truly heal this planet.  It will be done by truth not vaccines.

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Thu, Mar 9, 12:08 AM (1 day ago)

to me


If I may respond to my first impression of your video celebrating women’s day.  We women are portrayed as sexual and attractive which the images convey.  They do not include the great diversity of girls and all women including grandmothers and disabled and those unattractive (if that is possible).

The real power of women is love, creativity and the human family.  It is not financial. It is not about the money at all.  The rising feminine is about balance between the feminine and the masculine.  For too long women have been defined by males and the belief we are here to please men we are not.  Our job is to nurture generations, this requires emotional intelligence and empathy for others. The feminine is often displayed as the teacher and the creator of life. She cannot be replaced by artificial wombs or transhumanism as this would contravene universal lore.  She cannot be replaced by editing out the XX chromosome to remove her as a perceived competitor to those in power.
Until men can find equality with women we will continue the charade of equality or a lofty intention for it. The real equality is the masculine finding the feminine within and the feminine finding the masculine within. That is the male learning to nurture gently another without self interest and the feminine finding the first mover energy that conquers mountains as a test of personal courage and strength. That is where we truly meet as ONE.  Oneness cannot be a marketing statement it must arise from a deep inner knowing of you are me and what I do to you I do to me as there is no other.  That is where unity or what you have sought, utopia really exist.  It can’t be faked.  It can’t be mind controlled.  It can’t be genetically altered.  You will never find unity or peace in destroying the female and amplying confusion around sexes to normalise girl/girl boy/boy when the natural blueprint of co-creation is fe-male.  We are part of each other.
I have no issue with a man who wants to wear women’s clothing, many homosexual men I really like as I see their uniqueness and I’ve had lots of fun with them. They have their own unique style.  But I do. not agree with using homosexual same sex marriage as a vehicle to blurring the image of wo-man as if no sex.  Unisex toilets takes us to this blurring to remove the diads.  The concern rising around the world is pedophilia using homosexual same sex to marry children or adopt them and then abuse them as ‘normal’.  This will not be accepted by men and women around the world as they have children that are part of them. The imbalance is when one sex is continually denied, shutdown and disempowered in order to augment power but never know it. It leaves a hunger for more power then the real imbalance is in not feeling complete inside. This reconciliation is a inside job. It can’t be done via platitudes or marketing.
The child represents the feminine when young. So abuse of the child is abuse of the feminine and the very loving future each child deserves to feel whole.  You have to look deeply into your own patriarchical story of superiority and bloodlines.  The real power was never in bloodlines as our origin is the ONE bloodline, a common humanity.  We are not meant to be perfect we are designed to be imperfectly perfect and it is in accepting ourselves that you will see the true beauty of yourself.  It is breathtaking when seen clearly.  I say this particularly to Bill Gates.  I feel him to be a wounded child and finding it hard to really connect to the feeling of who he is as he too has suffered.  I send him love and peace as it is not easy to be in a position of blame for the pandemic as more realise the funding by the foundation was not for the betterment of the humanity but the opposite.  Nature of which we are all apart is rebalancing that which is out of balance.
As a Rotary Peace fellow I did approach your foundation for funding to create a SPEAK UP award which was a Sustainability Peace and Encourage Award for Kids to Unite People.  The pedophilia that the elite seem to see as a profitable (ARK) A Return on Kids is the wounded child in each and every one of them believing to harm a child is natural, it is not.  I close my eyes and I put my arms around them as children and silently say to them the abuse you suffered you did not deserve.  It was not normal. Your parents were unable to feel your pain as they also believed their parents, it has been inter-generational abuse.  They demanded way too much of you to walk in their shoes and made it okay when you knew in your heart it felt bad. Then ‘bad’ became normalised as power.  Many became corrupted by power and were unable to see the real you.  When you look in the mirror and drop who you think you are, you will just look without a story. Byron Katie and The Work will help you to drop the stories you believe as unquestionable truth.  They say truth sets us all free.  All of us have lost ourselves, all of us have felt no love for self.  All of us know what it is like to feel unseen.  So no-one is alone in this.  We are the one family coming home to really see each other.
I put my arms around you and hold you tight.  I say to you I love you. I love you. i love you. Until you believe it.  I forgive you.  You are worthy.  You are unique.  You are deserving to be loved for who you are not repeating the mistakes from father to son or mother to daughter.  Until you change the world won’t change.
We are at a point of healing the wounded child globally.  We are at a point of realising both women and men are companions not enemies or trophies to parade or breaders.  We are here to realise no-one is superior to anyone, we are walking on a journey of self discovery that was designed by us on a higher plane. This is the true meaning of ‘discovery’.  To know thyself is your quest and is the purpose of Covid-19.  Life will reflect back to you where you have deceived yourself.  Life will bring you the teachers you need when you cry out.  Life will rebalance the feminine and the masculine so we no longer need International Women’s Day. Simply recognising I am you.
May you find that truth silently when alone as you forgive yourself for you know not what you do. Overtime you will awaken to your very self.
I send love and peace to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and all affiliated.  May peace be realised as a true freedom and reconciliation of the perceived opposites. There is no opposite.  Life always works for the good of all.  As life is the all seeing eye and is ONE unto itself. It cannot be not ONE.
Best wishes,
Susan Carew