World Economic Forum simulates Cyber Attack and now it Happens – A Cyber Coronavirus?

Is there any connection to the World Economic Forum planning these events that are causing major global disruption to cause massive panic, stress causing disease to spread and for people to feel powerlessness?

Perhaps we have to redefine terrorism?

World Economic Forum to stage cyber attack simulation

Is the real virus greed?  Their needs to be an extensive investigation of the World Economic Forum and their activities in these simulation. They appear to be practice runs for the real event?  Is this a major war crime?

The WEF’s Simulation of a Coming “Cyber Pandemic”

They were the ones who simulated a Coronavirus simulation.  



All those awakening must be aware of the dark side. If you get angry, if you feel fear you feed the dark entities. This is what they want. When you flow with life as a teacher. What do you learn about yourself? Stay grounded in positivity and recognise the darkside is an aspect of all of us when we become lost in greed and disconnect from the human family.

The Jedi uses the force for defence but never for attack. This is why those wise one’s said turn the other cheek, that meant flow.