Peace & Sustainability

My name is Susan Carew, I am a World Peace Sustainability Clown and Peace Ambassador.  This blog is focused on the promotion of peace and sustainability for the children of the world.

I will investigate peace and sustainability sharing stories, poetry and ideas to expand our understanding of peace and sustainability.   

When we find peace we discover harmony with ourselves, each other and the natural systems from which support our very lives.

This work is in celebration of children who will ‘be the change they wish to see in the world’.  When we assist children to learn inner and outer peace, they will then be in a position to create new ways to ensure a future that mirrors homeostasis (balance) with nature.

People tell me peace and sustainability is not possible, in my life I feel peace and sustainability for me has been to learn inner harmony and then make choices that are harmonious. so I know it is not only possible it is inevitable.  It happens when the negative thinking stops and we find ourselves in a space of trust and acceptance of what is.  Peace is indeed our true nature, we are at a precipice of higher knowledge where we will find this out, naturally. When we know we do not know then we open our minds to infinite possibilities.  In our humility our greatness expands.

As Gandhi envisaged ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’.  If you want peace be it, if you want sustainability then sustain natural systems, if you want love give it, if you want happiness express it. Life is very simple when you bring it back to basics, what you put out always returns.  It may come in different forms but in my experience life is always supportive and expanding.

We live in a wonderful world, join me on this adventure and let’s hear from a range of different voices to learn what peace and sustainability means to them and discover what children will envisage. It is exciting and a privilege to meet children and inspire them to be their highest potential.  Their happy destiny is unavoidable.  That is coming from a clown, so must be true!

Peace to you all ways.


From a Peacefull clown