Peace & Sustainability

My name is Susan Carew, I am a World Peace Sustainability Clown and Peace Ambassador.  This blog is inspired to promote peace and sustainability for the children of the world.  The introduction is long as I felt inspiration as I was writing, it is written for you not me.

I produced a book ‘A Fool for Peace’ tracing my peace journey around the world. The journey inspired solutions.  I travelled alone to confront my own fear of the unknown.  Children are my inspiration and I have explored areas that have been personally confronting and challenging as I had to understand what is ‘not peace’. You have to know what you are not to know who you are.  It means facing all topics fearlessly in the knowledge of tracking and profiling. So hopefully they profile my best side – mug shot ha! 

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“We the People” Senate Submission Reports Investigating the Truth of COVID-19 in the-public-interest

I have extensively researched peace for over 20 years. Life through its many challenges has taught me inner peace in moments of great hardship.  Moving through many difference experiences has made me open to all voices, especially those I am not in agreement with, as I might be wrong.  To know I don’t know opens up me to possibilities. It is the open mind that changes the world for the betterment of all people. When we think we are right and we stubbornly head down trajectories only serving self-interest we end up at a zero sum game.  The learning journey we are all on, is a Fool’s Journey, in reality it is to ‘know thyself’. Through mistakes you may in the end work it out, if peace is your destination.

I travelled to Russia with Dr. Patch Adams the famous clown doctor who taught ‘we clowns’ that ‘laughter is the best medicine.’  We took fun and joy to the darkest places where people were deeply unhappy, negative or in extreme hardship. Patch showed by example the importance of genuine compassion and questioning or indeed questing!

My character is a Jester or Fool (I suspect Patch is, although he says he is a Trickster clown).  I do speak truth to power, yet I am the fool who took the low road to experience the high way. Many would see my journey as foolish as I stepped out of my comfort zone, I took a chance to follow my heart to realise my way is my life.

Patch symbolises the funny, sad and serious clown – perhaps best exemplifying by the happy/sad mask, a mask we all wear. When you care deeply about people you feel empathy it can drive you to sorrow, which Patch felt at one stage. I have too.  Yet from that point of sorrow a resilience arises where you can see the sunny side in the darkest places. When in a state of joy you can easily be with those dying, leprosy, deaf, blind, HIV aids and stare lovingly into their eyes, to see yourself reflected back. This is self-realisation to see the other as yourself.  This is the oneness I write about or some may call home.  Home is where the heart is.  This is how humanity develops and we find the courage to confront what is hard to face.

I have learned we are one human family and like all families we have diverse personalities, attitudes, behaviours and conflicts.  In moments or unexpected events we can forget our differences and laugh together. This is the lived experience of unity which is beyond thinking.  There is a saying you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family.’ What if they are the perfectly imperfect!  The same applies at the community and global levels. We have to learn to come together as ONE family and solve our collective problems as our planet cannot sustain our imbalance and distortions arising out of inaccurate perceptions, beliefs and behaviours.

In this blog I have allowed life to guide my posts, I call it reclining into Buddha.  The blog started with my trip to the United States, I’ve added in my poetry, insights, controversies, politics, technology, alternative energy, sustainability, health and global power. I am bringing to light those issues others fear discussing, as I know fear is false evidence appearing real.

The blog is For the World.  I care nothing about popularity, as life is about expression not fame.

It is to practice democracy by example, it is to learn to hear my own voice and face issues that can be challenging where we want to look away. Yet to solve any problem you must look at it directly.  The saying is ‘what you resist persists what you look at disappears’. 

Like any good conflict resolution session, we must have the courage to face the things we find uncomfortable, confronting ourselves (in reality) as we discover solutions.  The solutions are always there.

I am a peacemaker and personally do not dislike anyone or any group as I know each is on their own personal journey…. home. We use labels to divide but at the end of the day when we are negative we are not in harmony.

When we find peace we discover balance as harmony with ourselves, each other and the natural systems that support our very lives.  Our issue with nature is really that we are out of balance without our true nature (my other blog is peace is our true nature []).  We do not know real peace which is our true natural impulse. We can talk authoritatively about it, write eloquently about it but ultimately until we can sit with the pain and discomfort amongst those who don’t like us and feel peace, we haven’t come close to recalibrating with earth systems as inner peace is the same as outer peace. When they align you will experience harmony. This is the real sustainability.

This life work I am inspired with is in celebration of children who will ‘be the change they wish to see in the world’.  They are both our teachers and we are their guides and visa versa. Children typically see clearly the issues of imbalance but often they are minimised as children.  Children in the future will be in a position to create new ways of seeing to ensure a future that mirrors homeostasis (balance) with nature.  Refer REAL HOPE program (schools programs, anti-bullying).

People tell me peace and sustainability is not possible as life will end on earth. In my life I feel peace and sustainability for me is to learn inner harmony and then make choices that are harmonious or in the highest interests (win/win). Sometimes it takes courage to do this.

I remember REAL HOPES is Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Love, Honesty, Oneness, Peace, Enjoyment and Service.

Peace is inevitable and happens when the negative thinking is transmuted through honest questioning.  Lies contract us, truth feels good as we know. We find ourselves in a space of trust and acceptance of what is as Life makes no mistakes.

Peace is indeed our true nature and we are at a precipice of higher knowledge where we will find this out, naturally. When we know we do not know then we open our minds to infinite possibilities and solutions arise.  It is in humility that our true greatness expands from an endless wellspring.

Einstein said “you cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it…”

For my other blogs refer Peace is Our True nature –

Gandhi envisaged to ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’. 

If you want peace be it!
If you want sustainability then sustain natural systems!
If you want love give it!
If you want happiness express it!
If you want truth speak it!

Life is very simple when you bring it back to basics, what you put out always returns.  It may come in different forms but in my experience life is always supportive and expanding. It is an expanding spiral.

We live in a wonderful world in reality despite appearances.

Join me on this adventure.  You are invited as you are here.

Know Your Happy Destiny is Unavoidable

Sometimes you have to Awaken the Fool to find the wisdom is the Fool.

Peace to you all ways.


From a Peace Fool clown