Genel, Rothschild and Oil Revenues Vital to Kurdish Independent State

How To Invest With A Rothschild – In Iraqi Oil

Christopher Helman Forbes Staff Energy This article is more than 2 years old.

Whether there is war or peace in Iraq, whether the country holds together or falls apart, the oil will flow. If you want to take a flyer on your own little piece of the future of Iraqi oil, the stock to buy is probably Genel Energy. The company has the highest production volumes and arguably the best oilfield assets in the Kurdish Region of Iraq. And its prospects are protected not just by the loyal peshmerga forces of the Kurdish Regional Government, but also by a robust safety net of international business giants.

Genel’s big backers are banking scion Nathaniel Rothschild and Turkish billionaire Mehmet Emin Karamehmet. The company’s CEO is Tony Hayward, the former head of BP , who also happens to be chairman of commodities giant Glencore PLC. Genel’s CFO used to be the head of U.K. investment banking for Goldman Sachs.

With pull like that, no wonder Genel has plunged into developing virgin oilfields in the region despite insistence from Iraq’s oil ministry in Baghdad that their contracts with the KRG are illegal.

In an operational update released last week, Genel says that its net oil production has doubled in the past year to a current 84,000 barrels per day. Most of that comes from two world-class fields. Taq Taq, in which Genel has a 44% interest, is currently producing 113,000 bpd. While Tawke (25% Genel interest) is doing 116,000 bpd. Today In: Business

When these fields first came on line Genel and its partners had no option but to haul the oil to market; tanker trucks eventually carried 70,000 bpd of oil from Taq Taq over the border into Turkey, according to Genel. But now, with the completion of a pipeline between the Kurdish region and Turkey’s port of Ceyhan, exports have been surging.

A couple weeks ago the KRG even found a buyer for one of its first ocean cargoes, offloading the oil in Israel. Genel indicated in its update that some of its oil was among the cargo — “Proceeds from the first cargo, sold at international prices, have been paid into a bank account in Turkey controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government.”



Nat Rothschild

Baghdad’s already tenuous influence on the KRG is now all but completely severed. Oil revenues are vital to the Kurds’ ambitions of creating an independent state. Genel and its partners and peers  (including Gulf Keystone, DNO International, Afren, Hunt Oil, Sinopec and Oryx Petroleum) are expected to increase the flow of oil from the Kurdish region to 400,000 bpd by the end of the year.

For its part, Genel expects $550 million in revenue this year, up from $350 million last year. It will lay out more than $500 million in capital spending, financed in part by a $500 million sale of unsecured bonds in May.

The origin of Genel goes back to billionaire Mehmet Emin Karamehmet, chairman of Cukurova Holdings. He and Genel president Mehmet Sepil have deep connections with the Kurds, having negotiated with them for rights to explore northern oil prospects even before the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Nat Rothschild, 42, is the only son of Jacob Rothschild, the head of the famed family’s London-based branch. Having built up his experience in investment banking and hedge fund management, Rothschild in 2011 joined with Tony Hayward to raise $2 billion in the IPO of a blank-check shell company called Vallares with the intent of buying up oil assets. In 2011 Vallares and Genel entered into a 50/50 all-stock merger. In addition to Iraqi oil, Rothschild (among many interests) is also deeply invested in Indonesian coal through mining company Bumi as well as Russian aluminum, through his investment in billionaire Oleg Deripaska’s UC Rusal .

The biggest owners of Genel shares continue to be Karamehmet’s Focus Investments (72 million shares), Sepil’s Elysion Energy Holding (38 million shares), and Rothschild (22 million). Genel has about 280 million shares outstanding and a market cap of 2.75 billion pounds sterling, or about $4.7 billion. Shares are up about 50% in the past two years but down nearly 6% in the past month.

Credit Suisse analyst Thomas Adolff has rosy expectations for Genel’s future. He sees revenue surpassing $1 billion in 2016 and pre-tax profit jumping from $240 million this year to more than $400 million in 2016. His target price for Genel shares is 1,330 GBp, about 33% higher than where they trade today.

Iraq's Oil - June 2014. (Source: Platts)

Iraq’s Oil – June 2014. (Source: Platts) Christopher Helman

Based in Houston, Texas, Chris has written for Forbes since 1999. 

Turkey’s Erdogan, FBI Whistle-blower Edwards and CIA sponsored Islamic Jihadist Operations

Boston and the CIA ‘Snafu’: The grey eminence behind Turkey’s Erdogan and the AKP

In the public interest. Another whistle-blower was Susan Lindauer who indicated that her calls regarding 911 were ignored and she was the one shutdown. Similar to Sibel Edwards she has written a book to expose the conspiracy at the highest levels. Her story is summarised here:

23 mai 2017

Boston and the CIA ‘Snafu’: The grey eminence behind Turkey’s Erdogan and the AKP

In the first part, geopolitical analyst William Engdahl discussed the role of CIA’s Graham Fuller in creating the policy of using angry Jihadist Muslims as trained terrorists in Afghanistan and elsewhere against the Soviet Union. Herein—largely drawing on the revelations made by FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edwards—Engdahl throws the spotlight on the entire CIA-sponsored Islamic Jihadist operations ru

by F. William Engdahl

In the first part, geopolitical analyst William Engdahl discussed the role of CIA’s Graham Fuller in creating the policy of using angry Jihadist Muslims as trained terrorists in Afghanistan and elsewhere against the Soviet Union. Herein—largely drawing on the revelations made by FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edwards—Engdahl throws the spotlight on the entire CIA-sponsored Islamic Jihadist operations run through Fetullah Gülen across Turkey into Central Asia and Russia and China.

Voltaire Network | Frankfurt (Germany) | 25 May 2013

Part I: Graham Fuller, Uncle Ruslan, the CIA and the Boston Bombings

JPEG - 22.8 kb

Graham Fuller (foreground) and Turkish Muslim guru Fetullah Gülen who has dark ties to CIA and fanatical Jihadist groups worldwide.

The open press statement of denial by senior reportedly former CIA official Graham Fuller in April of a link between the Boston Bombings and the CIA, labeling the reports “absurd,” may go down in history as one of the worst intelligence blunders [1] in the past century. The public admission by Fuller, on a website reported tied to the CIA, of his relationship to the Uncle of the alleged but not ever convicted Boston bombers opened a can of worms the CIA might well wish never had been opened.

A deeper look into Fuller’s role reveals him to be a key figure in what FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds terms American Deep State rogues. Edmonds worked as an FBI translator from Turkish, Azerbaijani and Farsi languages during and after September 11, 2001 when she uncovered damning email and other evidence of criminal networks linking the actors of 9/11, drug networks out of Turkey and terrorists in and around Al Qaeda together with senior Pentagon and other US Government officials. [3]

Fuller, A Deep State Rogue

As later identified, among the people uncovered by Edmonds’ translation efforts at FBI were notorious neoconservative Richard Perle, Iraq war architect who headed Bush’s Defense Policy Board advisory committee in 2001; Douglas Feith, neocon Under-Secretary of Defense under Bush-Cheney; Anwar Yusuf Turani [4], key figure in the anti-Beijing Uygur separatist operations under the name East Turkistan National Freedom Center in Washington DC. East Turkistan is their name for China’s Xinjiang Province where Uygur riots took place several years ago. Turani modestly calls himself President-in-exile, East Turkistan (Xinjiang), though it’s by no means clear who if anyone elected him.

GIF - 79.5 kb

Whistleblower Sibel Edwards has revealed extraordinary information on the U.S. government’s support for international terrorist networks and organised crime. She was described as “the most gagged person in the history of the United States” by the American Civil Liberties Union.

In her classified translations Edmonds discovered that a criminal network had penetrated the highest levels of the US Government including Pentagon and FBI, and were engaged in illegal sales of weapons, including nuclear, of drugs and more. Criminal activities were being protected by claims of State Secrets, she asserted. Repeated attempts to call attention inside the FBI to what she was convinced was a conspiracy against the United States from within came to no avail. Her gripping account to bring attention to an alarming rogue network inside Washington is the subject of her autobiography, Classified Woman – The Sibel Edmonds Story. [5]

Attorney General John Ashcroft went all the way to the Supreme Court to muzzle her under a little-used Doctrine of State Secrets. Edmonds, suffering under an unprecedented Bush Administration gag order, was banned from revealing the complicity of high-ranking US and Turkish figures uncovered by her and duly reported at FBI before she was fired in 2002 for “blowing the whistle.” She partly got around the Government gag by posting photos with no comment on her website. Others filled in the names. [6]

Graham Fuller was one of the 21 American Deep State rogues Edmonds posted.

In 1995, according to investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker, the uncle of the alleged Boston bombers, Ruslan Tsarnaev, “incorporated the Congress of Chechen International Organizations in Maryland, using as the address listed on incorporation documents 11114 Whisperwood Lane, in Rockville Maryland, the home address of his then-father-in-law.” [7] Father-in-law was Graham Fuller whose daughter was married to Uncle Ruslan.

Chechnya, an autonomous province of Russia deeply involved in oil pipelines from the Caspian Sea, has been the scene of Islamic jihad terrorists since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. In 1995 when Uncle Ruslan founded the Congress of Chechen International Organizations from Graham Fuller’s home, the Islamist Jihad terror war against Moscow was raging full-force in Chechnya. Putin and Russian intelligence have repeatedly claimed the terrorism was being fed from outside.

As more is coming out on the role of Fuller, the evidence points to the conclusion that the Chechnya terrorists were also a project bearing the footprints of the “former” CIA political Islam expert, Graham Fuller. By 1988 Fuller had formally moved from a very senior post at CIA to the neo-conservative think tank, RAND Corporation, where he officially worked on the “Middle East, Central Asia, South and Southeast Asia, and problems of ethnicity and religion.” [8]

While at RAND Fuller played a key role gaining asylum for a Turkish national in the USA. Fetullah Gülen, a Turkish national who was forced to flee in 1999 and seek asylum, won his US residence permit due to the intervention of two senior CIA or former men. One was Graham E. Fuller. [9]

Foreign Policy Journal describes the role of Fuller and the CIA in getting indicted Turkish fugitive Gülen asylum in the USA: “Fethullah Gülen became a green card holder despite serious opposition from FBI and from Homeland Security Department. Former CIA officers (formally and informally) such as Graham Fuller and Morton Abromovitz were some of the prominent references in Gülen’s green card application.” [10]

Jihad Spreads to Central Asia

From his new luxurious heavily-guarded estate in Saylorsburg, a remote part of eastern Pennsylvania, Gülen launched a series of fundamentalist Salafist mosques and madrasses, not only in his native Turkey where he was the alleged power behind Turkey’s AKP regime of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, himself a product of Gülen’s schools, but across the Islamic regions of Central Asia as they separated from the Soviet Union in the chaos after 1991. [11]

According to Edmonds, an authority on the subject, “US Islamization Operations in Central Asia via Gülen started in late 1997, early 1998. That brings me to …Graham Fuller.” [12]

GIF - 55.5 kb

Fethullah Gulen, lives in Pennsylvania. From there he runs a $25 billion international network. He is tied to hundreds of Gulen charter schools in the United States itself, 36 of which are located in Texas alone.

A memoir by former head of Turkish intelligence, Osman Nuri Gundes, claims that Fethullah Gülen’s worldwide Islamic movement based in Pennsylvania has been providing cover for the CIA since the mid-1990s, and that in the 90s, the movement “sheltered 130 CIA agents” at its schools in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan alone. [13]

Gülen schools in Russian Chechnya and Dagestan regions, both locations of fanatical Jihadists since 1991, were ultimately banned by Putin. The Russian government has banned all Gülen schools and the activities of the Gülen-linked Nurcu sect in Russia. Over 20 Turkish followers of Gülen were deported from Russia in 2002-2004. In 1999 Uzbekistan closed all Gülen’s Madrasas and shortly afterward arrested eight journalists who were graduates of Gülen schools, and found them guilty of setting up an illegal religious group and of involvement in an extremist organization. In Turkmenistan, government authorities placed Gülen’s schools under close scrutiny and have ordered them to scrap the history of religion from curriculums. [14]

Responsible Turkish journalists I’ve met with relate that Gülen-loyal police tied to Edrogan’s AKP have infiltrated the Turkish police, intelligence services and other key state institution and are systematically arresting, purging or silencing all nationalist military, trade union and other secular figues opposed to creation of an Islamic Sharia state in Turkey, uprooting ninety or more years of Kemalist legal foundations. More than one hundred Turkish journalists have been arrested for writing critically about the actions of Gülen’s AKP.

Gülen’s public profile is as a humble, deeply spiritual Imam of love and brotherhood. His record in practice is anything but. Gülen once stated, “You must move in the arteries of the system without anyone noticing your existence, until you reach all the power centers, until the conditions are ripe.” Sounds a bit like Lenin in the old days. Certain networks in Washington including people in and around Fuller obviously have no problem with that.

Why would the CIA and US agencies want Central Asia? As Obama adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, notes in his now-famous book, The Grand Chessboard, “For America, the chief geopolitical prize is Eurasia…America’s global primacy is directly dependent on how long and how effectively its preponderance on the Eurasian continent is sustained…It follows that America’s primary interest is to help ensure that no single power comes to control this geopolitical space and that the global community has unhindered financial and economic access to it.”

Washington has used Turkey and the AKP fundamentalist networks of Gülen to wreak havoc across the post-communist oil and mineral-rich regions of Central Asia. Graham Fuller’s foot prints are all over those covert operations as are Fetullah Gülen’s. In 2008 Fuller published a book titled, “The New Turkish Republic: Turkey as a Pivotal State in the Muslim World.” As Sibel Edmonds describes, the process involved using Turkey with assistance from ’actors from Pakistan, and Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia’ as a proxy, which in turn used Bin Laden and the Taliban and others as a proxy terrorist army before 9/11. [15]

Edmonds notes regarding US operations in Central Asia, “This started more than a decade-long illegal, covert operation in Central Asia by a small group in the US intent on furthering the oil industry and the Military Industrial Complex, using Turkish operatives, Saudi partners and Pakistani allies, furthering this objective in the name of Islam.” [16]

GIF - 30.3 kb

Her middle name suggests a reference to her father’s CIA posting in Turkey.

What did Uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev, uncle of the Boston alleged bombers do when he was married to Graham Fuller’s daughter? Ruslan worked for companies connected to Halliburton, doing oil deals in the Caucasus and as “consultant” for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan. Russia barred USAID from its soil in late 2012, alleging USAID together with CIA was attempting to influence the internal political processes in the country. [17]

Some are beginning to ask whether the Boston bombing might have been a deception operation carried out by the Rogues associated with Graham Fuller and the network within the CIA and Pentagon, to make it appear Putin was behind the ghastly events. In any case, when Graham Fuller went to the press to publicly denounce CIA links to the Tsarnaevs he made what is likely to go down as one of the greatest snafus in US intelligence history. He lost his cool, and with it, has put the spotlight on the entire CIA-sponsored Islamic Jihadist operations run through Fetullah Gülen across Turkey into Central Asia and Russia and China.

F. William Engdahl


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F. William Engdahl

F. William Engdahl

US-German author and analyst of geopolitical and economic issues. His newest book is Myths, Lies and Oil Wars. Earlier works include A Century of War : Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order (2011, republished in a new edition) and Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century (2010).

Turkey-Syria offensive Against the Kurds

In the public interest. This article is reported by the BBC.

Excerpts of issues relating to civilians include:

  • On Sunday, President Erdogan said his forces had already captured 109 sq km (42 square miles) of territory, including 21 villages.
  • More than 50 civilians and over 100 Kurdish fighters killed in north-eastern Syria, SOHR says
  • Eighteen civilians killed in southern Turkey, according to Turkish reports
  • he UN humanitarian agency OCHA says up to 160,000 civilians are now on the move and it expects the number to rise.
  • The camp holds about 12,000 displaced people, previously including nearly 1,000 foreign women and children with jihadist links.

2 hours ago

Image copyright AFP Image caption

Dozens have been killed since the assault against Kurdish forces in Syria began on Wednesday

The Kurds in Syria say the Syrian government has agreed to send its army to the northern border to try to halt Turkey’s offensive against them.

Syrian state media earlier reported that government forces had been deployed to the north.

It follows the US decision to pull all its remaining troops from the area over the “untenable” situation there.

The Turkish assault, launched last week, is aimed at forcing Kurdish forces from along the border area.

Areas under the control of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the main US ally in the area, have come under heavy bombardment over the weekend, with Turkey making gains in two key border towns.

Dozens of civilians and fighters have been killed on both sides.

Amid fears of the resurgence of the Islamic State (IS) group as a result of the fighting, Kurdish officials said on Sunday that nearly 800 relatives of foreign IS members had escaped from Ain Issa, a camp in the north, as clashes raged nearby.

The Turkish offensive and US withdrawal has drawn an international outcry, as the SDF were the main Western allies in the battle against IS in Syria.

But Turkey views elements of the Kurdish groups within the force as terrorists and says it wants to drive them away from a “safe zone” reaching 30km into Syria.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hopes to resettle up to two million Syrian refugees currently in Turkey within the zone. Many of them are not Kurds. Critics have warned this could lead to ethnic cleansing of the local Kurdish population.

What do we know about the deal?

The Kurdish-led administration in northern Syria said the Syrian army would deploy along the entire length of the border as part of the agreement.

This deployment would assist the SDF in countering “this aggression and liberating the areas that the Turkish army and mercenaries had entered”, it said in a statement.

The move also “paves the way to liberate the rest of the Syrian cities occupied by the Turkish army such as Afrin”, it added.

Turkish forces and pro-Turkey Syrian rebels forced Kurdish fighters from Afrin back in 2018 after a two-month operation.

The deal represents a significant shift in alliances for the Kurds, after losing the military protection of their long-term US partners in the area.

It is not yet known what the Syrian government has committed to.

However SDF chief Mazloum Abdi acknowledged “there would be painful compromises” with the Assad government and its Russian allies, in an article for Foreign Policy magazine.

“We do not trust their promises. To be honest, it is hard to know whom to trust,” he writes.

“But if we have to choose between compromises and the genocide of our people, we will surely choose life for our people.”

The deal follows US President Donald Trump’s surprise move last week to pull dozens of troops from pockets in the north-east, effectively paving the way for the Turkish operation against the Kurdish fighters.

At the time, the SDF called the move “a stab in the back”.

What about the latest US withdrawal?

US Defence Secretary Mark Esper earlier announced the Pentagon was moving up to 1,000 troops away from the north after learning that Turkey was pushing further into Syria than previously expected.

Describing the situation there as “untenable”, he said the SDF had been “looking to cut a deal” with the Syrian government and Russia to counter the Turkish attack.

Media captionTurkey “likely intends” to push west and south, says US Defence Secretary Mark Esper

This, he continued, would leave the US forces stuck between “two opposing advancing armies”.

Hours after Mr Esper’s comments, Syria said it was deploying its forces to the north to “confront a Turkish aggression”. It is not yet clear where exactly the troops are being sent.

On Sunday, President Trump tweeted that it was “very smart” not to be involved in the fighting “for a change”, saying engagement in Middle East conflict was a mistake.

What has Turkey seized so far ?

Turkey is pushing deeper into northern Syria.

On Sunday, President Erdogan said his forces had already captured 109 sq km (42 square miles) of territory, including 21 villages.

He told reporters the key border town of Ras al-Ain had come under Turkish control – though the SDF said they had pushed Turkish forces back to the town’s outskirts.

Media captionTurkish-backed forces enter the border town of Tal Abyad

Mr Erdogan said Turkish forces had also besieged the town of Tal Abyad, some 120km (75 miles) away.

The UK-based monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said Turkey was in almost complete control there.

Both Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad are key goals in the Turkish offensive against the SDF.

Turkey also announced that its Syrian allies on the ground had seized a key motorway – called M4 – some 30-35km south of the border.

What are the casualty figures?

They’re rising, with civilians killed on both sides of the border:

  • More than 50 civilians and over 100 Kurdish fighters killed in north-eastern Syria, SOHR says
  • SDF says the Kurdish forces’ death toll is 56 and Turkey gives a higher figure of 440
  • Eighteen civilians killed in southern Turkey, according to Turkish reports
  • Four Turkish soldiers and 16 pro-Turkish Syrian fighters killed in Syria, Turkey says

The UN humanitarian agency OCHA says up to 160,000 civilians are now on the move and it expects the number to rise. It says it is increasingly concerned about the safety of its staff in the region.

Media captionThe BBC’s Martin Patience explains what’s behind the conflict

What about IS?

The fighting has spilled over to areas close to IS detainee camps.

Fears that Kurdish forces will be unable to keep IS prisoners confined appeared to have been realised when officials at the Ain Issa camp said nearly 800 relatives of foreign IS members had escaped.

Media captionAmira, Heba and Hamza are stranded, in danger and they want to come home

The SOHR said the number of people who fled was 100. It not known where they have gone.

The camp holds about 12,000 displaced people, previously including nearly 1,000 foreign women and children with jihadist links.

The SDF says it is currently holding more than 12,000 suspected IS members in seven prisons, and at least 4,000 of them are foreign nationals.

IS has claimed recent car bombings and on Saturday declared a new campaign in Syria.

Turkey says it will take responsibility for IS prisoners it finds during its offensive.

A Tribute to Howard Carew


Howard Francis Carew may have
But he is still
to me!

He could be as stubborn as a ‘ol goat,
Yet he could be as playful as a kitten.

Sometimes tense and stressed,
Sometimes content and blessed.

Unwineding in front of QandA,
He participated in democracy and had his say,
He joined Civil Liberties as freedom is The Way,
He stood up when many sat down to chatter,
Complaining that their views don’t matter.

Yet he would cast another vote in his
Letters to The Editor at the Canberra Times, Stirring opinion pieces and comments
tackling social justice issues with a conscience vote.

For this was his Question Time in the Parliament of public opinion raising issues, For example:

  • He found the light rail heavily indebted running down side tracks.
  • Social housing was sold off lock stock and barrel as privatisation profits over public spending ignoring those most in need,
    Such is the greed,
    For the right to housing is auctioned off
    to bleed the highest bidder
    not the most needy to consider!  
    He suggested long term land ownership as collateral for a house and prohibited profiting by resale.
  • The Australian Defence Association took offense as he called out their humbug, inaction, misogyny and indefensible
    filming of an ADFA female cadet.
  • He writes of Trump flattering Scomo as a Titanium Man.  He agreed, defining titanium as low-density, highly corrosion-resistant
    low weight and just the politician to go to war over Saudi Arabia.
  • When it comes to Aged Care he said our politicians see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil – as denial is not a river in Egypt!
    Come the next election candidates spruik their wares – who cares?
    He grows weary asking pollies what they personally tried to do to rectify the cruel treatment of our senior citizens.

For when Howard witnessing the rorting, deception, corruption and cruel treatment he stood up to be counted!

Whether you like him or not,
Agree or disagree,
He stirs so you take a position with a decision,
He stood his ground believing he was right,
Freedom of speech was his journalistic plight,
For democracy dies when good people say nothing.

He played the game of chance and took risks,
He believed in playing the winning game,
Yet laying his cards on the table for all to see,
He understood the strategic lay of the land,
He took a gamble when the chips were down,
He won the argument putting highly paid barristers to shame in dishonest games,
As he was bowling for those hard done by,
He was bridging the gap by lending a hand,
He was dependable and solid,
He was a friend in times of need.

He didn’t like bullies on the take,
To fight fair was his name sake,
And loyalty was his shield at Carew Castle
as he equalised the playing field,


Standing up for truth against the odds,
He got a hole in one!
Was that luck or skill?
Or his eye on the ball? He was real!

All for one and one for all was his call,
For he was a knight in shining armour,
Taking his seat at King Arthur’s Roundtable.

In this life he made his own way,
His Irish eyes were smiling,
A linotype operator setting the print at the Canberra Times one word at a time,
To one day write in print about the times in Canberra.

He was no fool,
He didn’t always play by the rules,
He was playing his own game.

A driving instructor at Abbey Driving School,
Guiding road rules with duel controls,
A patient teacher he was no  preacher,
Patiently directing you drive in the right gear.

A printer and graphic designer self-taught,
He made muster In colour or lack lustre,
plain, glossy or buff,
Rapid Print in ink to Apple Graphics in digital,
As the printing press gave way to bits & bytes from communication to information technology,
The tradesman must become the technocrat!

In the end he began to comprehend,
The real lay of the land was to look again,
To discover the great Australian heart land,
For the land is our family,
Carew means Fort on the Hill,
As the one name bestows the motto
‘I Hope Well’

The coat of arms symbolises to take a higher perspective in the flow of life,
To see further than
self-interest is the kite,

He became more introspective to in-sight,
He was loyal to the end,
He was royal … a true friend,
As he castled the last chess piece,
His last move was classic,
He went to bed to rest his head,
Albeit to rest in peace,
To awaken to his family all around him,
To finally meet his long lost father,
To discover it is not game over.

God says …
Do You Want to Play Again Howie?

How could he refuse to take another chance on romance,

For life in essence is the love song and the love story of heart break or glory,

And death is a cover story for a renewable life.

So we close the book now on his final chapter,
A Chapter Three Court of Human Rights,
To discover claiming the right to be human is to care and share,
And this is what in the end
Advances Australia Fair.

I love you dad!

My Father’s Death Inspires World Peace Message

This is a tribute to my father who is my inspiration. This video is my honouring of him and my appeal for a world fit for children. They should be our first decision not the last. It is not about fighting life it is about joining with life, caring and healing this confused world.

If you want to know if what you are doing is right, ask – ‘what if everyone did it’?

Kindness matters in the world. The rest is keeping up appearances.

I send love to my father. Thank you for being my dad. May wherever you are bring you peace, joy and love. You deserve it.

I felt inspired to share my grief over my father’s death. Gandhi’s birthday is today (2 October 2019) and my father was into nonviolence and a light in my life.

He wrote to the Canberra Times – Letters to the Editor. He, like myself, communicates in the public interest yet we never shared what we were doing with each other. We are alike, so much so that we didn’t realise how alike.

My work for World Peace is Inspired by you dad.

This is a world message to all the peoples of our world. Remember to tell your father’s you love them. And father’s tell your children the same. That is World Peace.

I love you dad and thank you xx

My dads last message to me:


Have you located the sim from the phone I gave you. If so could you send it back with the ACTION card I gave you. I believe the car is going fine. Look after yourself.

Love Dad

links:… website: My book A Fool for Peace………………………………………………………………………………