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Geometry is the Art of Balance without Balance there is no Climate Change solution

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Sacred geometry and philosophy are both art forms that return us to balance. Truth returns to zero point that is why when we speak truth we feel peace. If it is not truth there is no peace or indeed appeasement. Geometry is the art of balance not the science of balance as it is not dissecting it is connecting. Science reduces problems into parts, geometry is the pattern making that harmonises all universal systems back into balance. So when we talk climate change most have no clue of what real balance means. Many speak analytically, they hold summits, they talk driverless cars, electric cars and energy grids (all electricity not natural balance). Free energy would be the geometric balance to electricity generation that uses technology to inhibit natural energy. These blockages are the equivalent to emotional blockages in human systems of energy or chi in the body.

Our challenge on this planet is to recalibrate to balance. It can be a hard road as thoughts will tell us concepts and analytical equations when the very balance is when we find inner truth and express it outward, this becomes the spiral fractal of creation itself. This video gives insights into the real climates of change we are yet to realise as we reset to a higher trajectory.

Is Australia a Police State sending a sign to the rest of the World

This is what a foreign takeover looks like. They use the local police to create fear.  The police must wake up to how they are being set up and delivering objectives for foreign powers who care nothing for Australia or its people.

We must all stand together police and citizens against tyranny.  It is not who we are it is not what the soldiers fought for.  Freedom is our nation and we are not going to lose the lucky country.

If Australia loses freedom this is the beginning of the end for the rest of the world.  Support Australians in strengthening our democracy by showing solidarity around the world for citizens saying no to tyranny.  New York citizens have started -what of Asia, North and South America, Europe, UK, Canada and in every corner of the world.  When we are all free, all are free. It is our world and now is the time to stand for freedom of who we are as humans.

This is courtesy of TOTT news, Australia’s front line.

Welcome to Melbourne’s Police State | Video

Melbourne has become almost unrecognisable after spending nearly 250 days in lockdown.

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A Brave New World of medical biofascism, coupled with authoritarian force against all who object.

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RAAF aircrafts fly LOW over Brisbane CBD

Australia is being Taken Over by the New World Order

What we are experiencing here in Australia is a major takeover of our country by vested interests.  The indebting of the nation via unnecessary lockdowns given the low death rate.  It is probably more clear here in Australia that this has nothing to do with public health.  The flattening of the curve, the focus on the spread not death rate, the switching from spread to vaccines as an exit to the lockdown is exactly what Bill Gates has stated globally and the Rockefeller Plan has expressed as highlighted by the President of Ghana.  Melbourne is a Resilient City. This was created by the Rockefeller Foundation.  They are a significant global player.  The transcript is in this blog. It is clear our government has followed the script.

The next pandemic will be SPARS, there appears no exit to toxic gene therapies which have no immunisation. 


Many Australians do not know about the gradual privatisation of our country. The use of superannuation funds (forfeited wage increases) for global equity financiers who buy up properties which crowds out public assets. They create public-private deals which end up transferring assets to the global private equity firms.  The superannuation never went into public ownership when it is the people’s money.  The rorting, the contractors and the foreign influences are under the spot light as we experience foreign narratives being conveyed as Australian responses when it is not.

Discussion: Melbourne becomes occupied territory

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On the Season 3 Finale of the General Knowledge Podcast, Ethan Nash from TOTT News joins General Maddox and Andy Somes from Real News Australia to discuss the most important week in recent Australian history.

This includes taking a look at the NWO takeover of Melbourne, a recap of unbelievable scenes witnessed at freedom protests, suspension of human rights by the state, the UN and Strong Cities Network connection, The Blackout Conspiracy, online spying and more.




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Timeline of events over the last 7 days:

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16 September 2021

Clown World Melbourne.. More Madness
17 September 2021

Australia Marches for Freedom – September 2021
18 September 2021

Melbourne freedom protest: What the TV didn’t show you
18 September 2021

Construction protest erupts as CFMEU Victoria turns back on members
20 September 2021

‘We built this city!’: Pro-choice tradies bring Melbourne to a standstill
21 September 2021

Melbourne’s Siege at the Shrine: As it happened
22 September 2021

Counter-terrorism officers pounce on tradie in Melbourne
22 September 2021

Melbourne Protesters are a Disgrace to Freedom! | Satire
22 September 2021

Blackout Conspiracy: What happened in Melbourne today? | Opinion
23 September 2021

Police stalk and arrest protesters in Northcote
24 September 2021

Riot squad demand papers and scream at traffic in Northcote
24 September 2021

Protesters forced to St. Kilda beach, before arrests take place
25 September 2021

MUST SEE: Cultures UNITE for freedom at Gold Coast rally
25 September 2021

Australians march against medical coercion | MMAMV
25 September 2021

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John Setka, the man who left his union a smouldering ruin


Australians Protest They Do Not Want MANDATORY Vaccines (gene technology)

Gallery: Australian workers stage silent #ReclaimTheLine demonstrations

Gallery: Australian workers stage silent #ReclaimTheLine demonstrations

Powerful scenes witnessed as workers from a variety of industries hold silent protests in dozens of locations across Australia.Advertisements


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 By TOTT News in NewsSociety and Cultureon October 1, 20214 comments

Mass vaccine coercion has arrived in Australia, with tens of thousands of workers from a variety of industries all facing looming mandate deadlines and the possibility of losing employment.

After almost half a month of straight protests, Australians were back at it again.

This time, as part of #ReclaimTheLine nationwide strikes — held to support workers including teacherspoliceparamedicsaged-care workers, health care workers, firefightersconstruction workersairline staffminerstruck drivers and more.

Locations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Newcastle and others all took part in the mass demonstrations. Some arrests were made in occupied Victoria.

Check out the events below:


The nationwide strike was held in two formats: A physical demonstration in person, and for those who could not make it for any reason, an online media drive to get the message across.

All workers were encouraged to write down their profession and support for the campaign, with many taking part to share stories of being silenced, coerced and more:


The following are official recaps provided by the main group Telegram channel — capturing both the message of the protests and some powerful scenes witnessed:



Workers from all industries wore white colours, with labelled professions, to the demonstrations:



TOTT News shows you an on-the-ground look at the demonstrations.

Check out the official Instagram page or the hashtag #ReclaimTheLine for much more content from participants, speeches and supporters across the country.






















Maribyrnong Park


Westfield Knox