Covid-19 Facts not Mentioned at the Election

Truth matters. Why? We are being killed with impunity. The only immunity is to prosecution. That will be changed in the future.

This link has an extensive list of links that will inform in order for people to make informed decisions rather than following narratives that are not in the public interest.

Covid-19 Reader

Connecting the Dots, Finding the Truth


FOIA Requests Reveal There are No Government Records of Purified SARS-CoV-2, HIV, HPV, Ebola …

This article will cover some weaknesses of the virus theory:

1) It should be possible to do direct purification of viruses from a human sample, yet, according to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, government agencies have no record of this being done.

2) The cytopathic effects (e.g. cell death) demonstrated in cell culture experiments are never shown to be caused directly by a virus.

3) Control experiments could be done that exclude a virus as a possible cause in cell culture experiments, yet, they are not done.

4) The scientist who received the Nobel prize for the discovery of HIV says his lab never purified the virus.

1) No Direct Purification of Viruses

Christine Massey, a former bio-statistician, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to try to determine what our public health agencies know about the COVID virus. When she made a request of the CDC, specifically asking for information related to the purification of a virus related to COVID-19, CDC replied that it had no such information:

A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request. Specifically, the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Disease apprises that CDC does not purify or isolate any COVID-19 virus in the manner the requestor describes.

Her request was for information specifically related to a virus purified directly from a human sample, as described below:

All studies and/or reports in the possession, custody or control of the CDC and/or the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) describing the purification of any “COVID-19? virus (including B.1.1.7”, “B.1.351”, “P.1” and any other “variant”) (via maceration, filtration and use of an ultracentrifuge; also referred to at times by some people as “isolation”), directly from a sample taken from a diseased human, where the patient sample was not first combined with any other source of genetic material (i.e. monkey kidney cells aka Vero cells; fetal bovine serum).

Massey did not stop there. She subsequently requested information from the CDC regarding HPV virus, Measles virus, MERS, Ebola or any other virus! In each case, the CDC replied it had no documents related to the purification of the specified virus and that it did not purify or isolate the virus in the manner described.

Others have filed similar requests of other agencies with the same results. Together, they have filed FOIA requests with 137 institutions from 25 countries around the world and have received no information about direct purification of SARS-CoV-2! So, it is not just that the CDC has no such information. It appears that no one has information about direct purification of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and, perhaps, none of the viruses!

In an interview Mike Adams asked Massey what she has concluded from all of this: “We have been lied to for decades and decades. People have been getting injections for decades and decades for things that were never shown to exist.”

2) Cytopathic Effects (Cell Death) Demonstrated in Experiments May Not Be From Viruses

She goes on to clarify that there are no shortages of studies that claim to isolate viruses. However, her FOIA requests specifically ask for studies that show virus separated directly from a human sample. What is the distinction? Massey says the papers claiming to isolate viruses do no such thing. Typically, a patient sample, e.g. from a nasal swab, is added to a mixture that includes antibiotics and anti-fungals (so that bacteria and fungi are killed excluding them as a possible factor in the experiment). Also in the mixture, typically, are monkey kidney cells and human lymphoma cells. This mixture is introduced to a live cell culture. If, after several days, the cells die, the researchers claim that they have isolated a virus.

A pneumonia outbreak associated with a new coronavirus of probable bat origin is a February, 2020, paper published in Nature that claims isolation of the SARS-CoV-2 (called 2019-nCoV at the time) virus. A look at the Methods section confirms that the patient sample is mixed with a plethora of substances including “Vero E6 and Huh7 cells” so it is clearly not isolating a virus.

Massey says, “To me it is 100% clear that there is no virus. Anybody can come to this conclusion themselves just by looking at the isolation papers. Because when you see what they actually do when they say they isolated the virus … you see that it doesn’t add up.” Massey concludes that since the FOIA requests show no purified viruses and the research papers claiming to have isolated viruses are doing no such thing, that the idea of viruses is a fiction! So, why would people lie about such an important thing?

According to Adams, the virus is a good cover story: “The American Cancer Institute will not talk about the causes of cancer that are environmental which means exposure to toxins in the personal care products, … the pesticides and herbicides … the run-off from agricultural glyphosate and atrazine … we’re taking about a mass poisoning of the planet and you’re right, the so-called virus is the excuse.”

3) No Control Experiments Are Done

Dr. Stefan Lanka, provides a further critique of experiments claiming to find viruses. It would be simple to exclude a virus as a possible cause in cell culture experiments but this isn’t done in practice. As Lanka says in his paper:

Virologists primarily believe in the existence of viruses, because they add allegedly “infected” blood, saliva or other body fluids to the tissue and cell culture, and this, it must be stressed, after having withdrawn the nutrients from the respective cell culture and after having started poisoning it with toxic antibiotics. They believe that the cell culture is then killed by viruses. The key insight, however, is that the death of the tissue and cells takes place in the exact same manner when no “infected” genetic material is added at all.

4) Luc Montagnier Admits His Lab Never Purified HIV

Luc Montagnier was awarded a Nobel prize for the discovery of HIV but he admitted two things in an interview that are breathtaking:

– “I repeat we did not purify. We purified to characterize the density of the RT, which was soundly that of a retrovirus. But we didn’t take the peak…or it didn’t work…because if you purify, you damage.”

– “What we did not have, and I have always recognized it, was that it was truly the cause of AIDS.”

The same interviewer spoke with Charles Dauget, the Pasteur Institute electron microscopist and a co-author of the 1983 Montagnier paper. Dauget was asked why no EM pictures of purified HIV were published. He responded, “We have never seen virus particles in the purified virus. What we have seen all the time was cellular debris, no virus particles.

Even Robert Gallo, Montagnier’s competitor in the bid for the Nobel prize, now seems to distance himself from the idea that it is even possible to distinguish a virus from other particles. He is one of the authors of Extracellular vesicles and viruses: Are they close relatives? In a section titled Mission (Almost) Impossible: Separation of Virions from EVs he states: “Because EVs are produced by virtually all cells, probably every viral preparation is in fact a mixture of virions and EVs. To study their respective functions, it is necessary to separate EVs and virions. This is very difficult with some viruses, such as retroviruses, because both EVs and retroviruses are comparable in size.”

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) are parts of a cell that escape from the cell’s interior. Gallo is admitting that it is (almost) impossible to distinguish EVs from viral particles. If it is impossible to purify viral particles and distinguish them from other particles, why believe that there are such things as viral particles at all?


Are these FOIA responses enough to conclude that there really is no virus? Former Pfizer research director Dr. Michael Yeadon tells how his thinking about viruses has evolved over the course of what he describes as a fake pandemic: first he believed that there were indeed people getting sick, but not enough to necessitate lock-downs and masks. But over time he has come to realize that people do get sick with colds and flu, but, we don’t know what causes them, and it has nothing to do with respiratory viruses!

We know, now, that virologists don’t purify viruses, not in the time of AIDS and not in the time of Covid. Also, the experiments that are said to prove the existence of viruses are done without negative controls, according to Dr. Stefan Lanka, in which case there could be other causes for the observed cytopathic effects. In any case, all we have for the evidence of viruses is indirect evidence, from the cell culture experiments and from PCR testing. So, we are left with asking ourselves how good is this indirect evidence of viruses. Is it more akin to finding a dinosaur bone or to finding a unicorn horn? It’s an important question.


Christine Massey and Mike Adams interview

CDC FOIA Documents Reveal No “Covid-19” Isolated Virus In Existence
(Christine Massey CDC FOIA request and response)

CDC NOW Admits NO ‘Gold Standard’ for the Isolation for ANY Virus!
(Dr. Robert Young has copies of CDC FOIA responses that show the CDC has no purified HPV virus, Measles virus, MERS, Ebola or any other virus!)

A pneumonia outbreak associated with a new coronavirus of probable bat origin
(Possibly the first paper to claim isolation of the new virus.)

The Virus Misconception
(Dr. Stefan Lanka’s critique of what is referred to as “isolation” and the need for control experiments in virology.)

Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Chief Science Officer and Vice President at Pfizer, confirms his understanding that respiratory viruses don’t exist.

INTERVIEW LUC MONTAGNIER: Did Luc Montagnier Discover HIV?

The Perth Group revisits the existence of HIV

Extracellular vesicles and viruses: Are they close relatives?

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When the War is Over

I felt inspired tonight by Cold Chisel.

We will wait until the war is over in those who are desirous of endless war.

Cold Chisel were salt of the earth speaking to the heart of Australians. How fortunate we were to go and see Cold Chisel.

There is No Enemy Ever

Until we all get real about the pain we all feel from our lives and really take a deep look, we will not find the happiness so many believe they can force via money or control.

It doesn’t work, never has.

I too have to look at my pain. But with the knowledge I have I will never exploit another for personal gain. I will stand in their shoes too, no matter who they are.

I am not participating in abuse in our world, country, society, community, family nor within myself. I choose to work on the hard stuff of resolution within. I seek to find out what is true.

That means we don’t blame the world but face things squarely. What actually happened to cause this problem?

We look into our own pain. We face it with real courage. What is the problem that is causing me pain?

This was the message of King Arthur’s roundtable. It was always about equality which is our natural state.

We are equal.

Community is our natural configuration not braving it alone in loveless marriages, or relationships so you are not alone, false friendships, using others for personal gain, or in groups that want to be seen to be philanthropic for personal gain to feel better.

The true community is when I see myself in you. Each is an aspect of the whole.

I forgive the past and I choose to move on in peace and reconciliation. As happiness is my end goal and it is also my process.

Happiness is the Way.

I do feel happiness from within and it is this light that guides my life back to what is natural not normal.

When I feel happy and it causes no harm, I move forward.

Being a clown was the happiness moments of my life as I felt the real world as all of us laughing and dropping our discriminations and judgement which only divide on the basis of illusionary differences and fears.

We are same same but different as the Thai’s say. Wise words.

I see 2023 as the year of remembering what makes us happy and moving towards that.

It matters not your beliefs, religion, cult, talent, tribe or orientation. We are going to start to come back from the edge of our own making to re-member you are me.

I love you

PS. Byron Katie is a starting point. Your thoughts – is it true? If it doesn’t feel good, I can assure you it is not true. (click link)

Victorian Election: Will Andrews Win by De.fault?

I was smiling to myself about elections. There are so many reports about election rigging.  I know that postal votes are unconstitutional.

I found out today after a friend voted that the ballots have pencils not pens.  My friend told the scrutineer that pencil can be rubbed out.  She was a Sri Lankan lady and didn’t seem to realise the significance of this.  I know as a market analyst the Victorian Electoral Commission will say the machines count pencil yet the issue of changing votes is on the table.   My friend said there are so many nominees in the race. To vote below the line there is a lot of different parties and lots of people.  That is for the Senate.  For the average person it is confusing.  If you do your homework it is easier but for the majority apathy is felt (nothing changes) and they just intuitively go with whoever is not the major parties.  This is not democracy as we are not active participants, but rather, observers whose vote gives others (unknown) power, not us.

When I heard the tag line by Labor “we are doing what matters”.  As a market analyst my first question is what matters truthfully? For whom does it really matter? What are the consequences for the public? Is it in the public interest? Is it in the interests of commercial players who seek profit over public voices?  If so who?

Postal votes are subject to a privatised Australia Post who uses contractors and have technology that can detect what is inside the letters.  I’ve had the experience of mail not arriving or taking anything from 1 week to 6 weeks.  The system is not secure and can be tampered with.  From an electoral perspective it is not lawful or appropriate.  The votes should happen on the day visibly with scrutineers who are apolitical and based in civil society.

The Victorian Electoral Commission has an ABN which makes it privatised.  Thus other interests can become involved.  Australia and New Zealand collaborate which I find interesting.

From a market research perspective the smaller parties could provide insights into who votes for example: Freedom party, Independents, Citizens Electoral Council, Family First, The Greens etc.  These become demographic segments where those analysing the results can discover political preferences and potential groups forming on the basis of subjects. They can identify trends geographically.

I have concerns that we have lost our democracy and that our country is controlled by foreign interests.  My vote is for real democracy.  I will not vote until this happens. My voice matters.

COVID-19 in my Senate submission is a bioweapon that is designed to collapse our economy, medically harm our people and completely change our society to remove our human rights and right to say no to anything that harms us.  The compliance model is replacing democracy and I say no to this change.  As a former market analyst I spent many thousands of hours representing people’s views. I typed every word to stay in integrity to ensure when I reflected their views back to the client it was as accurate as possible.  Why did I do this? I respect people and value their voices.  Those who do not value other voices, serve themselves but market it as the public interest.  I am deeply yearning for real people to represent the people fairly and accurately without vested interests, foreign intervention or corruption.  My faith is in the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Anything else is false spirituality appearing as purity.

We the People need courageous, honest and transparent people to be worthy of representing the public, collecting their money as taxes and re-directing investments to healthy and ecologically balanced activity and ensuring the people receive the public goods and services they are promised without losing ownership.  I do not want people in positions of power who dismantle my country as the ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing causing more harm than good.  

2023 will be a year of rebalancing and revealing of truth. It will be amplified.  My poem on the blood red moon indicated infinite possibility. 

Blood Red Moon 2022 Symbolises Infinite Possibility

Some noteworthy links starting with the parties that appear similar in respect to Covid-19 which caused major trauma to our country.  I will never forget the rubber bullets at the Shrine of Remembrance, where men, women and children were shot.  I will never forget the One Belt One Road deal with China which was illegal and allowed foreign interests to penetrate Victoria.  I have real concerns about communism replacing our democracy. There has been no opposition or debate on Covid-19 which is unprecedented. 

Below are PRO and ANTI on the basis of COVID-19.  Are politicians balanced? Do they work in the public interest.

PRO POLITICAL COVID: (Includes health policy)



ANTI MEDICAL COVID: (This is Covid Medical doctors opposed to the pandemic.


Senate Submission:

The Victorian Electoral Commission appears to have staff connected with technocracy, Smart Cities and the Great Global Reset. Is that in the public interest given a technocracy is not a democracy?

Current details for ABN 46 583 749 552

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Historical details for ABN 46 583 749 552

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Homelessness is not about Poverty

I am genuinely homeless but I am not waiting for agencies, churches, governments to save me.

I stood up at the Homelessness Conferences in 2017 and 2018 and I made clear homelessness is about lack of love not assets.

I come from a broken family, the lines of division come from judgement, separation, lack of empathy and bias as I have lived in a way that is not approved of. Ironically a sibling is helping the homeless at Christmas but not offering any help to me.  Not that I am asking I am not. 

I see this being seen to be helping others as the biggest problem homeless people face as those in this area are empowered through the giving, they are profiled as ‘caring’, they ask for money to help others but they are not ending homelessness nor are they empowering people.

Not only should they be seriously questioning their approaches, as clearly they do not work, they should be asking the homeless not what they need but what went wrong.

I can start the ball rolling here as a former trained economist and market analyst.  The problem is the setting up of a economic system that promotes greed not equality.  No amount of marketing, lofty speeches, photo ops, videos will change the fact that we all have been shaped to see those poor as failures and those rich as successful. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The illusion is that money, assets, fame will make us happy.  It doesn’t.  There are many who do not identify as homeless who live in families feeling completely alone and isolated.  There are many in workplaces wearing the nice clothes, brand labels, make-up, holding positions with good pay, who are alone and isolated.  There are many who appear to have everything but have this emptiness that never leaves them as they seek more and more to fill the void that is never fulfilled.  This is poverty.

Those who are detached, uncaring, feeling no empathy view the world as objects and things, not people with feelings, heartache, concerns and emotional realities that are sensitive to criticism, unfairness and violence.  Those unable to love live in a way where they do not care but mimic behaviours and responses so they are not detected as psychopathic. This is the psychological poverty.

We frame everything by material acquisitions not emotional intelligence, abundance giving (without promotion) and seeing ourselves in others as equal rather than needing help.  The ‘neediness’ is not poverty it is insecurity.  The poverty born out of an inability to get work is structural violence in an economic system that changes the economic opportunities on the basis of investors who use superfunds to shape change the world in their image not in response to real demand and supply which was originally designed to ensure resources were used effectively and efficiently.

At what point do we see the climate crisis has nothing to do with climate but economics that sees human beings as consumers not living breathing homo sapiens who are not here as corporate entities to contract with a corporate reality that believes monetisation of life is value not inherent kindness or empathy that flows with life in meaningful ways, not self seeking.

The churches, agencies, welfare services, and popular icons associated with helping the poor have been co-opted by the very greed and abuse that plunged some of the homeless into severe poverty.  The poverty is the lack of love, kindness, real opportunity and empowerment that those who have been beaten down by poor parenting, dead end jobs, abuse in all its forms and a materialistic society that yells the words ‘get a job’ or ‘sponge’ if they dare receive anything for free.  I recall years ago realising those on unemployment benefits were disrespected because those working were jealous of their perceived freedom. That of course was narrowed down with Job Plans, people forced to look for jobs, spend time at job providers or work for the dole, the latter of course was about slavery not work opportunities.  When I was in that position I was asked to make Christmas cards when I was highly skilled. It was clear exploitation to teach people to work for nothing as in the future digital agile IT platforms (no bricks and mortar) will be employing online on a ‘needs’ basis. There will be no workplaces, no community building but further isolation keeping people in situations of need and powerlessness so they are easier to control.

The Brave New World future activity is not based on demand or supply, it is based on monopoly structures, smart cities investors, surveillance, digital ID, where there will be no privacy, no place to hide.  It is a future shock that will have a Hunger Games precinct existence where society is divided into the technocrats and segmented workers valued on the basis of their monetorised (crypto) worth in that system.  Not the intrinsic worth of a human with multiple intelligences, talents, gifts and beauty that is not comparable with the automons, cyborgs, transhumanised and genetically modified humans envisaged to exist in the future.

The real homelessness was always manifested in those who wanted more than others.  Who were restless, not content, unable to deeply connect with other human beings, abused by parents or cults (new normal), where distortions were socially engineered to create a vision of a world that is cruel, cold and uncaring but focused on tasks in order to supply a machine that had no heart and soul or purpose.  The insecurity that was hard wired from loveless childhoods where true human bonding, love relationships, family unity and community caring were minimised as we moved from family structures to hedonistic pursuits where the individual needs are endless self gratification rather than the joy of contributing to our community as our family.

I worked in 400 companies, I have been virtually in every industry, even the police and parliament.  I have seen so many faces that unhappily looked at clocks awaiting closing time. Whose life was about making the money. Unaware they are born into a system that teaches them to work for others interests, not their own. As genuine self focus is not selfish but responding to inner promptings to do something else as our real happiness awaited the choice for what we truly desire not hooked up to a system that promotes fear in order to make us work for things we have no calling in. 

It is when you sit back and observe the carrot and the stick in life.  The structures set up to teach us to do things this way not that.  To spend on this or that on the basis of some unmet need being exploited by marketing or aspirations.  When you sit and you observe the scripts, the narratives, the roles, the endless mimicking of a world co-created via media, schools, socialisation but without the true depth of following the very natural impulses that lead us to pathways that we want to walk rather than feel ‘no choice’.  This control arises out of ‘out of control’ by those who are unfulfilled and empty wanting others to give them the wealth they think gives them status and success.  Again, nothing is further from the truth.  You cannot trade your way to happiness. 

Ironically Butan was touted as the country that was happiest.  Gross National Happiness, whilst an interesting goal, was never implemented across the world as the real purpose of our lives.  When we make others happy, it returns to us.  When we do that which makes us happy people do not need all the ‘material things’ to get temporary excitement from consuming rather than being.  The manipulation of desires rather than the natural desires surfacing to point us in another direction, that leads us to our own truth, our own happiness, our own path without judgement but to shine in our own right as equal humans in a world full of promise not suffering as this capitalistic/communistic/technocratic world unfolds, due to its own unhappiness.

When I travelled the world I saw more abundance in the poor than the rich. I saw more social distancing in those with the most than those with the least.  It made clear the material reality tended to divide not unite. It distracted from the true richness of life which is in human relationships where you are genuinely loved. Not admired for all your things, popularity, nice clothes, make up and fame.  None of those things are real. Just imagined status as the mind is fooled by perceptions rather than illuminated by truth. 

I came to see the poverty in many wealthy people I met a long the way.  One was one of the top 50 thinkers in the world who made clear at dinner with friends that he was lonely.  He got us to draw happy/sad/wish and he had fame, crowds but he didn’t have love.  I saw clearly his poverty yet this man was advising the United Nations, sought after by top multinationals and yet he was unhappy.  For some reason he liked me.  I could have gone for the money but I didn’t, I liked him for him, I didn’t give a toss about his wealth or fame.

Another I worked with in London was a famous choreographer.  I worked with her secretary.  They told me all the murky stories of parties, orgies, decadence that happened due to circling around wealth and fame. This woman had her own lear jet, she had properties in New York, London and the Continent, she had a staff waiting on her beck and call.   One of her friends was the guy who wrote the Living Years, he asked me to connect his printer.  She had everything materially wanted.  I chatted with her about creativity.  She told me it is like a muscle you have to keep exercising it.  I saw the upstairs/downstairs existence. I was in Knightsbridge at the time.  Temps don’t usually get to work for the rich and famous, but life wanted me to observe this reality.  I felt no envy at all.  Yet this lady married a guy who was gay (she didn’t know) who wanted access to her rolodex (list of names, numbers, contacts). She even had Princess Diana on her list at the time. Yet this man didn’t love her.  I felt sorry for her, how could she know who was real who was not?  Apparently her illusion of importance was so strong that when a friend was dying she knew the person wouldn’t die until she arrived. She clearly had the power over life and death.

Another wealthy person I worked with happened in Melbourne.  He was very wealthy.  Had a direct line to Malcolm Turnbull and was offering his advice.  I was there transferring his contacts from one electronic listing to another. He was friends with many rich and famous people. I saw the invites from those wanting him to attend events so they could get money.  He had his tennis court outside.  He had his lear jet waiting for him at a moments notice.  His life was all about power.  He funded indigenous programs, not because he cared about the indigenous but to be seen to be helping them as his interests, assets, portfolio’s required a profile of philanthropy.  Of course many corporate interests use philanthropy to be seen to be kind to the vulnerable but it is all a front.  None of it is true.   

The powerful interests are exploiting resources, opportunities, shape changing the world in their image which causes massive externalities (problems) of which they use philanthropy to project an imagine of kindness, yet what they do is self serving, it has nothing to do with genuine care and love of those who have become the ‘losers’ in a system.  The so-called losers do not know that society is engineered to ensure there are many in poverty so the working class become fearful of homelessness and work harder to keep their meagre assets (homes, cars) when the entire structure is built on debt by design and keeps this top cohort in power so they can rule the world in their image which has no relationship to nature, nurture and balance. 

The environmental destruction has been enormous.  There has been no serious accounting of the carnage of war, pollution, depleted uranium, toxic chemicals and destroyed lives all for the pursuit of power using nationalism to galvanise armies or violent video games to keep the violent male in the illusion of force and violence as power, when it is the most powerless profile that through his/her pain projects harm on others to serve the interests of the few.  War is a racket as was said way back in the First World War. 

Today we are in silent wars that remove human rights, that spread disease, that concentrate wealth, that normalise monopolies and use abuse as entry into these billionaire clubs that have no feeling for those they harmed not only on the way but as major externalities to business practices that require violence in all its forms to maintain power, status and assets. 

So as I move further into homelessness, away from exploitation, away from a monetised world that cares nothing for those harmed in the pursuit of profit.  I find myself wanting less and less.  I do not look to those in the homelessness area as knowing anything about real homelessness, and when I tried to enlighten them I could see they are into social housing which has nothing to do with ‘social’ but private equity interests buying up housing with sensor technology to monitor the homeless, the poor and those disenfranchised to ensure they do not rise up. 

If the homelessness industry (funded by government, private equity) was serious about ending homelessness ecovillages would be set up as I suggested to the Victorian Housing Minister back in 2018.  He was not interested in the slightest.  I recommended for women my age over 50 should be growing their own food, living in communities of other women with children and learning to be self sufficient in a healthy environment. Of course this is not profitable if profiting from social housing is the goal, as the business model is the yoke hung around society and the homeless to profit from poverty.   These systems set up of contractors/services providers are driven by business mind-sets not welfare or some sense of egalitarianism to ensure we are treated in a way that provides equal access. The business mind set is all about self interest. Self interest and the vulnerable do not go together as always those being seen to be will use the poor, vulnerable and isolated to bolster their own image, funding and accolades as it feels good but they do not know what true goodness is. It has no self interest in it at all and there would never be any promotion of ‘self’ to show others that you are good whilst the homeless remain homeless and this cohort grows given the Great Global Reset.

Below is an example of what I proposed to the Homelessness Conference in 2018, when Courtney Herring was found dead in a park. She was intermittently homeless and become the inspiration for me to write this proposal as my mother rang thinking I was the dead homeless woman in the park.  I felt a connection to Courtney and went to the vigil. I handed out poetry which I am sure many did not understand. 

Solution: Build A Ecovillage


I want to contrast this with vested interests who seek to help the homeless. They use ‘house-less-ness’ as the real problem when it is really about inequality and lack of love.  Love – shares, cares, reveals and heals.  Fear – shuts down, excludes, ignores, hurts, rejects and leaves.  They repeat the dominant narrative without bringing out the truth of what causes the climate crisis (geoengineering) and how communities are being attacked via these weather weapons and their land targeted.  They do not discuss Covid-19 and how this was a bioweapon (I sent evidence to the Senate).  They do not hold forums on mRNA, DNA changes and how genotypes of bloodlines and ethnic groups can be targeted via DNA harvesting.  They do not speak of the death rate of vaccines which are genetic therapies and that the institutionalised poor or disadvantaged were close to forced to be vaccinated when publicly a mild virus with a 99% recovery rate has a low risk.  That the lockdown, economic shutdown (favoured large multinationals not small business) destroyed the backbone to our country, that job keeper pump primed but enabled the lockdown to go longer. The Op shops were closed, violent video game shops open.  Meditation and holistic therapies were shutdown. Sports were shutdown.  Walking in the open air was restricted.  When all these things promote health.  They do not talk about the pedophilia in the churches, politics, refuges, children’s homes and organised human trafficking that underscores power and compromise. 

They will not be talking about our addictions to materialism (captured markets) via money, iPhones, sexuality, success, status, being seen to be without any depth understanding of how these very addictions create the externality we call ‘poverty’ as it creates winner/losers on the basis of income not the quality of who you are. 

Poverty is structural violence.  Living a simple life is living where need equals want. That is not poverty.  The real poverty exists in psychological mindsets that see low income as disadvantage of ‘less than’ subtly meaning they should have more.  This type of structural violence means income less costs creates circumstances where they can’t afford rent and food.  They can’t afford clothing.  They can’t afford to go out.  They may live on the streets, in their cars, shanty’s, abandoned homes or at friends places. It becomes a poverty trap that is socially engineered by those with the most who believe they have the most to lose if the structural violence of poverty, ends.   I see so many on this bandwagon who I know do not care about ending poverty. End income disparity and move to ecological village designs and this corporate/capitalist/communist/technocratic business structure of income=power=rights dissolves as nature becomes the dominant energy flowing into a new system of equal abundance, masculine/feminine unity where the sum of the parts are not objects but the whole, expanding upon the whole as creativity sees further than self interest. 

They do not out the real structures of violence that have plagued our world in class systems of inequality that increasingly remove the so-called ‘middle class’ as orchestrated economic shocks plunge the middle class into poverty then homelessness to keep them desperate and hungry. Equality is sidelined as you can’t see a better future, or feel equal status yet all are equal. I see the triangle here, the equatorial triangle where balance is strength. I feel Lincoln speaking of this fundamental equality. 

The ones saying they help the homeless talk of ‘one’ but they know nothing of the true meaning of oneness and that is not about private globalisation and equity finances controlling the world but to truly see ‘you are me’.  What we do to others returns to the self.  If I harm you I harm me. If I treat you as less I will be treated as less.  If I take more I will experience poverty (psychological, emotional or physical). 

My life is not to make you look good but to remember what it means to be a ‘good person’ giving as nature intended.  It is natural to give to someone, as we feel warm towards that person. We get joy from giving. Yet so many take and call it giving when they are manipulating to look ‘good’ rather than be ‘good’.

Poverty is not a failing it is more accurate that they were failed and framed as worthless, when each has great value when treated with genuine love, respect and empowerment to free them from dependency and categorisation that creates ‘us versus them’.  I don’t hear any real voices.

In this homeless/poverty industry many are profiting from our pain or indeed liberation from the illusion of wealth as the panacea or pathway to happiness. It is not.

Here is a catholic report to offer contrast.

Pope Francis does not care about the ‘cry of the earth and the cry of the poor’. I’ve been to the Vatican and I saw abundant wealth. In fact the Vatican has been calling back all its assets.  They were not distributed to the poor as Francis of Assisi would advocate.  The churches lost their way believing they were intermediaries between God and man (not woman).  They wore clothes that the poor don’t wear. Their clothes speak of elevation not equality. They spoke in educated words the poor don’t understand that conveyed spirituality and love when we know what happened in the catholic schools, boys homes, churches at the Royal Commission into institutional child abuse.

Cardinal George Pell was convicted by two courts in Melbourne to have this overturned by the High court of Australia where he did not appear in person and they sought technical outcomes.

Cardinal Pell was the Treasurer for the Vatican.  Only the Holy See the corruption of those who, like the emperors new clothes, convince people to believe in holier than thou, but in reality they became corrupted by power.  They moved from true virtue which is the truth sets you free to covering up the truth to protect institutions, rather than children.

I may not be sitting on a street corner begging, but I have been through the agony of family breakdown, judgement, isolation and lack of care when I had no income or home.  I know vilification and inequality. I have felt deeply the unconscious bias. I have imagined how I am seen by announcing ‘I am homeless’ and realised I was seen as a client not a person. I know the unconscious/conscious bias that accompanies homelessness as a structure of violence ensuring that I am seen as ‘less than’ rather than a circumstance as an outcome of structural violence that erects barriers socially/economically/ecologically/politically to keep people in psychological or physical poverty so others can easily control and use homelessness or poverty to make themselves look ‘good’ and acquire more power using the energy of those who feel they have ‘no choice’. That of course is tyranny. Doing good is not what we need. Equality is what is needed and not only affordable housing but housing we own so we can rejoin our community as equals not given endless handouts. Don’t get me wrong, give food as at times I can’t get it, so when someone brings it I am deeply grateful. Give if your heart sings. But don’t do it to use a person labelled as homeless or poor.

If you reading this really want homelessness to end, then open your own heart and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Sit on the street with a person labelled as homeless and learn from the teacher. They will tell you about survival. They will tell you about the magic of life. They will help you see that you can live without all these things. They will share their pain and hardship so you do not fall into the poverty trap believing it is ‘you’ not structural violence.  This is the real violence in the structure that ensures poverty never ends and people believe it was their fault.

It never was. They can change their minds and change their lives living simply so others can simply live.  Living in harmony with life and moving away from the wolf in sheeps clothing offering more gifts that create dependency not equality.  I will never buy into this ponzi scheme.

Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors. Named after Italian businessman Charles Ponzi, the scheme leads victims to believe that profits are coming from legitimate business activity.