The Russia-Ukraine-NATO Circus

Peace is not possible when war is the collective objective to de-stabilise the globe rather than restore international peace and true harmony.

Wag the dog scenario is playing out in the controlled media that is no longer independent journalism.  It shapes changes beliefs to co-create a reality that knows not peace.

When countries send weapons they are not restoring peace they are empowering violence (bullying) against the people and calling it peace or defending truths they do not believe.  When leaders are not peaceful and controlled by faceless powers the chessboard plays out in accordance with the Great Global Reset game which is to transfer all power to an elite who were raised to believe they are born to rule, they are superior and that the masses are no more than useless eaters as they do not respect humans believing their unconsciousness is who they are.  It is not.

A few questions:

Is the mafia controlling countries with leaders used as diversions in collaboration with global power?

Are they all on the same side?  The eagle and the bear coming together as Nostradamus predicted?  The pretence is they are enemies.

Is the New World Order a communist dictatorship using Russia and China to anchor totalitarianism where there will be no sovereignty as money rules OK?

Are the public around the world being shaped by hating one side over another on the basis of media reports not real evidence.

Are conflicts created to escalate a nuclear potentiality as there are those who want a nuclear misadventure as part of a global strategy to destabilise?

How does radiation play a part in disease?

Are people just pawns to be used and manipulated to ensure the goals of those in the elite realms reach their objectives without any backward glance or empathy. They assert move forward.  Is this forwards or backwards?

Peace is not a chip on a board as peace is the enemy.  It is the most difficult state of being to reach as fear sits within us often unconsciously driving us to believe negativity is true.  Peace is the mirror of nature in homeostasis.  Until we find real peace within we will remain at war without whether  shooting bullets or situations (shocks) to escalate fear.  Fear is false evidence appearing real.  Fear is unquestioned as we look for something outside ourselves to blame rather than looking within at our own disruption.

Violence is the outcome of fear that pretends power arming itself to augment an illusion to frighten others not to challenge.  Control is about fear not natural order which rebalances on the basis of optimal survival not survival of the fittest.  Nature is life producing and destruction is a natural breakdown over cycles of time.  Violence wears many faces – wars, virses, economic collapse, petrol prices, food prices, restrictions, human rights violations promoted as keeping others safe, dividing the public into pro-anti- camps to keep them distracted and at war in a perpetual state of ‘against’ rather than looking into the face of the enemy to see fear was always the enemy and it is often our own face.  In the current Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars planning the key is to shooting situations not bullets. This can be pandemics, climate change, economic shocks and social engineering.  To ensure all are on the same page, it is not ideology that unites it is compromise operations (blackmail) to force obedience and silence, it is data gathering to know the enemy and then exploit the weakness to defeat them.  It is not about love with peace in mind. As these one’s are not at peace when war games are the tool of projected power.

In this old paradigm there are no winners as the planet is attacked via economic systems that exploit rather than caretake the natural systems.  These are systems that psychologically reward greed as the real weakness of humanity believing that more money, more assets, more wealth makes them secure as they are bigger and better than others when it is a true reflection of emptiness as they never found the Wisdom of Soloman or soul- -of-man which is not physical but spiritual and beyond the reach of any destructive mechanism. As life (source) is a blueprint of experience.

Many if not most are not speaking the truth to the people, they disrupt by sending more confusing messages of us against them rather than real collaboration (harmony) to solve complex problems that not cross the floor to join the other side but rather realise the power of ONE.  You do not need to create bipartisanship and market it as collaboration when it is compromise.  Debate and critical thinking is essential if we are to survive  and overcome destructive forces coming as the saviour (emporers new clothes) when they are indeed working with others to create scenarios (shocks) that force the global public to hand over all power to a dictatorship that wants to own it all.  When it is not possible as life is the yin/yang of contrast not the forced unified field.  The natural unified field is harmony that always recalibrates to zeropoint. So what you push against gets stronger and you will push against it as you see ‘enemy’ not yourself.

I say unto you, when you truly reliquish all you believe you need and allow life to become the real wealth then the laws of attraction will bring what is wanted naturally without force or fight as life is abundant not interest rates manipulated by a central bank.  In this reality there is no need for competition, no need for enemies, no need for division as the world is in your image but it is not the real world as stated in the film the Matrix.  When you believe your thoughts unquestioningly as the algorithms and data analytics and AI told you this is the world, you will not question the rationale of division, destruction, disempowerment and misery as your very own self projected as you are divided, destrutive, and disempowered and miserable in your continual quest for more power by hook or by crook. For you do not know yourself you only see a illusion of identity that was never real.  So when you see the enemy it is your self you see not them. You see as you are not as they are.  You have never known the illusionary enemy as the enemy does not exist only in your thoughts projected as real. As you destroy others you destroy yourself. As you exploit others you exploit yourself.  As you blackmail others you blackmail yourself, as you murder others the very same arrow returns to the sender as nature responds (e=mc2). 

This is why war in all its forms is self defeating.  In the times we move through now all is amplified and moving quickly.

If you seriously want peace, be it.

If you seriously want to own it all, then give it all away.

If you seriously want security then ensure real security for all as fear is de-escalated.

If you want happiness then cause another to be happy by allowing them to be who they are (they will anyway).

For you and the other are truly ONE no matter the picture you paint.

These are difficult teachings to understand when you think you are right, in control and hold the power.  Each of us fall into this trap of self delusion. The reality is all can be taken from any powerful group as nature is disruptive when it is disrupted.  The power many believe they have is based on materialism not wisdom. Until you quietly return to your own wisdom you will continue to fight wars without frontiers (war games, endless war doctrine) and wars without tears as we the people are used for power games which is the real imbalance on the planet that nature will correct.

The real problem humanity faces is not climate, it is not viruses, it is not economic collapse, it is the war game of economics that rewards selfish qualities of greed (more, greater than) that divide people as they look to ‘things’ not ‘wisdom’ for happiness ironically to feel ‘good’.  It is the truth that sets all free when they choose to dispel the illusion of poverty as not enough (vulnerability) and violence as power (bullying) to force obedience not earn respect through cultivating character not PR spin. To earn loyalty, respect and love is to be an example others can respect rather than the tyrant in sheeps clothing speaking peace to the face but undermining behind closed doors.

No-one knows true peace until they let it all go.  Peace is the awareness that is beneath all the turbulance that many speak of  amidst the turmoil. It is not only the calm in the storm, it is the calm (zero point) observing the storm of our own making as we are manipulated and influenced by voices lost in cyber spaces that are not grounded reality. This awareness is not human it is consciousness that is aware, noticing and not thinking. It is what some call the all seeing eye but it is clear seeing allowing what is.

Peter Gabriel in the song below came to me as I wrote.  I heard the words  ‘adolf is building a bon fire’ a metaphor for burning the books (knowledge, history of humanity) and burning down human culture, history, dignity in Order to destroy a fictitious enemy labelled humanity. The real hope for Adolf was always to re-member his own humanity and an the creative capacity of advances from a foundation of ‘know thyself’ not dictatorship. This was why he fell and those silently with him did not reach the goal.  He was unable to see the jew was him, the concentration camp was his prison, the torture of enemies was his own torture seeking relief, the perfectionism of straight lines, unquestioned obedience was his own mind unable to question his motifs and motives.  The enemy was him projected, the destruction was his own self hatred that projected as power creating those to hate to justify the flow of this hatred towards another.  This shield of power with its peace swastika turned into war.  It was used to cover his deep fears, self hatred and deep wounds and insecurity that framed a world in terms of absolute power for him to feel safe.  Those secure need no weapons as they allow life to show up and they realise in the moment they decide who they are as life works for us not against us.

The swastika symbol,  or , is an ancient religious and cultural symbol, predominantly in various Eurasian, as well as some African and American cultures, now also widely recognized for its appropriation by the Nazi Party and by neo-Nazis.[1][2][3][4] It continues to be used as a symbol of divinity and spirituality in Indian religions, including HinduismBuddhism, and Jainism.[5][6][7][8][1] It generally takes the form of a cross,[A] the arms of which are of equal length and perpendicular to the adjacent arms, each bent midway at a right angle.[10

That is what one sees when the mask of power falls it was the nazi swastika when negativity (lack of self knowledge) was in ascendency and reverses when positive (self knowledge).  That is the only difference between the alleged good vs evil juxtaposition. One is aware of self, the other is not.  For no war can be won until the inner war with the self is healed as it becomes more amplified.  Healing is making peace with our negativity thoughts that we believed as real.  Please don”t think of me as knowing more than you, I do not.  I am in the very same war within myself but I am self aware as I am seeking truth not power.  That is why I can see it.  I am the fool that knows the circus and the ring master. Yet I stumble on making a fool of myself as I am discovering the wisdom of the fool is the perfection in inperfection.  Thus integration not global dictatorship is the higher purpose of disruption from a higher perspective that is the all seeing eye of wisdom.

Every Human Has a Voice, Use it or Lose it Before the Right to be Human is Downgraded

In the public interest at a time of rising totalitarian dictatorship fearful of losing power as identity. When the true identity is your voice not any ID endorsed by someone who doesn’t know you.

I am learning to understand my voice. Even if it is ONE voice. A journey of a thousand miles began with one step. A journey of a billion voices, starts with one. In the future we will come into an understanding that one voice is the ONE voice.

I have Scottish and Welsh heritage . The Celts are celebrating. I stand with the indigenous on Ngunnawal country, the meeting place bringing the tribes of the world together.

Johnny was a united of all voices not for any manipulated outcome, but for the simple fun of it.

Silence and fear are for those who relinquish democracy. Democracy respects all voices.

Love All Ways

A message to humanity.

Love is who we are. The more we suffer the more we love. As love is the centre point of homeostasis that brings balance to what is chaotic and out of control. As life was never meant to be controlled. It was to be honoured as a gift.

Dedicated to John Farnham, may love heal cancer.

Living like a Millionaire on the Border

This is dedicated to the Ukrainian people and Russian people who are on the border of nuclear misadventure, using conflict to justify the harming of millions of lives and toxic pollution. I do not consent to using Australian money to fund war. I consent to the funding of medication, if indeed there is a real conflict. As a peacemaker I see false flags.

It is out of order.

John Farnham is an aussie icon reminding us of who we really are, not some carbon copy of our cultures who lost The Way.

Australia is the largest island in the world. A paradise no less. There are many eyes watching our resources. We will lose our paradise if we don’t wake up. Yet I feel from the Murray to the Daintree that an energy is gently swaying the trees vibrating and rocking us to touch the wind as it is changing direction. This is the great Southern land, it is an ancient place. It has no name as an origin of species birthing creation. I feel the spirits watching over this land. I feel the min min lights flashing. The rainbow serpent is unfurling and awakening from its dream. False prophets will not profit as life re-members its value and uniqueness.

Lets write a new song line.

Freedom Rally’s around Australia Raising Awareness

Whilst a destraction of the Queens funeral happens in London detracting from the serious criminal pedophile issue and the royal family, freedom rallies are happening across Australia. Abuse is not freedom.

This link reveals that ex CIA Robert David Steele was murdered revealing this dark underbelly of those in power seeking to remove what has been termed ‘freedom’. Many high profiled expert voices are contracting pneumonia and dying, there is a growing pattern, it is likely this is the diagnosis to hide the deliberate removal of those voices this regime does not want. May his courage be a spring board to true freedom from fear. For you cannot assassinate every voice that reveals truth, this action contravenes universal lore and life responds to rebalance that which is out of balance. This is why empires always fall. Only balance is sustainable.

The world is watching who is being killed as this list grows so will those who jump on board the freedom express. What you express is your freedom, it is the real identity unbounded by drivers licences or authoritative voices who decide if you are included or excluded on the basis of compliance (only yes). Humanity is not for sale. Freedom cannot be killed no matter status, power or influence.


Each soul comes into this life with a mission, there are no mistakes. Whatever this universal power is, it doesn’t play dice and the absolute can see what is occurring in linear sequences playing out in the relative all in real time at the same time.

Robert died 28 August 2021. Rest in peace Robert Steele and thank you for a truth and reconciliation approach toward the global elite who responded with no negotiation. Thank you for your courage on behalf of humanity. May other intelligence officers wake up to this zero sum game.

The British Royal Family, Pedophilia and the End of a 1200-Year Parasitic Monarchy – JUST ONE FOCUS – TRUTH

Joachim-Hagopian-Pedophilia-Empire-Satan-Sodomy-The-Deep-State-36-Netherlands-The-Pedophile-Kingdom-and-Sodom-and-Gomorrah-of-the-Modern-World.pdf (

Cops for Covid Truth spoke to the crowd in Sydney a few days ago (17/9/22). The movement is growing as the totalitarian regime is coming to light. Australians, when they are aware, do not want totalitarian control or a republic replacing democracy (their vote) or genetic therapies (changing DNA) that is reported to be causing higher deaths than the alleged SAR-CoV-2 rebranded Covid-19 (Certificate of Vaccine ID). Note ID = 19 = AI.

They say Resist! It is not even about resistance, it is simply about truth. It is the only thing that has ever set humanity free from those who believe control is peace, it is not. This must be done demonstrating true peace, true reconciliation with those who believe they are opposite. What is done to another returns to the self as a universal law. The more you suppress the more people express, not as rebellion but as health, as it is our nature to respond to the real threat to our humanity.


The mass Australian gathering who are not ‘protestors’ but people seeking to prevent a foreign totalitarian takeover of their country.

Mirror: Respiratory Doctor Exposes | Ventilators Kill More People Than They’re Saving – Robert David Steele

‘Resist!’: Australians march as part of worldwide freedom events – TOTT News