Education empowerment or “Suppression” Compliance in this Pandemic?

What is evident is that the government’s approach around the world is coercive in relation to fines, fear campaigns and social pressure to wear masks and adhere to edicts that are not legal.

What the public needs is education about the science in relation to why lockdowns work or why they don’t.

The public needs to know the science on face masks as to why they work or they don’t work.

The public needs to know if SARS-CoV-2 is isolated and purified in a culture or not. If not then it has not been identified.

The public needs to know if the RT-PCR picks up infectious viruses or not. If not then they are unable to talk about positive cases as it can mean coronavirus positive which is the common cold and flu. Thus an endless positive testing approach which disrupts lives.

The public needs to know about the patenting of the coronavirus, human coronavirus and the various patents that relate to pandemics so they understand whether the problem is novel or lab created.

The public need to know the history of bioweapons. They need to understand the dual use of BSL 3-4-5 labs that handle highly infectious viruses which they say is to study potential pandemics without the public oversight of lab released pathogens that CAUSE pandemics.

The public need to know the role of defence in pandemics and why they have a prominent position given it is health not war. yet the language is increasingly war. Wars only exacerbate dis-ease, information war, cyber warfare and destruction. They are not about problem solving, balance and care for human life. So why are they involved and not doctors?

Why is there a focus on “suppression strategies” to zero when it is impossible to reach zero. Why not focus on natural immunity?

The public need to know if there is a depopulation strategy being implemented and if the vaccines will cause harm given professor Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize winner) claim that everyone will die from this. the public need to know that this is not true or if it is then the vaccine rollout must STOP immediately. Other wise it enters the space of a international war crime. All involved will be identified as participants in a Nuremberg style war crimes tribunal. This has no time limit on it.

The public needs to know about the Great Global Reset and if the World Economic Forum and Inclusive Capitalism were involved in planning the pandemic given the Coronavirus simulation in 2019 and if they are using this to implement global regime change into a totalitarian dictatorship.

The public need the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so they can be clear and not divided by those voices who want chaos and them propose order as a solution.

All human and sentient life has value. Not one is inferior or perceived as ‘sheep’. We the people may appear a mass of people around the world. We are individuals with life purpose and dreams. We do not want to be dehumanised and earth support systems diminished for a few people who believe an untruth in superiority. We are ONE in reality. What you do to another returns to the self.

We must remember nonviolence, peace is within us (not outside) and harmony if we are to rebalance our world so that it is livable and sustainable.

This message sends peace to all. As we are indeed in this together and all have a right to know when events are created around them impacting their lives. We do not want to return to a dark age when for over a hundred years we have sought to create a civilisation that is freed to excel in its potential.

We haven’t begun to see the incredible potential of humanity. However, perhaps these times will evolve a civilisation that remembers the greatness in every face.

Biowarfare Turns the Citizen into the Enemy

In the public interest.

The challenge each and every citizen faces is that they are now a biosecurity threat – asymptomatic or symptomatic. When we militarise a virus, which is clearly the case as we now have a 5 star General John Fewen heading the COVID-19 Taskforce. His background doesn’t indicate he is a medic. The war mentality comes into health which is about balance.

I dreamed I was teaching peace in 1998. I was actually from a market research background and my entire life changed. My security went, my partner went, my certainty went. This I saw years later was part of my own training in learning to be at peace with insecurity. I have not mastered that yet but I am working on it. I came to realise that when my certainty left that I was not in control. The flipside is those trained in control, dominance and preemptive strategies will always seek to maintain control.

This is a major failing I came to see in my own life. I came to see I was never in control and that my work was to learn the opposite. To learn to look for the lesson in a life I cannot control. That doesn’t mean I sit back and do nothing. In fact what happened when I let go of control and started to undo my own war mentality that ‘othered’ people, that I became freer to solve the problem and face my own fears that were not suppressed to appear in control.

What I feel inspired to share here for the military who I know monitor what I am doing. Is that FEAR is false evidence appearing real. Some may say that is threatening as they want people to be in fear in order to control. It is an old paradigm used for centuries primarily by the masculine who have not found fearlessness without weapons.

Am I fearless? Not yet. I face fear. I cry. I get angry. I blame. Just like everyone else the only difference is now I am aware. This awareness makes me look much harder at my beliefs than the other. This means instead of turning the finger of blame at others I look at my negativity. We can call this negativity ‘enemy’, ‘stress’, ‘anger’, ‘hate’ or ‘threat’. When in truth it is us feeling what we feel, perceiving what we perceive out of a field of beliefs that have never been seriously questioned as we are into defence of ourselves not the truth. This is why truth then becomes an enemy to those not ready to really look hard at who they are and what their interests are and why they feel the need to create enemies when there is no enemy just opportunities to learn.

That doesn’t mean when I turn inard I don’t solve problems and that may require visibility in a climate whereby people fear any different view outside prescribed narratives as a end goal is believed to be the only possible outcome.

My interest is truth not as a concept but as a lived experience as this is what brings calm, this is what brings reason, this is what brings empathy for the other side. Truth forces me to look at both sides not just my own and call it ‘right’. For me something may be right for another wrong. So who am I to presume they should think like me. They should think like them. This is how I let go of enemies, I change not them.

You cannot change people’s behaviour. You can use fear and they change but ultimately each human is sovereign.

My understanding today is that ‘I see as I am not as you are’.

Projection is like the movie theatre where the projector is us projecting onto the screen of life and calling it true. I have come to see that my projection is my culture, my beliefs, my education and emotions. When I am aware of my projector I question. That is not to defend ideas that make me feel superior, safe or in the right. It is to allow for truth to reveal to me what is so as I seek harmony with life itself. I am life itself.

We are moving to a state of play that makes others the enemy. They don’t wear mask so propaganda is brought out to make them wrong, a security threat, a danger which pitches citizen against citizen. This is not peace nor is it democracy nor will it serve those believing propanda and Total Information Awareness is The Way. It might be their way but it will not show them the way out of crimes against humanity.

The true soldier is the one unarmed. The one prepared to stand for what is true and know the world may stand against this person. It is to never see an enemy but to know each does what they do out of their own belief.

I will never weaken to hate even if I am positioned as the ‘enemy’ by those who still are at war or engaged in endless war with the ultimate outcome of profiting somehow.

For myself the real wealth of any nation is in its people. Is in taking the nonviolent route and being able to speak one’s own truth without expecting anyone else to change. It is simply acting out of integrity. I am responsible for my body, my health and my life. I choose.

I do not choose nanotechnologies in vaccines.

I do not choose chemtrails polluting me via aluminium, barium and strontium.

I do not choose to eat foods filled with GMO’s.

I do not chose nature to be altered in its DNA blueprint as this leads to an extinction event.

I want to live in a happy, cooperative and inspiring world. Where we are all each other’s keepers. Where I question me not others. Where I reveal what is true as I see it to benefit others. I look forward to the final outcome

Your Happy Destiny is Unavoidable.

This is the end game when we realise our war is with ourselves not each other. We realise we could never lose. We realise you are me.

I send love to all in this new normal story.