A Fool for Peace

Below is a link to my book which highlights my journey as a World Peace Clown.  This journey is the Fool’s journey or the Heroes journey.  It matters not if you are a woman or a man, it is the journey less travelled by Fools who believe that Peace is The Way.

A Fool for Peace


  • It is a journey that steps out of the comfort zone.
  • It is a journey where you must test yourself against yourself.
  • It is about self discovery or some may say self realisation.

Many will ignore you, vilify you, judge you and most definitely think you a fool to go for the fool’s gold rather than the money.

Yet when you realise you have nothing and that is everything, you get the riddle in the rhyme.  You laugh as you see it is not about accumulation, attachment, belonging or status. It is about relinquishing everything you thought was of value to find the real value within and beyond, as they say, space and time.

I feel I have travelled for a thousand lifetimes.  It feels a long journey.  Yet it is full of colour, sound, smells, change, diversity, highs, lows, expansion, contraction and insight that takes you beyond what was thought possible.

In fact, life is infinite possibility because REAL HOPE opens doors (or portals to higher awareness) when you realise:

Responsibility is the ability to respond, it is in your hands, you can do something.

Empathy is to stand in another’s shoes and feel their feelings.

Awareness is to open your eyes and look around but it is to close your eyes and go still to see.

Love is unconditional as you place no conditions on the giving and receiving of love, all are worthy in this world, not one less than another.

Honesty is to speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth with an intention for truth as all truth is fragmented changed by filters, education, religion, gender, occupation, personality, circumstances etc. The humility is to know you don’t know, as this is the beginning of wisdom.

Oneness is to recognise the wholeness of life, not one aspect separated. Oneness is to embrace one world, to breathe one breath, to see your family in the global family of humanity and to feel the intimate interconnection between all life forms, as part of your very self.

Peace is the yin/yang that is in constant movement, oscillating between the dark and the light energies clashing it up to expand into new ways of seeing. It is ultimately ‘balance’ as life moves towards equilibrium or homeostasis some call zero point.  Peace moves us back to balance or the ‘middle’ which is why conflict resolution is about resolving confusion by creating a space to rebalance judgement with truth, to listen to hear and to meet in the middle.  There is no enemy only unquestioned thinking that projects what is not owned within onto others, so when we hurt others we hurt ourselves, when we bring peace it naturally returns as the dove lands in the palms of your hands.

Enjoyment is to know you found peace as you feel a joy that is indescribable. To en-joy is to realise joy comes from within it is not about fleeting external pleasures.  Joy is the connection to All That Is and is the reason we are alive.

Service is the summation of universal values like the white light emerging from the colour prism.  Service is when you naturally give without expectation of return.  It is the proverbial growing up to know that as you give life responds.  Service may turn up in a way you hadn’t expected but always life is abundant, there is no loss, only the loss of not knowing the richness, the generosity of Service when it is unconditional and serving life as itself. There is no separation in truth.  What you do to another you do to the self.  What you think about you bring about.  What you resist persists what you look at disappears.  Life is the mirror reflecting aspects of yourself back to you.

REAL HOPES is the World Peace blueprint. It is the future of humanity evolving out of what is true, what feels good and in harmony (or atunement) with our true nature. Peace is our true nature.  This is what re-calibrates humanity to the rhythm of natural earth systems, which in turn, always seek to rebalance, interconnect, redistribute, share – withholding nothing from the WHOLE, as the microcosm is the macrocosm in this dynamic eco-system called life. It is synergistic cooperation loving what is.

My book ‘A Fool for Peace’ is about my journey which starts with REAL HOPES and finishes with Awakening the Fool to REAL HOPES for a World Peace Full.  For there is nothing more beautiful than to be a Peace Fool or a Fool for Peace.

Enjoy the journey…. home.

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