A Fool for Peace

In 1998 I, Susan Carew (Holmes) dreamed I was teaching peace. My life shifted from a Market Analyst career to a clown. No, I didn’t have a nervous breakdown or join the circus, although life is a circus. Instead, I followed my dream to be Happy, to discover my dreams came true.

A Fool for Peace is my story of how I came to be a World Peace Clown (Jester) and my travelling through so many spheres of life. I travelled the world as a fool to find there are lots of fools out there like me.

Manuscript A Fool for Peace 2024

We just have to have the courage to believe in ourselves. When you follow your heart and your own inspiration, life happens in ways you cannot plan.

This work is to inspire you to become a fool and be proud of it.

Be the Change You Wish to See (Gandhi)


Peace Fool

A Fool for Peace