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Carew Public Submission for Preparing for, and responding to, future pandemics and other international health emergencies

Carew Submission re Preparing for, and responding to pandemics and international health emergencies

The reason this happens is truth is clear seeing and love is harmony. When there is imbalance nature will always select that which is life affirming. That is the blueprint that cannot be changed.

The following is a poem I wrote inspired by the heart of Uluru which is the true voice:

Advance Australia Fair Awakens the Summit of Uluru not a Silicon Valley


We the People of Australia,

Must be aware we are travelling through times of great change,

But this is not changing of time,

It is a time of change,

For even Greenwich Mean Time is privatized,

For we have lost the rhythm of routine,

Found ourselves diverted from routine by algorithms that change the tempo,

Where we will not return to what is normal,

As we are now governed by what is not normal,

For insanity believes war is peace,

Yet the wise know you cannot know peace until you stop the war,



Truth will not be found in media ownership (70%),

Truth will not be found in Facebook feeds shape changing us,

As feed lots calculate data as feed not human need,

Even if you pick out the traffic lights in the matrix of facial recognition,

Even if you prove you are not a robot,

The bot will track you as cyber safety,

As robotics attempt to change the human DNA profile,

To prove a cyborg is human.


Our freedoms are being shutdown,

You cannot cry out for help in a pandemic,

Our regulators are being defunded,

You cannot protect privacy if power breaches with impunity,

As purity walks along the straight and narrow path,

Our schools, hospitals, jails, courts, emergency services, police

and government departments are assets to be managed,
not services to be delivered on behalf of the public,

Even libraries are digital commons not archives of public knowledge,

For now what we read is proscribed,

The books are burned as information is not story time,

What we learn will be mainlined online so we think right,

What we believe will be shape changed away from our plight,

Algorithms sifting for who can access and who can’t,

Are you with us or against us an automated voice will ask?

For this is about the mind control of compliance not the freedom of speech of diversity,

This is the hive mind that conforms – will you conform?

Will you tick the terms and conditions without question?

Will you allow a tattoo or chip to mark you – who needs a drivers licence?

Will you accept Orwell’s main line?

Will Solomon’s Tomb be resurrected?

For to have the wisdom of Solomon one must re-member:

For he created all things, that they might have their being (freedom):

  • and the generations of the world were healthful (healthy body, thoughts);
  • and there is no poison of destruction in them (positive),
  • nor the kingdom of death upon the earth (death cults)..


I hear the warning bells are going off,

The clarion call has been sent out did you notice?

Are you really listening within?

or outside in survival?

For fear has addicted us to economic growth
not balance life, love and liberty,

The planet cannot supply the greed of the few marketed as the need for the many,

The Sustainable Development Goals are not kicking goals or reaching homeostasis,

They are multi-lateral multi-national development goals sustaining profits not nature,

For business-as-usual replaces human labour with automation,

Replaces human ingenuity with artificial intelligence that feels no human rights,

For nature has been polluted, despoiled, contaminated, radiated, gouged, mined, stripped, poisoned, artificially inseminated in a lab, genetically modified for profit, altered as the DNA is changed with impunity as inpurity knows not peace as harmony.


I AM the RNA that replicates the blueprint with balance,

I AM the tipping point that is zero point awaiting codings to be fired,

I AM  the invisible code that cannot be broken, edited, tricked or deleted,

For nature is creation,

And creation is nature,

For it is known that bioethics is a misnomer when changing RNA messages to fool nature,

Biotech algorithms sending frequency band widths into cells to remotely change the operating systems is visible as this is a glasshouse without secrets,

For full spectrum dominance is not a deep state as it lives in the shadows of self interest,

Shadow puppeteers orchestrate the Punch and Judy show to distract as drama after drama are the waves disrupting the harmony of the spheres,

For they know the social impact of collapse and the eugenics of concentration camps,

They know the Great Depression, the Wall Street crash, the famines, wars, inflationary cycles and the 2008 sub prime swindle,

For this is the spindle that keeps rotating at first fast and then it wobbles as inertia becomes fate accompli,

Collapsing the global commons in asset divestments becomes mergers and acquisitions,

Pension funds are a cash cow for restructuring independence to dependence,

As constitutions are the barrier to entry,

Yet the DNA medicine will send messages to cellular memory so you believe the medicine saves humanity as they silently transfer all to a pirate program buried deep underground,

On this ship of fools there is a flag as they float into Sydney Harbour unannounced,

It is not the Southern Cross but the skull and bones flying high empowered by desperate need,

As the climate is changed in waves of asset crashes that leave us on the Beach,

But this is not Bondi or Manly or Sorento,

It is the Beach that comprises stone not sand,

It is the metaphor of the moral dilemma,

Do we remove the stones that impede access,

Or watch the sand run through the hour glass at 1 minute to midnight,

Remembering those who differ from the whole group will lead us to Eden,

For it is not to condemn the new tone out of tune from the ONE song,

It is to understand that the song is changing to a different tune,

And this is the melody that has never been heard before,

It is a sound that has never been invented,

For the harmonic convergence of infinite possibility can find the new tone,

As it Advances Australia Fair,

On this Great Southern Land,

For Gondwanaland is an ancient promise,

That the meek will inherit the earth,

As we let go of possession,

We let go of greed,

We let go of GMO foods,

We let go of pollution,

We let go of false profits (prophets),

We let go of toxicity,

We let go of bioweapons,

We let go of surveillance,

As we surveil for random acts of kindness,

We surveil for truth over falsehood,

We surveil for goodness over evil,

We surveil for love over hate,

We will not listen to deception, spin or manipulation,

As we will know the lay of our land.


As I sit as the Queens Counsel,

I ponder the extinguishing of the Australian Constitution,

I understand Native title claims,

I recognize that whistle-blowers are having their pain silenced,

I understand the truth is being suppressed when expressed in freedom,

For freedom is free dominion not slavery,

As fear is shut down,

Love opens up,

As Orwell joins this Ministry,

He reminds us that:

War is peace,

Freedom is slavery,

Ignorance is strength,

And others join the roundtable,

For they know he is not King Arthur,

He is not a true knight,

As the truth cannot be oppressed by treason,

It cannot be set aside by statutes,

For nature will rebalance what is out of balance,

As (k)night follows day light,

Freedom will express whether ordained or not,

For no edict can change reality,

And we can write a new Constitution that serves humanity,

We can find the constitutional strength to build not a pyramid but an ecological village,

As this time will not be structural reform,

It will not be a hollow pyramid on das capital hill,

It will be molded by the wishes of We the People,

We are the stewards not architects of society,

We are the builders of our civilisation,

We are the stone masons of our homes,

And the foundation stone is rock solid,

For we were the artisans that will envisage new worlds,

We are the creators of our world.

It is not your world to recreate,

It matters not who paid us,

For our wealth will unfold through the magic of our industrious effort not industry force,

But this industrious action will not destroy nature,

It will be the activity of felt certainty,

As the potter re-shapes the clay,

We will feel for this new shape,

It will emerge as if by magic,

For we require no Privy Counsel to pry into our public affairs,

We require no tri-lateral commission,

No counsel for foreign relations,

No public-private partnerships magicians to take our assets,

We will find the fool’s gold in the real wealth of happiness,

For it is the truth that sets our country free from shadows in government and ghosts in the machine.


As we reach for the highest octave,

We see our country is girt by sea,

We lend a hand to all in need,

For our country is truly free no matter false constraints,

For the stockmen still ride in the high country,

The swagman still sleeps on the streets,

The billy can still boil for a stranger in need of warmth,

For we will never social distance as society is close when in crisis,

As we smile into each other’s eyes as we realise what truly matters,

It is not the money, the gold or the control paradigms,

It is the rhyme in the reasons why we are alive,

And we can whistle as we work,

We can joke as we talk,

We can smile as we walk,

For the Aussie spirit has never been destroyed by dark forces in any wars,


We are mates, friends and neighbours,

And we are in it together,

Nothing will keep us apart,

No cashless society, no AI, no automation, no Silicon Valley, no data gathering, no abuse, no cults, no corruption, no manipulation,

For the truth comes to set us free,

In the last dawn service,

As we awaken at Uluru,

A portal that opens the heart,

As a statement of love and respect for country,

Returning from beyond space and time.

I Have a Right to BE

I have a right 

to share beauty with this world,

I have a right

To speak my truth whether you listen or not,

I have a right 

To be myself without others shutting me down,

I have a right

To justice even when I confront corruption,

I have a right

To say not to corruption even if that means I lose income support,

I have a right

To be treated equally even if I am unemployed, homeless, in poverty or uneducated,

I have a right

To say no to expensive traffic fines that clearly are revenue raising,

I have a right 

To say no to expensive energy prices when I know there is free energy available.

I have a right

To critique government spending 

What You Do To Other Returns to You as Infinite Possibility Where We all Get to Choose

Many do not understand that every word, thought and action sends out a signal and nature is such whereby that sent out mirrors and returns the energy to the sender as events unfold.

Einstein captured the mechanics of the universe in e=mc2 which is like capturing the wind in a paper cup. Making what is invisible visible in terms we can understand and explore in a playground of infinite possibility.

Our conceptual minds process on the basis of light, that which, is seen. The visible light spectrum informs what we see and then believe as we seek to label and categorise the unknown to be known to move our inner sense from uncertainty to certainty bringing a false sense of confidence to a reality that cannot be held in the mind.

In our ignorance displayed as arrogance we think we know the solution to problems we created. We look outside into the world fuelling up on accomplishments given energy by the opinion of others without any real sense of the miracle that occurs in every moment of life. For when moves from concepts to the reality without any story or knowledge then the all seeing eye within can finally see what can’t be seen in any visible spectrum.

The all seeing eye cannot see at all yet can see in ways others cannot see. Yet many graft onto philosophy, psychology, ideology, religion, agreed upon thoughts (group think) to secure reality holding it in the cage of contained thinking that knows not freedom. Symbols pepper meaningless signposts to communicate agendas of self interest that no not good will.

The nonsensical can be perceived as non sense as you feel nothing. Yet when we realise that what we know is nothing and nowhere close to the truth of existence in the myriad of forms and non forms. We haven’t even begun to crawl our of dark caves that no not the womb of security. We, as babies in this vast universe can barely speak the language of life that is a song line responding in emotional tones to experience that transforms our world as we reach out to define the undefinable.

In the innocence of realisation of ignorance then moment by moment a little more opens like the flower rather than the book. As we allow this light into our being a hidden knowledge arises like the flower opening to the light metabolising chlorophyl as the true food of life.

As I step out of the man made world that has no voiceless awareness of truth not as a angle to argue but a living awareness operating as a guiding light indeed a guiding hand that beckons those stepping outside leylines of contrived belief.

Some will say life is the mirror or the mask. One reflects the other conceals. Truth is the self reflection from the clear pond of unfettered awareness no longer yearning for healing but awake to the light that streams in unabated illuminating the most neglected aspect of creation.

For we are the creators of all we see, think and feel. We are not dominators, we are collaborators working in unison for the one song as the new score is written by unknown artists redefining life as we know it.

For when you step out of paradigms of control you start to recognise you no longer need a role. You step into realities that have no lines. Where cause and effect are instant as you recognise that you created every moment, every event, every face, every anguish, every joy and every pain. For as we create it, it returns to the sender one way or the other, as you are me and I am you. So what you do to another returns to sender as night follows day. For you cannot be false witness in this reality we call life.

True is clear seeing it is not some enemy to be contained.

Love is clear loving as the love you feel on the inside is reflected out as you shine in your own light as you see more through light frequencies that only joy can realise in the moment you decide happiness is your true nature.

For those seeking to be cruel, to control, to force change, to genetically modify, to change the natural blueprint, bank rolling illusionary wealth to buy power rather than realise the real power that knows thyself.

No glee club, no exclusive society, no secret web can pretend power as the power to choose asks you to choose again. As choice is the forgiveness engraved into a duality offering the dichotomy of love or fear in each new moment deciding tear drops or laughter.

For when we hurt others it is our own pain projected outward.

When we torture another it is our own tortured heart seeking screams to drown out the empty void that is continually wanting.

When we deceive with a smile the world will reflect back the very deception believed until true. To fool the other is to fool the self as you no longer recognise fact from fiction and this is the shifting sand that finds not solid ground from which to evaluate thyself unable to reconcile great harm with great good. For the happy/sad mask is just masking our uncertainty than certainty. As we go up the down, we go left then right, we stand up and sit down. As life is change arising out of a creativity as the seed fun-ding of endless possibility thatt can never be extinguished by transhumanism, patented DNA, vaccine passports, 24/7 tracking as these the horseman of fear that force life into a shape that is not possible as change is inevitable as we morph into greater and greater versions of possibility that will always, as the flower, seek the light. For darkness cannot exist without light and all seeks this refined frequency as all seek to feel good about who they are no matter the spectrum.

So my dear friend as I sing this song line in harmony with a tune that can’t be heard, I await a light that is luminous, illuminating, vibrating with unknown colours, in refined frequencies or oscillations moving life to octaves on waves of possibility that life the temper of the times to laughing at the joke we suddenly got.

ha. ha.