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A Message for G oo gle

I write this in inspiration,

As I feel for the truth of humanity,

I can see it is edited, deleted and removed when it is true,

to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil,

Was the message to Google,

For all who seek to remove what is true,

Will find it arises as a new dawn,

for the dawn is coming,

the central sun is shining,

on the upturned faces,

For the clarion call is the call for truth,

The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

for this is not a convenient truth,

It is not the truth that serves some and not the many,

It is not the truth that is manipulated to seem pure and ethical,

It is the truth that sees as is,

that hides nothing,

that allows life to arise in all its colours,

for this is the full colour spectrum,

This is the allowance of life that comes knowing at a silicon door,

to discover you cannot throw stones in glass houses.

The internet is the perverbial glass house,

The global commons can see the censorship by omission,

They can learn of whistle-blowers,

They can realise that something is not right in their world,

For the truth always surfaces,

It cannot be held down or diminished,

for there is a force more powerful in nature,

And this is the power of love,

When love moves humanity,

When love moves one to speak truth to power,

When love reveals what is hidden,

There is nowhere to hide for life is now here,

And it is as the ant to the solar system,

For the ant believes its footprints are important,

Each life matters,

Yet does not matter,

For what is matter when one in-forms?

We do not choose shape changers to lead our world,

We choose leaders to inform our world,

For from the inner world does life form,

For to be the change changes form,

As the love letter is sent to millions of inboxes,

Saying I love you,

May you find the love that sets you free to be,

free dominion.

Why The World is Collapsing?

In the public interest. I felt this was the case. It is good to know what the plan is. I agree that in the end the public will reclaim their sovereignty. It will be a struggle but the truth does set all free.

I note the chemtrails at the end of the video. This is the spraying of barium and aluminium to impact our health. I’ve taken footage and photos of this spraying. I showed my mother the day after the Australian election what chemtrails look like over Canberra. She was shocked. She also didn’t realise that cameras had been put in the street lights near her house. Again I pointed them out, she had no idea. This is how a Brave New World silently implements a plan that the public have no input to. Although we are waking up.

So we are not safe in reality despite the rhetoric.

Sending a Bridge of Peace to Police

I felt compassion for the police and wrote this poem. There were 4 police persons killed in a random accident here in Melbourne. I sent this to a policeman high up. He wrote me a person message which touched my heart. I saw that love is the real healer between all people. Poetry is a Bridge of peace

A Police Peace Service

I felt a deep connection to the four that lost their lives,

I feel the tears as I want to cry,

I stand next to friends, family, colleagues and mates,

As we are in this together,

Perhaps life is FATE –
From All Thoughts Everywhere.

We must work and support each other in good times and bad,

No matter the uniform or non uniformed,

For we are all Australians,

Let’s Advance Australia Fair together.


How do I reach out to ease your pain?

I have known pain and reached out!

I know loss,

I know the cost,

And unbridgeable sorrow.

Know they are teachers,

As we contemplate their lives,

We remember that we love each other,

And perhaps this is what is truly priceless,

Perhaps this is the real wealth of our nation
as the economy collapses,

Perhaps the absence of care
is the real social isolation,

So can funerals have more than a few to support you?

For support has to rise above the fear of the flu?

We have to overcome this great fear that is spreading across our world,

It impacts mental health as many are grieving and suiciding,

We have to remember that we all do our best,

Perhaps life is the test that moves us beyond fines and felons,

For every person is worthy when valued,

Every person is valued and worthy,

Even those lost in confusion, delusion and drugs,

It can be hard to forgive many mistakes,

It can be easy to blame those and let hurt make decisions,

Do not react in anger or revenge,

Please sit in the silence quietly and feel your pain and let your tears flow for you are not alone,

Make peace in this world your highest priority,

I will always be here to serve you,

I will always love all of you,

For peace is my vocation and vision,

I will always reach out to you in your moment of despair,


Because I truly care.


I am going to share from a higher perspective

…That we all die on time,

…Life has a purpose that is unknown
yet perhaps the outcome gives you a clue,

That those blue must come together with the public to heal our divisions and misgivings,

For we need your protection from real and present danger,

We need you to have the courage and trust that these wonderful police did not die in vain,

Their deaths gave We The People a moment to show you we feel the same as you,

That it is not about rules and enforcement or
them and us,

It is about We The People,
It is about all of us serving the highest good,

For corruption is happening on many levels and it can no longer be ignored,

We must all speak up for the highest integrity,
As these are the Commissions of the future,

We must create a future of trust and virtue.

I light a candle of peace …

To those souls deceased,

To the truck driver who feels no peace,

To the driver addicted to ICE trapped by the confusion of delusions obscuring his peace.

Please Be Still and notice 

Peace is the light in the darkness of

Peace is Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Love (REAL),

Peace is Honesty, Oneness, Peace, Enjoyment & Service (HOPES),


Peace is the dove cupped in your hands,

Peace is the kind words flowing to you,

Peace is the hand on your shoulder silently present at all times,

Peace reminds us to value all life as precious,

Peace is acceptance of life and death equally,

Peace is the love that passeth all understanding.


We hold the four police in our hearts,

Until death we do not part,

For this mystery of life embraces them fully,

They can hear your thoughts and words,

So speak your peace to them as if real,

Remember them with joy and celebration,

Look around your friends and colleagues and feel gratitude for having known each precious one,

For life is fleeting for all of us under the sun,

Life is a gift often taken for granted,

So let us unite in friendship in this moment of sorrow,

Let us hold hands in Common-unity,

No matter the sacrifice and loss,

As we all do our part in this common wealth,

We call home,

We are singing the One song where all belong,

Let’s Advance Australia Fair together.


Love and peace,
Susan Carew

Council on Federal Financial Relations

In the public interest. It is funny absent mindedly I wrote public relations. I laugh.

My first thought with this that flashed in was “Council on Foreign Relations“. Hmmm I wonder who is refinancing our debt and how this will truly impact Australians. I have my concerns about the collapsing of an economy when a virus is mild. Then Australians have to take on the debt and that changes their lives in the image of those financing it.

I did go to the Council on Foreign Relations and wondered about impressions. Then I found this website

Excerpt: The meetings of the CFR are held in secret, away from the scrutiny of the public. The only way that a person can become a member is by invitation. Similar to the Trilateral Commission, the list of members is available to the public. The CFR publishes a periodical called Foreign Affairs, which is perhaps the most influential publication to be printed. The Council on Foreign Relations is located at the Harold Pratt House, 58 East 68th Street in New York City, New York 10021.

Secret is the operative word.

SourceURL: Council on Federal Financial Relations

Federal financial relations

This website provides information on the Intergovernmental Agreement on Federal Financial Relations and the federal financial relations framework to which it gives effect. It also provides guidance to drafters of new agreements on the operation of the Intergovernmental Agreement and how to develop agreements, including templates and process maps.