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A Fool for Peace

Below is a link to my book which highlights my journey as a World Peace Clown.  This journey is the Fool’s journey or the Heroes journey.  It matters not if you are a woman or a man, it is the journey less travelled by Fools who believe that Peace is The Way. 

  • It is a journey that steps out of the comfort zone. 
  • It is a journey where you must test yourself against yourself. 
  • It is about self discovery or some may say self realisation. 

Many will ignore you, vilify you, judge you and most definitely think you a fool to go for the fool’s gold rather than the money. 

Yet when you realise you have nothing and that is everything, you get the riddle in the rhyme.  You laugh as you see it is not about accumulation, attachment, belonging or status. It is about relinquishing everything you thought was of value to find the real value within and beyond, as they say, space and time.

I feel I have travelled for a thousand lifetimes.  It feels a long journey.  Yet it is full of colour, sound, smells, change, diversity, highs, lows, expansion, contraction and insight that takes you beyond what was thought possible. 

In fact, life is infinite possibility because REAL HOPE opens doors (or portals to higher awareness) when you realise:

Responsibility is the ability to respond, it is in your hands, you can do something.

Empathy is to stand in another’s shoes and feel their feelings.

Awareness is to open your eyes and look around but it is to close your eyes and go still to see.

Love is unconditional as you place no conditions on the giving and receiving of love, all are worthy in this world, not one less than another.

Honesty is to speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth with an intention for truth as all truth is fragmented changed by filters, education, religion, gender, occupation, personality, circumstances etc. The humility is to know you don’t know, as this is the beginning of wisdom.

Oneness is to recognise the wholeness of life, not one aspect separated. Oneness is to embrace one world, to breathe one breath, to see your family in the global family of humanity and to feel the intimate interconnection between all life forms, as part of your very self.

Peace is the yin/yang that is in constant movement, oscillating between the dark and the light energies clashing it up to expand into new ways of seeing. It is ultimately ‘balance’ as life moves towards equilibrium or homeostasis some call zero point.  Peace moves us back to balance or the ‘middle’ which is why conflict resolution is about resolving confusion by creating a space to rebalance judgement with truth, to listen to hear and to meet in the middle.  There is no enemy only unquestioned thinking that projects what is not owned within onto others, so when we hurt others we hurt ourselves, when we bring peace it naturally returns as the dove lands in the palms of your hands.

Enjoyment is to know you found peace as you feel a joy that is indescribable. To en-joy is to realise joy comes from within it is not about fleeting external pleasures.  Joy is the connection to All That Is and is the reason we are alive. 

Service is the summation of universal values like the white light emerging from the colour prism.  Service is when you naturally give without expectation of return.  It is the proverbial growing up to know that as you give life responds.  Service may turn up in a way you hadn’t expected but always life is abundant, there is no loss, only the loss of not knowing the richness, the generosity of Service when it is unconditional and serving life as itself. There is no separation in truth.  What you do to another you do to the self.  What you think about you bring about.  What you resist persists what you look at disappears.  Life is the mirror reflecting aspects of yourself back to you. 

REAL HOPES is the World Peace blueprint. It is the future of humanity evolving out of what is true, what feels good and in harmony (or atunement) with our true nature. Peace is our true nature.  This is what re-calibrates humanity to the rhythm of natural earth systems, which in turn, always seek to rebalance, interconnect, redistribute, share – withholding nothing from the WHOLE, as the microcosm is the macrocosm in this dynamic eco-system called life. It is synergistic cooperation loving what is.

My book ‘A Fool for Peace’ is about my journey which starts with REAL HOPES and finishes with Awakening the Fool to REAL HOPES for a World Peace Full.  For there is nothing more beautiful than to be a Peace Fool or a Fool for Peace. 

Enjoy the journey…. home.

A Fool for Peace

Awake to Oneness Blog Talk Radio with Caroline Chang

MP Paul Fletcher States 5G Unlikely Threat

In the public interest.

Paul Fletcher is a former IT lobbyist, he is an expert in the IT industry who is now the Communications Minister.  He was a Chair of Smart Cities and former Social Services Minister.  Refer


5G ‘unlikely’ significant threat to NBN business, privatisation talk ‘premature’: Minister Featured


By Peter Dinham

Paul Fletcher Minister for CommunicationsPaul Fletcher Minister for Communications

The Australian Government Minister responsible for delivery of the National Broadband Network says the introduction of 5G services in Australia is unlikely to pose a significant threat to the NBN business plan – and has swept aside ’premature’ talk about privatisation of the network.

Commenting on NBN Co’s release of its corporate white paper on Tuesday, the Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher said the NBN business plan assumes about 75% of households will take up the NBN “so there’s already an assumption that some households will not take up the NBN for a range of reasons and that can potentially include 5G”.

And in answer to media questions he said it was “premature” to be talking about the privatisation of NBN – and asked how many more households he was expecting to sign up to the NBN under the new pricing, the Minister said we believe there is about 500,000 budget conscious households within the existing NBN footprint who right now are not taking the NBN because they don’t think it represents value for money for what they want to do”.

“If we can have more retail service providers offering a $60 a month retail priced plan with no monthly data download limit, we think that here’s a prospect of getting some of those 500,000 households to come onto the NBN.

“I’ll leave it to NBN and the retail service providers to make the precise predictions but it stands to reason that if you’ve got more attractive pricing with that unlimited data, no monthly data download limit, if we can have more retailers in the market offering that plan, I think we’ve got a good chance of getting some of those people to come across to the NBN.”

The Minister said that when the previous Labor government established the NBN and legislated the arrangements in relation to it, “they set out in the legislation a series of steps that need to occur before NBN can be privatised.”

And, while acknowledging that 5G is a “very significant development” in mobile telecommunications, the Minister said, however, that it is unlikely to present a significant threat to the NBN business plan.

“It’s important to understand the amount of data that households are consuming is going up very dramatically. In June this year on the NBN, the average user downloaded 255GB a month,” Minister Fletcher said.

“Just nine years ago on fixed line networks that number was 11GB a month. We’ve gone from 11 to 255 a month.

“With that continued growth in data demand, a fixed line network like the NBN is always going to have an advantage in delivering efficient and economic prices at a proposition that is attractive to customers.

“That capacity to download huge amounts of data people are already consuming and they’ll likely increase,” the Minister concluded.



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Peter Dinham

Peter Dinham

Peter Dinham is a co-founder of iTWire and a 35-year veteran journalist and corporate communications consultant. He has worked as a journalist in all forms of media – newspapers/magazines, radio, television, press agency and now, online – including with the Canberra Times, The Examiner (Tasmania), the ABC and AAP-Reuters. As a freelance journalist he also had articles published in Australian and overseas magazines. He worked in the corporate communications/public relations sector, in-house with an airline, and as a senior executive in Australia of the world’s largest communications consultancy, Burson-Marsteller. He also ran his own communications consultancy and was a co-founder in Australia of the global photographic agency, the Image Bank (now Getty Images).


Former FCC Tom Wheeler Advocating for 5G

The previous blog shows evidence from Scientists that there are health effects caused by 5G and increases the chance of cancer with longer term exposure.  Tom Wheeler the FCC Chair at the time was a former industry lobbyist.

Former FCC Chair Tom Wheeler Advocating for 5G Broadband Wireless

5G Adversely Affects Health and Possible Carcinogen

In the public interest.  5G is not safe and requires further testing.

I note statements being made in the media today, that RT (Russian media) is spreading propaganda about 5G.  This is not true, there are others in the global community who concur about the health impacts of 5G.  Experts in Canada indicate there is no evidence the 5G technology is safe.  There is evidence of the health effects and that it is a potential Carcinogen.

So what is the truth about 5G?

The telecom industry have not indicated that these are new technologies that have not been tested.  Refer Tom Wheeler in the next blog.  I will post APaul Fletcher (Communication Minister’s) in Australia’s statement about 5G.

The Wireless Technology Symposium in Toronto, Canada forum on Wireless Technology with a focus on 5G.

Dr. Magda Havas at the Wireless Technology Symposium in Toronto, Canada on May 31, 2019. These are her comments, the video is below article on 5G.


Brief notes from the video (below).

  • Local planning authorities and the public have no say.
  • Advertising about 5G new frequency never tested for long term biological and health affects
  • Used in airport scanners and US military – crowd control.  
  • High intensities cause intense heat and pain
  • Sweat glands act like mini antennae
  • lower frequencies damage to eyes, loss of insect populations (declining), anti-biotic and bacteria, physiological affects on the immune and nervous system
  • microwave levels trillions of times higher then they were 50 years ago
  • radiate 24 hours a day, constant exposure
  • cell phones,tables, wifi, video games, smart meters, smart appliances etc.
  • electromagnetic sensitivity (pollution)
  • Dr Bray’s Environmental Health Clinic as many as 1 million people are sensitive, likely to increase with exposure
  • Major symptoms – insomnia, chronic fatigue, mood disorders, poor short term memory, difficulty concentrating, depression, heart palpatations (interpreted as anxiety).  Symptoms:  skin problems, nose bleeds, elevated blood sugar, extreme cases loss of conscientious, 
  • Microwave frequencies shown in scientific studies contribute to cancer and damage sperm.
  • Scientists and medical doctors across US and UK requesting delayed deployment until testing conducted on long term biological effects of 5G technology.
  • Scientific debate about health effects of microwave over.  Microwave radiation levels exposure adversely affecting human health of that there is no doubt.  
  • Current debate can we afford the health costs that will occur with roll out of 5G
  • Federal government failed to protect us from rising levels of microwaves, downloading financial fallout onto the provinces to pay for health costs.
  • Adopt Precautionary Approach to 5G until we better understand the consequences of this technology.

Dr. Miller (2011 WHO, International Agency for Research on Cancer, classified radio frequency radiation that the blanket name signal (cellphones, wifi, towers) class 2B possible carcinogen  

  • Evidence available state wireless radiation may give you cancer
  • Anthony Miller reviewed evidence
  • National Health Scientist for Canadian Government
  • Medal of Honour for research on cancer
  • (Miller) Associated International Agency for research on cancer recommended the WHO list all radio frequency radiation, radiation that powers cellphones, wifi as possible carcinogen, 2B, list of possible carcinogens includes lead and DDT (2011)
  • Classification based on epidemiology 
  • Human and animal.  Human new analysis – Interphone, updated analysis studies in Sweden.  Sweden first countries to introduce cell phones, demonstrated the longer exposure the greater the risk
  • Learned that we should not allow companies to introduce new chemicals without first being tested for carcinogenicity. Same for radiation.
  • Two studies in last 10 years reported last year 1) national toxicology program in the United States (animal) Ramazzini institute in Italy – prolonged exposure increases the risk to cancer.  Cancer similar to cancer in humans. Radiation increases damage to DNA, then risk of cancer increases substantially.
  • Prevent introduction of 5G

Doctors, Experts Call for Delaying Deployment of 5G Due to Health Risks

Posted on June 27 2019

Doctors, Experts Call for Delaying Deployment of 5G Due to Health Risks


TORONTO, Canada—Although 5G, or fifth generation wireless technology, promises faster download speeds and conveniences that most of us have never dreamed of, we’ll also be blanketed with a new type of radiation called “millimeter waves,” according to health experts who warn of the rising risks associated with the rollout of 5G.

At the Wireless Technology Symposium in Toronto on May 31, experts discussed evidence of adverse health effects from 5G technology and answered questions from the audience.

“It’s not been made clear to the public that 5G won’t just be another number and a letter on your cell phone,” said Frank Clegg, former president of Microsoft Canada. “It requires an entirely new infrastructure of thousands of small cellular antennas to be erected throughout the cities where it’s going to be installed.”

What would 5G infrastructure look like? Small cell antennas could be placed as close as every third utility pole.

Dr. Anthony Miller
Dr. Anthony Miller, professor emeritus of the University of Toronto and advisor to the World Health Organization at the Wireless Technology Symposium in Toronto, Canada on May 31, 2019. (Courtesy of Queen’s Park Gallery)

Scientists from 42 countries are warning their governments about the emerging health problems associated with wireless radiation, and Canadian doctors and scientists have added their concerns.

“The most prevalent symptoms include headache, fatigue, decreased ability to concentrate, tinnitus, irritability and insomnia,” said Dr. Riina Bray, an environmental health consultant. “Impacts on the heart and nervous system are also of concern.”

Bray has been working at the Provincial Environmental Health Clinic for 15 years, and she’s seen the number of people suffering adverse effects from electromagnetic exposure rising.

“We predict that the number of people who develop the symptoms I just mentioned will rise in the places where 5G is first installed,” said Bray.


NEXT. 5G wireless technology is on the way. But some doctors are warning of its potential health risks. They want the province to act. We’ll talk to one of those doctors, coming up next. Riina Bray is our guest at 6:48. #ldnont More here: 


Professor and researcher Dr. Magda Havas is internationally recognized for her studies on the biological effects of electromagnetic pollution. She said that at high intensities these waves cause intense heat and pain because sweat glands on the surface of our skin act like mini antennas.

“At lower intensities, scientists are predicting damage to eyes, loss of insect populations which are already declining, antibiotic resistance in bacteria, and physiological effects on the nervous system and the immune system,” said Havas.

Dr. Magda Havas on 5G
Dr. Magda Havas at the Wireless Technology Symposium in Toronto, Canada on May 31, 2019. (Courtesy of Queen’s Park Gallery)

Radiation from radio frequencies is classed in the same category of carcinogens as lead.

Dr. Anthony Miller, an advisor to the World Health Organization said there’s now enough evidence that if they were to re-evaluate radiofrequency (RF) radiation, it would be labeled as carcinogenic to humans.

“Governments could not possibly ignore that,” said Miller.

Some say the scientific debate about the health effects of RF radiation is over. But the question remains: Can we afford to take this risk?

Medical doctors are requesting delayed 5G deployment until testing can be conducted on the long-term biological effects of the technology.




Jane Goodall’s 4 Issues to Solve Climate Change

In the public interest.


By Jane Goodall
September 12, 2019
Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, is the founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and a United Nations Messenger of Peace.
Harry Campbell for TIME

I’ve stood with Inuit elders by a great ice cliff in Greenland as water cascaded down and icebergs calved. It never used to melt, the elders told me. I’ve witnessed the shrinking of a Mount Kilimanjaro glacier. I’ve watched wildfires rage in Africa and in California. And I’ve seen the carcasses of animals who have died in droughts.

As I travel around the globe, people tell me how the weather patterns have been disrupted and the worst kind of hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones are getting more destructive and more frequent. It is because we are polluting and destroying the environment by using natural resources in an unsustainable way.

When I started my research in Gombe, Tanzania, in 1960, it was part of the forest belt that stretched across Africa. In 1990, I looked down from a small plane on an island of forest surrounded by completely bare hills. More people were living there than the land could support, so trees had been cleared to grow food or make charcoal.

In order to slow down climate change, we must solve four seemingly unsolvable problems. We must eliminate poverty. We must change the unsustainable lifestyles of so many of us. We must abolish corruption. And we must think about our growing human population. There are 7.7 billion of us today, and by 2050, the UN predicts there will be 9.7 billion. It is no wonder people have despaired. But I believe we have a window of time to have an impact. Here’s why I’m still optimistic. 

The Resilience of Nature

Habitats and species on the brink of extinction can recover if given a chance. When I realized the plight of the people living around Gombe, the Jane Goodall Institute started a program called Tacare to help them find ways to make a livelihood that did not involve devastating the environment. As they realized that protecting forests is good not only for wildlife but also for their own future, they became our partners in conservation. Today we have Tacare in six other African countries, and the hills in Gombe aren’t bare anymore.

The Human Brain

How is it possible that the most intellectual creature ever to walk the earth is destroying its only home? There has been a disconnect between our clever brains and our hearts. We do not ask how our decisions will help future generations, but how they will help us now, how they will help our shareholders, etc. Yet every day we are also inventing technology that enables us to live in greater harmony with the natural world (clean energy, for example). Those same communities around Gombe are using smartphones and satellite imagery to monitor their forests and set aside village land for regeneration.

Danish people try out bicycles being set up to produce electricity in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Danish people try out bicycles being set up to produce electricity in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Anja Niedringhaus—AP

Social Media

These networks have enabled us to connect on issues in a way never before possible. It was the People’s Climate March in New York in 2014 that showed me this in real time. People posted and told others to join them, and what was supposed to be a march of 100,000 turned into one of 400,000.

The Power of Young People

I started Roots & Shoots—a program in which kindergartners and university students alike choose projects to make the world a better place for animals, people and the ­environment—in 1991 when I realized how many had lost hope. It exists now in more than 50 countries, and many participants are working on climate-change-related issues.

If we all get together, we can truly make a difference, but we must act now. The window of time is closing.

This is one article in a series on the state of the planet’s response to climate change. Read the rest of the stories and sign up for One.Five, TIME’s climate change newsletter