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Israeli Defence Force Targeting of Civilians: When Will They Awaken?

I felt inspired to write this article.

The extract below is from an article Scott Ritter (former Weapons Inspector in Iraq).  I met him many years ago as he had written a book Waging Peace. We spent some hours talking about peace. I informed him of REAL HOPES.  

I cannot verify the story but I know that innocent people are targeted by those who do not question their thinking or history as abuse and genocide is normalised in this ‘new normal’ environment we are awakening to.

We repeat the mistakes of the past when we live in the present as if the past exists. It doesn’t. They are stories, unverified yet held as fundamental truths.  I do not act on anything I do not understand or have some semblance of experience and there is no cause for which I will use violence. The harder work is to work on my own negativity and take responsibility. These are ways not taught to people as we still cycle in violence as power.  

We can easily be incited to hate the Jewish people as a natural instinct when we hear of atrocities happening to innocent men, women and children.  Hind’s story was incredibly tragic and I send love to this little girl and her family.  

I recall Pink Floyd’s Roger Walters talking about a friend ringing him from Palestine who lost 11 members of her family including a 2 year old cousin killed by Israeli bombing as they sat in the dark.  He speaks of equal human rights for our brothers and sisters. 

Years ago I was on radio ‘Bridges to Peace’ and interviewed both Israeli’s and Palestinians to try and mediate peace on radio.  I interviewed Israeli peace academics from Haifa University conducting silent vigils and informing other Israeli’s of the injustice and open air prison camp that is Gaza and the West Bank.  I found out there was a wall around the small territory of Palestine that took up 10% of the land mass.  It was evident the new Territories were being built to out populate the ancient people of this area to take over the land and create Zion as directed by Zionists.  The Balfour Declaration that created Israel was ordered by the British Zionist Lional Walter Rothschild directing Arthur Balfour the UK British Foreign Secretary.  This was reflective of ‘he who owns the gold rules the world’. Hence the City of London where all financial control eminated from.  The biblical story of the money lenders is accurate.  Jeshua Ben Joseph chose to turn the tables over as usury (lending) enslaves the people.  This was to cleanse the temple.   Refer

This is all about control and a disconnect from the true humanity that is ONE in a real sense. 

As a peacemaker I was invited to the Hope Flowers school in Bethlehem by an Australian.  Unfortunately his wife was harrassed by Palestinians and the project was cancelled.  The project was to bring Israeli and Palestinian children together to learn REAL HOPES.  This is a peace, nonviolence and antibully program.  Education is the only way out of violence as we begin to question our unquestioned beliefs and step in to the shoes of the other party.  Many hold stories about who they are but when we remove all the stories, we are human and we deserve love and respect no matter the ideology, belief, gender, ‘othering’ that has occurred.  


I am not religious but I see humanity beyond the stories of both sides.  I have befriended Palestinians and Israelis.  I see the problem is the same in every country, compliance of citizens to governments who are clearly compromised. It is evident Benjamin Netanyahu is a 33 degree free mason and part of the bloodlines that rule our world.  The title refers to ‘the devil’ a likely reference to satanic control.  

The most difficult mastery is forgiveness.  Forgiveness ‘let’s go’ of the hatred, the hurt, the pain and the desire for revenge as they do not know what they do in reality.  The other side will say they absolutely know what they do.  However, when this is said what is really being conveyed is that they are at a level of consciousness so steeped in denial, stories and beliefs that enable them to believe what they do is for an objective that furthers Zion.  They will not listen to the other side for fear the edifice collapses under the lies it was built upon.  Baal is the master of deception and uses many levers to reach objectives.  The magician is a common archetype creating a magic trick to fool or deceive the other party into believing the other has real power when it is an illusion. 

In this part of the world the Jewish and Muslim people (semites) lived for 19 centuries in harmony.  This harmony was shattered by the Kazarian mafia.  when we hear terms of anti-semetic I do smile as the Israeli ruling families make it about themselves.  I saw a billboard saying ‘Antisemetism is unAustralian’ I had to smile as those behind the sign were likely feeling no allegience to Australia and did not grow up with the idea of a ‘fair go’.  Yet semites are both Muslim and Jewish peoples so anti semitism is anti both.  

Satanism is anti-life, albeit a ‘death cult’ which worships a power of destruction and conjures its own demons in some spiritual war believing their is an enemy.  There is no future in this belief system as destruction destroys all including those worshipping power.  There is no loyalty, no love, no peace and no ultimate New World Order as when you fight against life, life naturally rebalances and disruptions and imbalance are not selected by nature.  

So the alleged dark side is not so much rebalancing with the light (yin/yang), as a satanist told me recently as they do shadow work.  It is more an extremism not unlike extreme religion on one end of the spectrum and extreme hatred on the other. Both are about control not love. Both are imbalances where love is not understood as the universal sign wave of equilibrium that ensures stability.  Love joins, hate separates and any belief system that promotes division will fall as Gandhi wisely observed.  

All of this arises out of unquestioned beliefs and pain held in a masculine orientation (male or female) that projects inner pain out onto others making them wrong or using history to demonise them in a story to make it right or righteous as they invert harm as ‘good’.  All violence is a call for help. It reflects imbalance and an inability to look at the self and question the inner turmoil (blamed on others).  

The only power is love and love was not created by humans, it is a cosmic frequency that holds life together and can see the good even in what appears evil.   Until we all learn the way of peace this is a race to the bottom as confusion does not know how to exit the energetic nexus.

I send love to the Palestinian people who are a gentle people and have been known to be moderate and suffered unspeakable trials.  They are used as cannon fodder in this war against truth believing the other is the enemy.  Those behind Hamas funded violence as a solution (defence) to  justify ‘extremism’ used against defenceless people.  They are a strong people and they would have profound faith to survive.  

I send love to the Israeli people who want the Israeli government to be removed. They evolved from the kabutz movement which was a peace movement living in harmony with nature. In the technocracy that has replaced the simple life they have been caught in endless cycles of violence, particularly making it mandatory to join the ADF. This makes them complicit in a crime against humanity.  They have to say no to violence and not participate. 

All know An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.  

This YouTube video with journalist Whitney Webb provides a deeper insight into the complexity behind this topic.  Cruelty is cruelty and the use of AI and SMART technology coupled with defence tech companies and intelligence agencies making money out of human suffering to maximise their need and greed not common human betterment.  

We are all cannon fodder seen by mindsets who see objects and things not the highest value of humanity which has no price.  

Is Climate Change Geoengineering (weather warfare) caused by Shadow Governments?

We are witnessing a resurgence of climate change events. The public are unaware that climate engineering has been taking place since the 1970s.

This becomes the argument for restrictions using biosecurity act and Smart Cities whereby authorities state we must remain in cities as it is unsafe outside cities.

Toxic geoengineering is reducing the resilience of forests, animals, microbes in nature causing conditions for sickness and undermining life support systems and the planet’s ability to bounce back.

I’ve had the experience of geoengineering over the place I was living in NSW when researching Covid-19. I actually saw a surveillance small plane and when I saw the pilot at 100 feet then the plane turned sharply. Days later a huge chemtrail was over the house which shocked me. I discovered there was barium, strontium and aluminium in the aerosols in chemtrails. As a peacemaker I am astounded at the attacks on humanity and nature by mindsets that seek control rather than work in unity.

When you investigate beliefs, ideologies and group think narratives for truth, you will either come to clarity or become locked into ideas that serves no-one. At this time ignorance is unwittingly enabling interventions in nature and depopulation via genetic engineering which destroys the natural blueprint of all life.

Similar to SARS-CoV-2 we have scientific gain-of-function genetic recombinants that are weakening permanently the human immune system. Climate change is a scientific intervention that is weakening nature that does to give nature time to adapt and becomes a mass extinction event.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology in April 2024 states the following:

Dale Wiginton is an authoritative figure who has been discussing geoengineering for many years. Dale states the oceans are warming (heat containing) at the rate of 7 Hiroshima bombs per second (heat) which is a conservative estimate. is almost impossible to imagine.

Heat into the oceans. A cubic meter of sea water can contain 4,000 thermal energy of a cubic meter of air.

Methane levels rising exponentially.

We have reached past a tipping point. A mini ice age can occur. Dale Wiginton estimates we have past the point of no return 2 to 3 decades ago. The planet has changed fundamentally. What has been done can’t be undone (like genetic engineering). He speaks of methane related mass extinctions going back 55 million years – equilibrium period takes 10-20 million years. It is exponentially worse. Life support systems are miraculous, beyond understanding, if life is given a chance it finds a way. We must provide that chance. They discuss of the movie the Day after Tomorrow. Ocean currents are shutting down. that result in the movie is not going to happen, there is thermal energy built. Trajectory we are on is Venus syndrome. This could turn the planet into a sister to Venus. It can become a unstoppable event.

Seeing night time lows change twice as fast than day time highs. He asks people to consider this. The atmosphere is trapping more heat than it defects. Build up of heat trapping gases. Methane and nitrous oxide. The science community don’t admit to this. They downplay the severity. Some are making money out of this – Al Gore, John Carey’s, Greenpeace – he argues are hypocrisy. He compares this to wars. Making money off wars. Disaster Capitalism will try and profit as the ship goes down. That is what they are doing.

We are on a grim trajectory it has to be changed. We have conifer forests here. Those who enjoyed the aroma of trees emitting o2 and Co2 that is not happening. Climate engineering is destroying ozone and changing atmospheric chemistry, desecrating lower humidity. In Northern California there is zero forest smell. Trees have stopped the stomata the respiratory ports, not breathing expelling oxygen or expelling C02. In US not seeing true blue skies. Some hazy bluish thing. If you look at the horizon looking through particulate layer…. people looking at iPhones not looking up.

He speaks of nuclear and biological warfare, breathing particulate matter is behind cumulus cloud is a dirty white. The degree of altering planetary life support, threat cannot be overstated. The threat of Nuclear cataclysm (weather warfare, biological). Because climate engineering destroying protective levels of atmosphere vulnerable to CME coronal mass ejection (solar flare), if we have a major event like Carrington event (1800s) that will shut down grids. Nuclear plants can’t cool themselves (100’s). Ionising radiation will strip what’s left of the earth’s atmosphere and we have a lifeless rock.

The leaders have no idea how to create a safe climate as the contribute to the very disruptions that are harming life (anti life) rather than life supporting. It is self destructive projected from those unconscious to the harm they cause and ideologies that identify with.

Dale speaks of unity and freedom. We are all facing authoritarian control system. Freedom doesn’t mean do what you want it is the responsibility to do the right things with that freedom. To give the planet time to heal itself. How do we unite the Tic Tok kids who use gadgets that are polluting the earth. They do not realise they are part of the problem. Bring the conservatives who are hesitant to look at their own behaviour. Complete honesty. What do we need to do and stop doing immediately.

This video is a reality check for everyONE. The boat is sinking for all if we do nothing. We face a common threat when space ship earth fails we are done. He includes the green camps, he sees them as hypocritical.

Why are we here what are we going to do in the time we are here? Any one of us could be the last pebble to trigger the landslide of awakening. If we can do that collectively, expose the epitome of human insanity which is to use the earth’s life support systems and use them as a weapon and explose that would cause a shock wave around the world and take a quantum leap in the right direction.

This video is a CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp exposing the Shadow Government that is causing corruption and ecological damage.

Johan Galtung a Pioneer of Peace Research

Peace is a word many use but have no depth understanding of. War is not possible when peace is present in the heart and mind. Until this becomes a number 1 priority we will watch the demise of human civilisation unable to make peace with the self. I am very clear about the confusion in those making decisions and with the ability to bankroll ideologies that do not advance our world into a place where we can coexist and live in peace together. There are those that speak of utopia, but this is not the removal of all adversaries or so-called enemies, it is the opposite. It means when you make peace with what you perceive as ‘the enemy’ or those ones challenging your vision of the world. Know thyself is the theme of this time. Until you do you will cycle in attracting more and more conflict as you are not at peace. So I send peace to those believing order out of chaos is the answer. It is your very chaos that will never be resolved by order. It can only be resolved by self knowledge. You have to look at you not the other to realise peace. All wars start from within.

Johan Galtung I learned about when I studied Peace Studies at La Trobe University. Conflict resolution is to learn how to listen deeply to others, to find middle ground and resolve conflicts on all sides. This has at its base fairness. For until you can learn to live together with the inherent diversity and belief systems, you cannot achieve the goal of utopia. It cannot be a forced peace, a perceptions management of peace, it has to be actual peace within you as the universe is interconnected on levels unimaginable to human beings. Nature is itself awareness. So peace has to be the real deal if you are to fulfil the dreams in the future.

Note: Black Lives Matter has been an intelligence operation it was not a real movement. The problem for peacemakers is that the approach to peace can be inverted by those who stir or create movements like Extinction Rebellion in order to create the chaos. The public are largely peaceful but conflict can be used to gain funding for intelligence agencies, police and others or to enforce control via restrictions, ID checks, framing those upset as ‘fixated’ and ‘alone’ if they repeatedly contact authorities rather than resolve their pain. Non violence is not just a word that says not violence. It is a state of being that has no desire to be violent towards another. This is because the one non-violent has resolved inner conflict and has learned to be fearless without weapons. This is a state of being whereby ‘you are me’. So as I hurt you I become hurt. This is a universal lore, some may call it karma, whatever the energy response nature responds equally as all are ONE. These ideas can be hard for the public to process as clearly there is a you and a me. Yet spiritually we are all connected. We know this as when someone thinks to call you, you pick up the phone and call them. They say I was just thinking of you. So energetically we all connect. So one must be mindful of what message we send mentally or via our emotions to others as this is sent out energetically. To learn to resolve all conflict is the key to peace as you start to realise the one seeing with anger and violence, has not resolved the fear driving thoughts of the ‘other’. We learn that it is all about changing ourselves and questioning for truth why we think or feel this way and is it true? To Know Thyself is The Way to real peace.

Remembering Johan Galtung: A pioneer in peace research A visionary
thinker and dedicated peace activist, Galtung has left an indelible mark on our understanding of conflict resolution.
– By Rajdeep Pathak*( 24 October 1930 – 17 February 2024 )

The world of peace research and conflict resolution mourns the loss of one of its most influential figures, Johan Galtung, who passed away on February 17, 2024. Johan Galtung, born in Oslo, Norway, in 1930, was not just a visionary thinker but also a prolific writer and dedicated peace activist whose legacy continues to reverberate within the field today. Growing up amidst the turmoil of World War II, Galtung’s experiences deeply influenced his worldview and spurred his lifelong dedication to understanding and resolving conflicts. He devoted his career to exploring innovative approaches to peacebuilding, drawing from diverse disciplines such as sociology, psychology, political science, and economics. Galtung’s pivotal contributions to peace research led to the establishment of the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo (PRIO) in 1959. PRIO served as a pioneering interdisciplinary hub, fostering collaborative research endeavours aimed at comprehensively understanding conflict origins and developing effective strategies for conflict resolution and peacebuilding.

His leadership at PRIO facilitated the exchange of methodologies and ideas among scholars globally, nurturing a vibrant intellectual community dedicated to advancing peace. Initiatives like the Transcend Network for Peace, Development, and Environment exemplified Galtung’s commitment to fostering dialogue and cooperation among scholars, policymakers, and grassroots activists worldwide.

Throughout history, leaders and activists have emphasised the transformative power of collaborative efforts in promoting peace and non-violence. Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolent resistance mobilised millions during India’s independence movement, showcasing the potential for collective action to bring about profound social and political change. Similarly, Nelson Mandela’s emphasis on reconciliation and collaboration across racial divides in South Africa led to initiatives like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, aimed at healing past wounds through dialogue and understanding. Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s advocacy for the African philosophy of Ubuntu further emphasised the importance of recognising our shared humanity in promoting peace and justice.More recently, figures like Malala Yousafzai have championed education as a tool for peace, inspiring a global movement to ensure every child’s right to education and opportunity.

One of Galtung’s enduring contributions is his concept of “structural violence,” which highlights the underlying structural causes of violence such as poverty, inequality, and discrimination embedded within societal structures. This concept remains relevant today, as issues like racism and global economic disparities continue to fuel conflicts worldwide.

Galtung’s advocacy for non-violent conflict resolution continues to inspire peacebuilders and activists worldwide. His emphasis on dialogue, empathy, and cooperation offers practical tools for building sustainable
peace in today’s conflicted world.

Contemporary movements for social justice and human rights, such as Black Lives Matter, draw inspiration from Galtung’s ideas about the power of non-violent resistance and grassroots mobilisation to challenge systemic injustice. In reflecting on Galtung’s legacy, we must draw upon his teachings to develop innovative approaches that promote peace, justice, and human dignity for all.His profound impact on education and social transformation persists beyond his passing, serving as a guiding light for future endeavours in the pursuit of a more peaceful and just world. As Galtung himself said, “Peace is not a fixed state, but a process that requires constant attention and effort.” It is up to each of us to contribute to this ongoing work.

Australian Journalist John Pilger dies He was a Fool for Peace

I was saddened to find out about John Pilger today after watching one of his videos. I met him many years ago and wanted to interview him myself he agreed and then unfortunately cancelled due to commitments.

What I loved about John Pilger was his courage. He did indeed speak truth to power and I am sure he was hated in many circles. No-one is popular who speaks the truth as those committing crimes fear exposure. He reminds the world of the human rights of the poorest people and fearlessly interviewed to reveal the truth that the mainstream media was too controlled to cover.

I appreciated that he stood by Julian Assange as many have abandoned courage in journalism and exposing truth.

He died on 30 December 2023, aged 84. The same age as my mother. She died 13 January, 2023, and also believed in speaking the truth to power.

Aljazeera pays tribute:

A few of his videos below.

I send love to his family and all those who supported him in independent journalism. May his dream of a world at peace be realised.

The interests of the individual to be sacrificed to the state – Is this how we Advance Australia Fair?

I was trained in economics and we were taught about the proletariat (working class) and bourgeois (elite) and many have been killed through history due to the false mobilisation of people on the basis of the disadvantaged poor. I, today understand the social biases to homelessness, given I am in that position. I am acutely familiar with exclusion on the basis of status. I have felt the prejudice in my own family. Nonetheless what I have learned is that until the individual understands themselves (to thine own self be true) they can not move forward to change anything. It is definitely not the truth that the individual should be sacrificed (self determination, human rights, choice) to the State which is fundamentally run by those self interested who do not have the capacity to know how to resolve the structural violence that economic/capitalist/socialist systems have created. We are not sufficiently mature enough to really be able to self reflect on where our judgements are simply the repeated utterances of others not tuning into our own inner truth or conscience that knows what we are doing is wrong. We are all connected and what we do to others returns to the self. A crime does not become ‘just’ by repeating the crime as `the ‘right thing to do’ rather than a personal examination of why we think harming another is justified if we know all are intimately linked.

The greatest power in truth is: no power. That I have seen clearly. What is no power? Zero point. This is the very stillness that arises potential.

Those lusting after power or as I humoursly say ‘money for nothing and your chicks for free’ have never known true power.