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Buckminster Fuller – Think Outside of the Box

Buckminster fuller was a brilliant innovator, inventor and creator. He challenges us to think differently for the benefit of humanity. He was affectionately known as Bucky.

He had lived in poverty himself and it was due to this experience that he created the Geodesic Dome.Thinkers out of the box challenge others who typically don’t like it. Those who see differently typically don’t fit in, buck the system yet open to possibilities. Intelligence comes in a range of forms, it typically won’t turn up with degrees or long c.v.’s.

Perhaps when we learn to embrace challenges we will solve our problems.

Dream of a better planet.

Buckminster Fuller Dymaxion Car, House and Geodesic Dome

Illuminating the One in the Resolution of Conflict

This video explores the illumination of humanity. The video demonstrates a ancient Mayan perspective where disputes are being resolved through wisdom, enlightenment, empowerment and moving from shadow to light.

We are not resolving conflict in our world, we are still utilising force to get what we want. Illumination is expanded awareness that emanates from within. We all have the ONE within us when we become still and hold an intention for truth and peace.

Peace is not idealism, it is who we are when we are open to the light of higher consciousness.

Simulated Training of Child Shooters

Note the links on the video to evidence about the link between violent images/video games and the normalisation of violence and ultimately violence depending on a range of circumstances.

My peace education work REAL HOPE peace, nonviolence and anti bullying program is a way to help kids become aware. If they were to learn values then play I am sure it would give the children the power to be aware and choose.

The mother of the shooter at Columbine High School speaks about her perspective on violence and suicide.