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Targeting the ‘Other’ is to Target Yourself

As night follows day you cannot bear false witness.

I awaken to this Brave New World that has no respect for our true nature that attempts to shape change us into something we are not.  I consider the nature of targeting and bullying. I smile at the OHS protocols of anti-bullying.  I smile at the Parliamentary rhetoric of sexual harassment.  The business projection of ethics and mission statements.  I see a world that has so lost its way.

I see the focus on money as security when it is not real.

I see the focus on career as status when it is not real.

I see the cyber reality projecting perceptions not reality and know it is not real.

I see people believing other people’s thoughts as true when it is not real.

That then leads me to what is real?


I love you.  Even those targeting me now.  Interfering with my phone, internet, removing what they believe is the ‘enemy’ when even that is not true.

The only enemy is the denial that refuses to be examined in the light of higher understanding.

The denial that pretends spirituality when it is really about needs fulfilment.

The denial that is unable to look inside as it is painful to face truth and have to change.

Instead many want to change the world in their image.

I am here to gently say to you…

It is not possible. Be the change you want to see.  For as you see that becomes the world.

I see a world awakening.

I see a world questioning.

I see a world that day by day no longer believes in what they thought was real.

This is happening organically.

This is happening immediately.

For as the 100 monkey evokes a sudden shift.

2023 will awaken the fool to him or herself.

When you target another…

You target yourself.

As you and another are ONE.

Life will simply mirror your choices.

That is the natural justice emerging at this time.

On time.

As there are no mistakes in the universe.

I send love to you, to love yourself.

Until you do you will seek to control what is uncontrollable.

For life is responding not controlling.

Life is the mirror and the mask.

Life is the alpha and the omega.

Life is who you really are when you stop thinking.

Beyond space and time you do not exist.

You cannot force existence of the ego.

For it is the masks that conceals the truth of you.

And you are beyond the physical.

You are all of it.

At some point of time.

You will know what you can’t know now.

You are love itself re-membering.

That is the reset,

We are resetting to zero point,


How do you control no thing?

That my friend is a mission impossible.

Judy Carew-Friend Died to Live in Peace on 13 January 2023

My mother died as I held her hand and watched her leave the earthly plane. She appeared tired to me and sad. She was released from her struggle. 

She died 13 January 2023 at 10.44pm.  She was at Carey Gardens Nursing Home run by Baptistcare.  For her, she had been through a nightmare which ended this night.

She and I had a long journey together.  My mother both challenged me and inspired me.  I chose to focus on the ‘good’ not dwell on what hurt.  The latter I transformed in myself as that is my responsibility not hers.  

My mother was my best friend and teacher.  She was the symbol of the strong feminine who was born to be who she is without fear or favour.  This independent streak runs through our family.  Both my parents were strong people.  They both were independent. That is the Australian spirit.  

It is in the struggle of life, met with love, that we develop inner strength. You earn it, it is not a given and not the same as power.  The weakness is in fighting but through the challenges we all get to choose – Am I love or Fear? 

I chose love and an intention for truth.  In the end the love I felt was so strong that I would not leave her.  There was no emptiness in me.

I pledged many years ago I wanted to be with her at her death.  This higher power arranged it without a doubt.  A gift was given to me and resolution was the gift freeing me to be myself and step in the direction of peace.  

This poem was written early this morning 18 January 2023.  

I feel my mother constantly with me.  I have not felt loss. I felt no grief as there was nothing to resolve. I was there because I truly cared. It was not a duty of care. I came to comfort my mother as best I could. I found a song in mum’s things.  It resonated for me. It is sung by Bette Midler (see below). 

 My mother Judy-Carew Friend Died to Live in Peace

Life is not a beginning or ending,
Life cannot be taken or given,
Life is the continuous breath breathing life into all things,
It is the life essence that is indissoluble,
As Heaven was always on Earth.
When I sat with you dying,
I would never leave your side,
For love is the sacred space that joins
and never separates,
To hold your hand,
Is to understand your plight,
As inner sight forgave all errors,
To realise God makes no mistakes,
And all leave this mortal coil,
To lift above the turmoil,

On time,
Beyond time
and Space.

You made a sound to announce your urgent departure,
You knew this was the time to go Home,
I came to ensure you were not alone,
As love filled the empty space,
I watched you relinquish this painful life,
Let go of the material as immaterial,
Calling you as ‘freedom’ beckons,
The trumpets were sounded,
As I witnessed your last breath,
I felt your heart stop,
I called ‘mum’ ‘mum’ ‘mum’,
And looked up,
As you looked down,
Freedom heralded you from earthly chains,

...I realised there was no death,
There was no separation,
There was no grief,

For how can I grieve freedom from fear?
How can I grieve freedom from pain?
How can I grieve freedom from tyranny?
How can I grieve loss?

When through you I was found,
Without a sound,
We both transitioned.

I petition the world to resolve all conflict,
All grief is all conflict unresolved,
As we project blame without responsibility.
I came to peace as I kept forgiving,
I kept loving myself,
I kept giving to myself,
As need from others is greed,
And giving is the seed of good-will,
Gods will re-members,
No-one can give me,
What I deny myself in fear.

Wisdom is the kernel,
That needs no army,
Truth is the arrow,
That leaves no mark,
Freedom is the essence,
That is boundless and free,
And there is no power in the universe,
that can reverse the spin,
For nature is in order,
And chaos does not exist,
Save our own confusion,
Believing control is order is folly,
When order is never in doubt,
Life unfolds exactly as a sacred geometry,
For the blueprint of this magnificent life,

The self.

As strength is an equalateral triangle,
Equal on all sides,
As all ledgers balance in The End,
All inconsistencies find consistency in natural rhythm,
As song lines rebalance energy grids,
The sum of the parts is the whole,
Homeostasis returns to zero point,
And earth changes shake out the disruptions,
As higher octaves flood the earth plane,

For clarion calls cannot be muffled or silenced,
Natural justice arises in higher courts from higher lore’s,
Star chambers become hyperbolic oxygen chambers,
Oxygenating all wounds,
For what we send out to the world,
Returns to sender,
Karma rebalances,
Injustice discovers the justice in the peace,

For when you are not at peace you are at war,
When you are at war,
Life becomes us versus them,
And on this battlefield there are no winners,
As you cannot fight for peace,
When peace will not lift a finger to fight imbalance,
As the war is against yourself in denial of your true nature,
As enemies are the scapegoats when deception wears the Emperors clothes,
Do the clothes maketh the man?
This emperor has no clothes when all is seen.

Self deception was the real enemy in this Game of Thrones,
For there is no higher,
There is no lower,
There is only myself reflecting truth or untruth,
Clear seeing or confusion,
As truth is the straight arrow that sets you free,
It is to tell the truth to yourself,
The whole truth and nothing but the truth,

Then life becomes clear,
Delusions evaporate before the rising sun,
What was not visible is seen in the light of a sun God,

Tears flow to remove what was unhealed or blocked,
Toxins are purified,
Dis-ease is eased,

As we cleanse away the barnacles that hold freedom back,
For like the silk worm we emerge from the cocoon,
As the butterfly of freedom takes flight,
Gaining higher perspectives,
Life is no longer a tourniquet but infinite possibility,
As those bound are unbounded and released,
For this is the universe I encountered silently,
This very night,
As I release your kite.

I said to her as she left:

I love you mum forever. xxxxx

This is the song I felt inspired to include at her ‘celebration’

Were Australian SAS Criminalised for Future Oppression of Australian’s

Last night I had a quick look at Four Corners investigating East Timorese abuses including sexual assault.  I contemplated the training up of our troops to be later deployed against Australians deemed as ‘non-compliant’ in a future Republic.  I contemplated the refugee camps as training grounds for internment as was seen in Nazi Germany. 


I feel this rising fascism that believes human rights are an impediment for those in power to do as they want.  Like any abuser they will argue a ‘good’ ie. defence or keeping people smugglers out or use the terrorist card.  Underneath the rhetoric violence does not usher in peace but control via force.

I am contemplating the backward step Australia is making as foreign interests turn this country into a repressive regime rather than an enlightened middle power that could have been a mediator to the world.  Rather than the easy going Australian culture we are becoming impassive to suffering, cruel, low empathy or emotional intelligence as if this is professional soldiering.  It is not.  It is weaponising people to harm others using some ‘good’ and without a backward glance to the carnage left behind as the ‘enemy’ unquestioningly deserves it.  

The ‘enemy’ these days is the public as is clear.

They are you.  What we do to others returns to the self. This is universal law not international law.  Keeping the peace means you must first learn peace in order to understand how to ensure peace.  Looking inward is the first step. So the crimes by SAS soldiers reveal the training of soldiers.  I was told by a Delta force soldier they practiced killing women and children using dummies.  As a woman I find this the same as murder tried in the criminal courts and domestic violence.  To destroy innocence, those who cannot defend themselves positions soldiers as criminals.  

The violent games actually play young boys and fathers to play. So we mind control the young children to have fun killing then we are outraged at crimes.  Why allow children to play games that murder other people for points?  If you want peace, wouldn’t it be wise to teach peace?  All violence is a call for help.  It is the weaker aspect of human nature that has been largely suppressed, particularly in men, who society does not allow to cry or be human.  Now we see women being violent in cartoons to give the green light to attack them, as they are violent.  So many mind games I feel to justify violence, power, control and domination which is at the centre of bullying and all sexual abuse.  I sent a message to Antony Albanese on twitter ‘Know Thyself’ as I feel for the wisdom expanding beyond Solomon.  There were attempts to create preventative war see Men that Stare at Goats.  Yet the real power was always in nonviolence and to Know thyself.  

Here is a pdf of a master – Lao Tzu for soliders of peace to consider:

Another perspective is to use crimes in other countries as means to break down the image of soldiers and national defence.  I feel for two layers – the surface layer of crimes against humanity and the breakdown of national defence.  The latter a strategy to globalise the world into this reset.  Nothing is ever straight forward.

What I do know is the real truth sets all free.

An article to contemplate as we move towards 2023.  I feel truth will be amplified.

No Consent to Iron Mountain Gathering Data in Canberra and Possibilities of Peace as Undesirable

I was surprised to see Iron Mountain on the side of a van leaving the National Library of Australia. This historic library has a long list of benefactors suggesting the national archive is in private hands. Our data is being collected by foreign agents.

They are in Canberra.


MAY 6TH, 2021

The release of the company’s eighth annual Corporate Responsibility (CR) Report includes ambitious new goals focused on making a positive impact

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM), the global leader in innovative storage and information management services, today announced bold, forward-looking corporate responsibility (CR) goals under the long-term strategy of Securing a Sustainable Future as part of its eighth annual CR Report. Securing a Sustainable Future is guided by four defining pillars, Safeguarding Customer Trust, Empowering our People, Protecting our Planet and Strengthening our Communities, through which the company creates innovative solutions in socially responsible ways.

“We’re navigating challenging and uncertain times around the world, and it’s never been more essential for Iron Mountain to live our values and purpose whilst we do our part to create positive change in the world,” said William Meaney, President & CEO, Iron Mountain. “I’m proud of the resilience we’ve shown, the commitment and care we’ve demonstrated for our customers, employees and communities, as well as our collective spirit of innovation and collaboration. I’m optimistic about our future and working to achieve the goals we’ve set that will help guide our culture, actions and investments in the years to come.”

The pillar Safeguarding Customer Trust highlights Iron Mountain’s customer-first focus and goal to be its customers’ most trusted partner for unlocking business value in ways by helping to solve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges. Recent milestones include:

  • For the past eight years, Iron Mountain has been listed on the FTSE4Good Index, a series of benchmark and tradable indexes for ESG investors.
  • In 2021, Iron Mountain ranked #81 on Newsweek’s list of America’s Most Responsible Companies.
  • In 2021, the company also received certified third-party data assurance on its social and environmental data.

Within the Protecting our Planet pillar, Iron Mountain’s commitment to contribute to the fight for a net zero future for the planet, the company outlines its transition to electric vehicles, and its commitment to do its part to decarbonize the world’s electricity supply by setting a goal of powering its facilities with 24/7 clean electricity, working toward zero waste across operations. Key goals include:

  • By 2025, Iron Mountain plans to have all new construction of multi-tenant data center facilities certified to the BREEAM Green Building Standard.
  • By 2025, Iron Mountain has committed to go beyond its current Science-Based Target (25% reduction of absolute GHG emissions from our 2016 baseline) to achieve a reduction of an additional 25% of GHG emissions from Scope 1 & 2 energy sources from its 2019 baseline.
  • Iron Mountain has long-term renewable energy contracts in place to offset 100 percent of our projected global Data Center demand. In addition, by 2025 it will achieve 90 percent renewable electricity corporate wide, which is 15 years ahead of its RE100 commitment.
  • By 2040, Iron Mountain is committing to achieve Net Zero emissions, 10 years ahead of the Paris Climate Accord, and has become a signatory to The Climate Pledge.
  • By 2040, Iron Mountain will use 100% clean electricity, 100 percent of the time in its Data Centers. To accelerate decarbonization of the grid, the company is going beyond its RE100 commitment of 100 percent renewable electricity, using the Google methodology for matching site by site electricity use with local clean power generation every hour, every day to achieve 24/7 clean power.

Empowering Our People emphasizes the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration and diversity, equity and inclusion, where all employees are accepted and included. The company is committed to creating a workplace where everyone can succeed and thrive and where diversity is regarded as the greatest asset for innovation and growth. Progress and goals include:

  • Gender pay parity was achieved within 10 percent in the U.S., Canada, and the UK for all reported leadership roles. By 2023, Iron Mountain intends to expand gender pay parity reporting to cover all global operations, and by 2025 they plan to reduce the gender pay parity gap to 5 percent in all regions where they currently report.
  • At the director and above level, Iron Mountain increased the representation of women by 7 percent in North America and Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) in the U.S. by 10 percent since 2016, achieving its 2020 goals.
  • By 2025, the company has committed to 40 percent representation of women in global leadership, at the director and above level.
  • By 2025, Iron Mountain is committed to 30 percent representation of people who identify as BIPOC within its U.S. leadership at the director and above level.

Through the Strengthening our Communities pillar, Iron Mountain creates social value in the communities in which the company operates through supplier diversity, employee volunteerism and charitable partnerships. Recent accomplishments and goals include:

  • In 2020, Iron Mountain achieved a total diverse-supplier and small-business spend of more than $211 million (a 9% increase over 2019 spend).
  • By 2025, Iron Mountain employees will contribute a total of 100,000 hours of volunteer time to our communities through our Moving Mountains volunteerism program.

As a part of Strengthening our Communities is the Living Legacy Initiative, Iron Mountain has made a charitable commitment to support organizations that creates a link between the public and the preservation of culturally and socially important historical and educational artifacts and assets. Since the Living Legacy Initiative began, Iron Mountain has partnered with 20 organizations, supported more than 30 projects and contributed more than $4,400,000 in grants.

Iron Mountain’s CR report follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Reporting Guidelines, received third-party assurance and includes a response to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. To read the report in its entirety, visit Iron Mountain’s Corporate Responsibility page.

About Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM) is the global leader in innovative storage and information management services, storing and protecting billions of valued assets, including critical business information, highly sensitive data, and cultural and historical artifacts. Founded in 1951 and trusted by more than 225,000 customers worldwide, Iron Mountain helps customers CLIMB HIGHER™ to transform their businesses. Through a range of services including digital transformationdata centerssecure records storageinformation managementsecure destruction, and art storage and logistics, Iron Mountain helps businesses bring light to their dark data, enabling customers to unlock value and intelligence from their stored digital and physical assets at speed and with security, while helping them meet their environmental goals.

To learn more about Iron Mountain,please visit: and follow @IronMountain on Twitter and LinkedIn.

View source version on businesswire.com

Media Relations Contact:
Iron Mountain Global Communications

Investor Relations Contacts:
Greer Aviv
Senior Vice President, Investor Relations
(617) 535-2887

Nathan McCurren
Director, Investor Relations
(617) 535-2997

Source: Iron Mountain Incorporated

Iron Mountain On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace or Blueprint for Tyranny?

Extract: “…If my account seems to give Doe the better of the argument, despite his failure to convince his colleagues, so be it. My participation in this book testifies that I am not neutral. In my opinion, the decision of the Special Study Group to censor its own findings was not merely timid but presumptuous. But the refusal, as of this writing, of the agencies for which the Report was prepared to release it themselves raises broader questions of public policy. Such questions center on the continuing use of self-serve definitions of “security” to avoid possible political embarrassment. It is ironic how often this practice backfires. I should state, for the record, that I do not share the attitudes toward war and peace, life and death, and survival of the species manifested in the Report. Few readers will. In human terms, it is an outrageous document. But it does represent a serious and challenging effort to define an enormous problem. And it explains, or certainly appears to explain, aspects of American policy otherwise incomprehensible by the ordinary standards of common sense. What we may think of these explanations is something else, but it seems to me that we are entitled to know not only what they are but whose they are. By “whose” I don’t mean merely the names of the authors of the Report. Much more important, we have a right to know to what extent their assumptions of social necessity are shared by the decision-makers in our government. Which do they accept and which do they reject? However disturbing the answers, only full and frank discussion offers any conceivable hope of solving the problems raised by the Special Study Group in their Report from Iron Mountain…

The idea of the Special Study, the exact form it would take, was worked out early in ’63…The settlement of the Cuban missile affair had something to do with it, but what helped most to get it moving were the big changes in military spending that were being planned…..Plants being closed, relocations, and so forth. Most of it wasn’t made public until much later…. [no morality] … You have to remember — you’ve read the Report—that what they wanted from us was a different kind of thinking. It was a matter of approach. Herman Kahn calls is “Byzantine”–no agonizing over cultural and religious values. No moral posturing. It’s the kind of thinking that Rand and the Hudson Institure and I.D.A. (Institute for Defense Analysis.) brought into war planning…What they asked up to do, and I think we did it, was to give the same kind of treat- ment to the hypothetical nuclear war…We may have gone further than they expected, but once you establish your premises and your logic you can’t turn back…. Kahn’s books, for example, are misunderstood, at least by laymen. They shock people. But you see, what’s improtant about them is not his conclusions, or his opinions. It’s the method. He has done more than anyone else I can think of to get the general public accustomed to the style of modern military thinking…..Today it’s possible for a columnist to write about “counterforce strategy” and “minimum deterrance” and “credible firststrike capability” with- out having to explain every other word. He can write about war and strategy without getting bogged down in questions or morality…..

It is a truism that objectivity is more often an intention expressed than an attitude achieved, but the intention—conscious, unambiguous, and constantly self-critical — is a precondition to its achievement. We believe it no accident that we were charged to use a “military contingency” model for our study, and we owe a considerable debt to the civilian war planning agencies for their pioneering work in the objective examination of the contingencies of nuclear war. There is no such precedent in the peace studies. Much of the usefulness of even the most elaborate and carefully reasoned programs for economic conversion to peace, for example, has been vitiated by a wishful eagerness to demonstrate that peace is not only possible, but even cheap or easy. One official report is replete with references to the critical role of “dynamic optimism” on economic developments, and goes on to submit, as evidence, that it “would be hard to imagine that the American people would not respond very positively to an agreed and safeguarded program to substitute an internatinal rule of law and order,” etc. Anothe line of argument frequently taken is that disarmament would entail comparatively little disruption of the economy, since it need only be partial; we will deal with this approach later. Yet genuine objectivity in war studies is often critized as inhuman. As Herman Kahn, the writer on strategic studies best known to the general public, put it: “Critics frequently object to the icy rationality of the Hudson Institute, the Rand Corporation, and other such organizations. I’m always tempted to ask in reply, `Would you prefer a warm, human error? Do you feel better with a nice emotional mistake.'” And, as Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara has pointed out, in reference to facing up to the possibility of nuclear war, “Some people are afraid even to look over the edge. But in a thermonuclear war we cannot afford any political acrophobia.” Surely it would be self-evident that this applies equally to the opposite prospect, but so far no one has taken more than a timid glance over the brink of peace.

L.C.L. New York June 1967

Is this the Great Global Reset Planning behind closed doors?