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Julian Assange Freed to Plea Espionage in a unlawful US Base (court) in Guam

I feel deeply sorry for Julian Assange and I dreamed about him and felt sorrow in my dream of his suffering. What he did was inform the public of violations committed by governments. He was not guilty he was coerced and desperate for freedom as his health was deteriorating. I am tired of the dishonesty of those trying to still smear him. He was held in jail for breaching bail in UK governmet opinion for years which clearly means he was a threat to those who do not want their data revealed as they take our date with impunity.

He is a signficant case where he was in a Western country (Westminster system) that did not apply due legal process and held him as a political prisoner for committing no crime. Where was Amnesty?

Yet on the other hand we have governments gathering our data without consent, committing crimes concealed by privacy and non-disclosure. There are arguments the governments are commmitting espionage against their nations. To try and pin this on Julian Assange is a classic case of denial by those who are committing crimes in the public name.

We the people want the violence, the deception, the depopulation and data gathering and infringement of our privacy to stop. It is unlawful and what we learn is those in power are above the law.

His trial in Siapan, Guam is clearly unlawful by a military court when he is not a soldier nor a civilian combatant (non state hostile) which they are trying to state to justify the imprisonment of a journalist. By profiling civilians in a way akin to enemy combatant should be examined by the global community. The Australian Government should not be silent allowing this trial in Siapan. This as it is not a proper court nor unbiased. He is being coerced to admit espionage in exchange for freedom. Bit like Covid injection (no jab no pay) or exclusion if you don’t comply. It shows the US power in this and their desire to ‘make him wrong’ rather than admit their part in persecution and their own crimes and misdeameanors.

This is not a independent neutral court it is a US base.  The US has no right to be trying an innocent person they want extradited to the US where he could get the death penalty for speaking truth to power.

Crimes against humanity by governments (shadow or deep state) is the core issue.

This is an overview of Wikileaks revealing war crimes. Stuart Rees awarded Julian Assange the Sydney Peace Prize. He changed our world for the better.

I have concerns of foreign influence in Australia which influences political decisions. We the people do not have any say and if we seek the truth we can be incarcerated and hidden.

The former CIA agent Susan Lindaeur covered Iraq and United Nations was imprisoned without trial for tripping wires in relation to Iraq and 911 by providing information in accordance with her job and indicted under the Patriot Act on secret trial, secret evidence and that she had no right to know who accused her or the crime. She wasn’t allowed to know the nature of the crime. They denied information on the basis of “classified”. Her information removed ‘plausable deniability’ of those in powerful positions. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as confirmed by Scott Ritter. She said the war in Iraq could have been stopped. She believed in peace and was a patriot. She was jailed for 1 year without charge to silence her. Is this US justice that will try Julian Assange.

She states:

  • truth is ridiculed
  • truth is attacked
  • truth becomes self evident

This is her story as an example of those innocently doing their job being subject to persecution by those who are breaking the law. So what we see is the innocent going to jail and those committing crimes profiling themselves as decent and honest in their decisions. If the founding fathers of the United States saw today what was done in the name of the Bill of Rights they would be horrified. Corruption is a clear issue.

My hope is akin to ancient Egypt where all are equal before the law. Those who have set up whistle-blowers, harmed them or killed them will be held to account. We will not be accepting this in the future as we awaken to crimes using taxpayers money so we can be enslaved as a global community. The truth always arises, no matter perceived power, as their are greater powers directing events, I find the Egyptians wade into this reminding humanity of justice and balance. At this time we are experiencing imbalance on many levels and those purchasing injustice to ensure they are above the law. This will not continue in the future.


Joshua J. Mark

by Joshua J. Mark
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Egyptian law was based on the central cultural value of ma’at (harmony and balance) which was the foundation for the entire civilization. Ma’at was established at the beginning of time by the gods when the earth and universe were formed. According to one version of the story, the god Atum emerged from the swirling waters of chaos to stand on the first dry land, the primordial ben-ben, to begin the act of creation. The force of magic (heka) was with him, personified in the god of magic Heka, and it was this force which gave power to ma’at, the principle which was later personified as the goddess of the same name. Ma’at allowed the universe and life on earth to function as it should – in balance – and heka was the power which sustained ma’at. Egyptologist Richard H. Wilkinson writes:

For the Egyptians, heka or ‘magic’ was a divine force which existed in the universe like ‘power’ or ‘strength’ and which could be personified in the form of the god Heka…his name is thus explained as ‘the first work.’ (110)

Heka’s first “creation” was ma’at, and so the concept of balance and harmony as an essential aspect of life became the most deeply held conviction of Egyptian society from the Early Dynastic Period (c. 3150 – c. 2613 BCE) onwards. Although the personification of Ma’at as a goddess does not appear until the Old Kingdom (c. 2613-2181 BCE), the value she represented – as well as the magic which sustained that balance – seems evident in architecture and carvings of the Predynastic Period in Egypt (c. 6000 – c. 3150 BCE), establishing this value as the core foundation for the society which then developed.

This is the article link:–the-law-in-ancient-egypt/

The ancient gods are awakening humanity to the real magic which sustains balance.

I send love to Julian Assange and his family and the incredible battle his family went through. He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize enduring and surviving this horrific experience when the real threat is those who held him in Belmarsh prison without trial. They are the true criminals here. Life will rebalance and is.

Geoengineering Climate Change and Pathogens?

I do not consent to climate engineering harming myself and the public.

In Gunning NSW, I watched several planes spraying the countryside. I also had the experience of making eye contact with a small plane pilot who flew over the property I was staying at. Days later large chemtrails were sprayed over the farm, so thick that I was shocked. At the time I was working on Covid-19 reports during the lockdowns. I believe I was targeted. The more I saw these chemtrails the harder I worked. I saw them as a sign to not give up.

The LED/tech lights we see can actually detect particulates/nano technology in the atmosphere. Bill Gates sought to dim the sun and is mentioned in this documentary.

The mindsets doing this are disconnected from their humanity. They are not happy people but follow orders as they were told to. They do not research the implications of spraying titanium, barium, strontium and aluminium, heavy metals that cause disease. This is causing cancer, neurological diseases and sickness.

Why would anyone want to poison the earth and the people? What you do to others returns to the self is a universal lore.

Why do LED/tech lights detect particulates/nano technology in the atmosphere? Bill Gates is well documented in his desire to dim the sun (Vitamin D) and is mentioned in this documentary.

The term Conspiracy Theory in its true meaning as following: Conspiracy theory, an attempt to explain harmful or tragic events as the result of the actions of a small powerful group. Such explanations reject the accepted narrative surrounding those events; indeed, the official version may be seen as further proof of the conspiracy. Conspiracy theories increase in prevalence in periods of widespread anxiety, uncertainty, or hardship, as during wars and economic depressions and in the aftermath of natural disasters like tsunamisearthquakes, and pandemics. This fact is evidenced by the profusion of conspiracy theories that emerged in the wake of the September 11 attacks in 2001 and by the more than 2,000 volumes on U.S. Pres. John F. Kennedy’s assassination. This suggests that conspiratorial thinking is driven by a strong human desire to make sense of social forces that are self-relevant, important, and threatening.

Calling people conspiracy theorists only blocks public discussion about what is impacting the public directly. We need to know both sides. Everyone has a right to know when abuses or harms are being caused. Like the Hippocratic Oath, leaders have a responsibility to tell the truth so we can make decisions.

Dane Wiginton invited former CIA officer Kevin Shipp to talk to this issue. Kevin decided the only way forward was to reveal all information to the public.

Space based research into microorganisms in anaerobic condition requires investigation given titanium particles have been found in the earth’s atmosphere with biological life in it.

Anaerobic microbes such as candida (fungus), staphylococcus (bacteria) and others have been taken up into space by NASA to test microbes in zero oxygen conditions. Oxygen is a healer. So genetically modified anaerobic bacteria is very problematic for the expansion of disease as the concern is creating variants that bypass the body’s immune system.

My question is, is this Titanium carrying organisms created by NASA which is a private scientific/industrial organisation profiting from commerical contracts? Could geoengineering be spreading microbes and creating the next pandemic that is now creating anaerobic Multi Resistant Organisms in outer space rather than lab created on earth or both?

It is very concerning given Terrain theory. The best information on Terrain theory which discredited Germ Theory is by Antoine Bechamp. On his deathbed Louis Pasteur said “Bernard was correct. I was wrong. The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (milieu) is everything.”

Bechamp: “The characteristic microbe of a disease might be a symptom instead of a cause.”

Third Element of the Blood:

Is it a symptom of poisoning is the central question. Is the real problem systemic poisoning of the human population.

Pathogens in space:

NASA and vaccinating astronauts: file:///C:/Users/francis/Downloads/2012-10-germs-space-infection-flights.pdf

NASA and Gravitation Effects and Radiobiology of Microbes in Space

Germ Theory v Terrain Theory by Dr Robert O Young:

Multidrug Resistant organisms.

The CIA Controls Google and Ended Privacy

In the public interest.

Kevin Shipp is a former senior CIA officer.

He is a whistle-blower (hero) who has disclosed the reality behind the mind control, climate change and corruption of both the Deep State and Shadow Government.

He discusses how Covid-19 vaccine was developed by CIA and John Hopkins. He recommends ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ book by Robert F. Kennedy junior.

The confusion many feel as they become pitched against each other is due to disinformation designed to deceive rather than inform.

We the people are seeking the truth and you do a Google search and find important information is removed. The media is privatised and we can no longer trust the news as we are realising we are being manipulated.

It is very frustrating as information is managed, controlled and those in the public interest de-optimised. This is done so we don’t get together and say ‘no’ to abuses and deception. We have a right to know the truth.

Kevin Shipp appears to me to be someone who is credible. Yet I can’t say anything 100%, unless in my reality.

CIA set up ASIO in Australia and of course this country is controlled. The public want their country back and reinstall the democratic process not only as an ideological position, but this ensures peace otherwise there will be conflict that will end a control/abuse paradigm.

Transparency is the key to resolving problems. Truth is emerging day by day by those brave enough to speak truth to power.

His new book ‘Twilight of the Shadow Government: How Transparency Will Kill the Deep State” Hardcover – September 10, 2024