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Australian Journalist John Pilger dies He was a Fool for Peace

I was saddened to find out about John Pilger today after watching one of his videos. I met him many years ago and wanted to interview him myself he agreed and then unfortunately cancelled due to commitments.

What I loved about John Pilger was his courage. He did indeed speak truth to power and I am sure he was hated in many circles. No-one is popular who speaks the truth as those committing crimes fear exposure. He reminds the world of the human rights of the poorest people and fearlessly interviewed to reveal the truth that the mainstream media was too controlled to cover.

I appreciated that he stood by Julian Assange as many have abandoned courage in journalism and exposing truth.

He died on 30 December 2023, aged 84. The same age as my mother. She died 13 January, 2023, and also believed in speaking the truth to power.

Aljazeera pays tribute:

A few of his videos below.

I send love to his family and all those who supported him in independent journalism. May his dream of a world at peace be realised.

The interests of the individual to be sacrificed to the state – Is this how we Advance Australia Fair?

I was trained in economics and we were taught about the proletariat (working class) and bourgeois (elite) and many have been killed through history due to the false mobilisation of people on the basis of the disadvantaged poor. I, today understand the social biases to homelessness, given I am in that position. I am acutely familiar with exclusion on the basis of status. I have felt the prejudice in my own family. Nonetheless what I have learned is that until the individual understands themselves (to thine own self be true) they can not move forward to change anything. It is definitely not the truth that the individual should be sacrificed (self determination, human rights, choice) to the State which is fundamentally run by those self interested who do not have the capacity to know how to resolve the structural violence that economic/capitalist/socialist systems have created. We are not sufficiently mature enough to really be able to self reflect on where our judgements are simply the repeated utterances of others not tuning into our own inner truth or conscience that knows what we are doing is wrong. We are all connected and what we do to others returns to the self. A crime does not become ‘just’ by repeating the crime as `the ‘right thing to do’ rather than a personal examination of why we think harming another is justified if we know all are intimately linked.

The greatest power in truth is: no power. That I have seen clearly. What is no power? Zero point. This is the very stillness that arises potential.

Those lusting after power or as I humoursly say ‘money for nothing and your chicks for free’ have never known true power.

I Do Not Consent to Any Medical Interventions without My Permission

This is regarded as Medical Rape under the Australian Constitution, of which I am a Commonwealth Officer.

In the future doctors will be arrested for violating human rights and the rule of law.

In my view the medical profession is being used to implement genocide against the people of this planet. It is a violation and like all universal laws, there is cause and effect. What we do to others returns to the self.

I have provided clear evidence to the Australian Government that the vaccine is a bioweapon. The evidence is clear. To continue is Crimes Against Humanity.

I have made clear I am a Conscientious Objector to genetic therapies that cause harm.

Australian National Renewable Social Contract with the Commonwealth of Australia 2/1/2024

I, Susan Carew-Holmes (formerly Carew), have sworn an oath as a Commonwealth Officer.  This means my allegiance is to the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia, which I regard as representing my country.

The following document is my Renewable Social Contract with the Commonwealth of Australia as the legitimate government. 


We the People of Australia will Awaken at Uluru